Cooking a Perfect Steak On Pellet Grill, Here’s How

If you like grilled meat, try making a perfect steak on pellet grill. Why? Well, no matter what the cut of beef is, cooking it using the right cookware is everything.

Many people would say a pellet grill would make a perfect steak. It is like the perfect cooker to turn a beef cut into a delicious steak meal. 

This page would guide you to success and you will get ready to enjoy the meal and savor the amazing taste.

What’s A Pellet Grill

First thing first, so what is a pellet grill? It is actually a convection cooker. 

Sometimes, it is also known as a pellet smoker. This outdoor cooker combines the element of gas grills, ovens, and charcoal smokers.

The fire comes from the ignited wood pellets. With a pellet grill, you can do several methods of cooking like smoking, grilling, braising, searing, and baking. 

There is a PID electric control panel that regulates all the things needed.

How does a pellet grill work? This cooker consists of four main elements, Pellet Hopper, Fan System, Auger, Fire Pot, and cooking chamber. 

First of all, the woods go into the pellet hopper. The pellets are there to fuel the grill and add flavor.

Then, the auger will transfer some pellets to the firepot. The fan system will dispense the heat and smoke throughout the grill. 

At the fire pot, pellets are ignited. This is the main feature that creates heat for cooking.

In the cooking chamber, you can place all the meats. You can close the pellet grill in order to let them be cooked and smoked well.

The Best Methods to Cook

steak on pellet grill

When it comes to steak, there are a lot of methods for cooking. 

Obviously, grilling is the classic and best method for steak. Sous Vide, Sear-Roasting, Broiling, and Pan-Frying.

Grilling is the best cooking experience for steak that is juicy and full of texture. 

If you are using charcoal, you can get a smoky flavor to your dish. It would taste amazing and delicious. Compared to stove or oven methods, grilling is easier to do.

Another reason why grilling is best for steak is because of the pure taste. It comes from the natural fats and juices which come directly from the steak itself. Check also how to cook on Air Fryer Low Watt.

It is the most favorite way to cook a perfect steak.

How to Cook Steaks on the Pellet Grill

There is a simple formula of cooking steaks on the pellet grill or just a grill in general. It is called searing. 

This traditional technique is actually the secret to a mouthwatering result.

The Traditional Sear

This is just the basic or the traditional method of searing. The very first thing you have to do is let the steaks rest for about one hour at room temperature. 

Use a paper towel to dab them in order to make the meat or burger dry enough. While the steaks are resting, preheat the grill at 350 degrees. 

Then, season the steaks as desired. You have to do it before the searing process. Set the temperature to 500 degrees.

After that, place the rested steaks on the hottest area inside the pellet grill. It is right behind the smoker. 

You should heat the sizzle of the steak that gets in contact with the high temperature of heat.

Then, sear all sides of the steak for 3 minutes each. After that, reduce the heat to around 350 degrees again. 

Cook the steak on pellet grill at 350 until it gest the proper internal temperature. Moreover, move the steaks from the grill.

Pour a tablespoon of butter before placing the steak under aluminum foil. Let it rest for about 10 minutes.

The Reverse Sear

Choosing the Wood Pellets for the Grill

Wanna get fancy, it must be more than just the traditional way. Try using the reverse sear method. It is the next level of searing. 

If you are good enough with the ordinary searing technique, why don’t you try this one?

When it says reverse, that is exactly what you are going to do. This technique will cook the inside first and the outside later. 

Compared to the traditional method, this reverse sears allows you to get away with a shorter time (15-30 minutes) for resting the steak at room temperature.

Instead, this method will let the steak be exposed with a lower heat in the grill before the searing process. 

Then, the 500 degrees part will happen at the end, not at the beginning.

Let us make it more simple right here. Prepare the steaks. Then, place them on the grill on low heat. Wait until getting the level of doneness you want. After that, sear each side just like normal.

Choosing the Wood Pellets for the Grill

Choosing the Wood Pellets for the Grill

Opting for the right product of wood pellets might not seem like an essential decision. However, it really affects the result of your grilling.

Wood pellets are like the main ingredients of this cooking technique. They add flavor to the steak and make it more delicious through the smokes. 

You might choose various brands and flavors in the market.

We do not want you to be more confused about finding out the best one for the amazing taste of steak. 

So, we have gathered the four popular options for the pellet grill.

Mesquite Wood Pellets

If you want your steak flavor to be prominent, this is the product to get. Do not worry although these pellets can be way too strong. 

That is because the natural system of the pellet grill produces gentler smoke flavor.

Many pitmasters have found that this product is awesome grilling. The mesquite becomes the first pick when it comes to cooking smoke steak on pellet grill.

Hickory Wood Pellets

This is a strong pick of wood pellets product. However, Hickory is not as strong as the previous one.

Many people also recommend this one just because it offers a quite similar quality and flavor as Mesquite.

Hickory wood pellets come with an earthy aroma that is great for many kinds of meat, beef, pork, and poultry. 

This product is the right type of pellets to enhance the rich smoke flavor of the dish.

Cherry Wood Pellets

Many people know that cherry wood will produce a great smoke ring. It will also give great color to the meat. 

These hardwood cherry wood pellets are perfect to give character to the ingredients. It would surely make the taste of your steak more memorable.

If you are planning a low and slow smoke, cherry wood is the right choice. This is because this type of pellets will not overpower your dish. 

The meat will be tastier if you have a longer smoking process.

Pecan Wood Pellets

It is the last product, but apparently not the least one. Pecan pellets are like a combination of Hickory and nice vanilla, nutty flavor. 

However, the final product’s flavor is going to be almost sweet. So, the pecan would be a perfect option for a slow-and-low grilling process.

The longer your dish gets the smoke from pecan pallets, the more you get the flavor. 

With this product, you can make a mic with other types of pellets. For example, pecan will go well with cherry wood. 

It will boost the sweetness of the food.

Pellet Grill to Make Perfect Steak

Pellet Grill to Make Perfect Steak

Are pellet grills good for steaks? Well, it is not a question that needs an answer. 

It is something you need to prove. As we know, the steak will taste amazing when the meat is juicy and mouth-watering. 

The Pellet grill can lead the dish to that condition.

A pellet grill has some great features that give efficiency and less mess in cooking. In addition, this grill does not run on charcoal. 

So, there will not be a bitter taste of charcoal on your dish. Hence, this is perfect for cooking steak.

Further, you can make a perfect steak with a pellet grill. Mainly, it is because this cooker will showcase the steak with its natural flavor.

Cooking Tips on Pellet Grill

Cooking Tips on Pellet Grill
  • You need to know what you are cooking. For example, knowing the cut of meat is important for cooking a steak. 

That is because every cut requires a different treatment. Also, it is the same as other meats and veggies. 

  • Always offering the good quality of weed pellets. You have been explained about the best choice of products for the fuel. 

Importantly, pay attention to the wood that matches the flavor you desired. Simply find out the pellets that go well with the dish

  • Using a pellet grill like an oven is the simplest trick to learn. Thus, you can set the right time and temperature of cooking just like while using the oven. 
  • Importantly, use a thermometer to know that the cooking is done. It is one of the best steak tips on pellet grill. 

After it reaches the cooking time, you have to check the internal temperature before taking it out of the grill. 

  • The upper racks have extra space inside the grill. This part will give you a more even cook since it is cooked by convection, not radiant heat.
  • You should choose the reverse searing method. It is obviously the best method for cooking for this smoker. 

A sirloin steak on pellet grill? It is going to be perfect.

Don’t Flip Your Steak

Pellets Grills come with a lid. You can close the lid while cooking. Just like an oven, the heat would fill the entire space inside the grill. 

So, there is no need to flip the steak because all sides provide heat.

Never flip your steak and do not open the cover while cooking the meat. Opening the lid will affect the grill’s heat and of course, the steak. 

When you cook on a grill, it is recommended to cook the steak on low heat for a long time.

If you cook it slowly, the result will be better and tastier. Once again, do not open the lid during the process. 

Trust the process and wait until it is cooked enough.

The Right Temperature

Steak On Pellet Grill

Cooking on an oven or grill, temperature and time is everything. Knowing about the proper heat for cooking meat is one of the most difficult parts of the process, especially on a pellet grill. 

To make it easier, we recommend you grill the steak at 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

We are not talking about the temperature number on the control panel. It is the actual heat inside the grill. 

You cannot just set the grill at 375 degrees and add the steak immediately. Instead, preheat the cooker about 15 minutes before grilling. 

It is the same with round steak on pellet grill.

After being preheated, then it is time to put the steak inside the grill. Keep the meat inside the cooker under the closed lid. 

Wait until the internal temperature reaches the doneness you want.

How Long Does it Take?

Steak On Pellet Grill

One question has still remained. How long do we have to wait for finishing the cooking process? Once again, it depends on your desired doneness. 

If you prefer being medium-rare or well-done, the amount of time will be different.

Generally, you will need to wait for about 12 to 15 minutes to cook a steak on this cooker. This amount of time is used if you set the grill at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

For a lower temperature, the steak will take a longer time to cook.

Meanwhile, an essential part of the cooking process is preheating. Do not forget to close the lid and keep it that way. 

Then, your steak will be ready quickly. For the exact amount of time, it is better for you (beginners) to stick with the recipes and steps you have.

Final Words

Hopefully, this guide will get you ready to cook steak on pellet grill anytime you want. After reading the whole, we are sure the beginners can start grilling the meat like an expert.


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