Small U Shaped Kitchen Ideas (Pro & Cons, Tips on Designing U Shaped Kitchen)

There are many kinds of kitchen designs. Each of them has its characteristics and functions. One of them is the small u shaped kitchen design. It is a kitchen surrounded by three walls as the main parts in positioning cabinets and appliances along the wall. This design facilitates both small and full kitchen. It needs about two meters long between the different bank units. It provides more storage for both appliances and dishes. Moreover, it accommodates how quick food preparation served in time.


Pros of U Shaped Kitchen

Pros of U Shaped Kitchen
  • Having a big family? Small u shaped kitchen is the answer. It accommodates those who prepare for the food in a more practical way and in a quick time since the common appliances used is located in the triangle net. The arrangement avoids you to walk along the room.
  • Each side of the wall is suitable for multiple work sites. Therefore, ones using this kitchen are free from the traffic flow. The perfect distance saves your cooking from the people entering at the same time. They can take the food from the refrigerator, take the spoon to form the racks, and wash the hand in the sink freely without getting a crash since it provides a free counter space.
  • It eases the access with the separated properties like refrigerator, stove, sink, and cabinets. Moreover, it is easier to create a dining area with the counter space along the room without considering a kitchen island, especially when the room is open to the rest of the room.
  • The great other benefit is that decorating this room is more flexible. It needs about three until five meters to complete the design. Therefore, allocating the money to beautify the room is possible.

Cons of U Shaped Kitchen

Cons of U Shaped Kitchen
  • However, regarding the floor and the intimacy, small u shaped kitchen does not accommodate the exact function of it. The ideal size for making the space of the room is at least 3-meter width with at least 1 meter of each part for easy accessibility.
  • The bottom of the floor will be tightly tied with the benches as well as the wall. Thus, it makes the room to be more enclosed. Moreover, the use of cupboards and chairs reduce the floor space. Besides reducing the floor, the use of cupboards makes the benches feel full and creating the right distance for each property is highly considering the people in it. Furthermore, the plan for open kitchen design is necessary.
  • Another property like the corner base cabinets is also difficult to be accessed. Therefore, it is less efficient in working in a compact dimension. The kitchen work triangle though functional is less useful rather than the kitchen island, which eases the work areas, especially for a large kitchen area. Thus making it too tiny or large floor area makes the work stations to be enclosed and far apart.

Tips on Designing U Shaped Kitchen

Tips on Designing U Shaped Kitchen

A small kitchen with u shaped layout maximizes the efficiency in working and storage for organizing the properties of the room. It accommodates the counter space with a member of the family. For a small size, having about 42 to 48 inches between the facing aisles is perfect in drawbacks.

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While a small kitchen provides single cooking, a medium one facilitates you with double cooking sites. Therefore, for a medium size having about 62 to 68 inches between the facing aisles is perfect in drawbacks. Installing two sinks in both two benches is possible. Therefore, preparing for food and cleaning up the appliances is possible to be done in time.

Small U Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas

u shaped kitchen designs

Designing a small u shaped kitchen needs a perfect style to facilitate the functions. The false form makes the kitchen full and messy. Moreover, the wrong angle and proportions makes it rude. Therefore, it is all about working with the space layout. Recessing the ceiling and under cabinet lighting are the solutions. However, considering strip lighting above the cabinets that shine up the wall is necessary, moreover, if the cabinets do not surround the way to the ceiling. Here are some of the small u shaped kitchen layout ideas.

1. U Shaped Kitchen Designs with Breakfast Bar

u shaped kitchen floor plans
Photo by Konstrukt Photo

Small u shaped kitchen with breakfast bar recommends one part of the counter as the breakfast bar if there is no added Kitchen Island in the middle. It is functional for not only breakfast but also dinner. Using a beige and light wood floor is the resource of making a proper design for u shaped kitchen.

A breakfast bar is the most crucial part. It initiates the brand new day. It also makes intimacy with the partners and member of the family to get a more intimate relationship. Stainless steel appliances are suitable with blue backsplash and flat planet cabinets with white countertops.

2. Modern Small U Shaped Kitchen

u shaped kitchen island images
Photo by Bravo Interior Design

A modern small u shaped kitchen commonly employs the primary color especially black and white. Those colors paint the cabinets and wall as the rugged design. Glass fronted cabinets makes it more harmonious with the wall. It arcs the light so that the room will be warmer. Besides, glass windows in front of or next to the dining table add the beauty of the place. Therefore, seeing an exciting view is possible.

The peninsula separates the cooking space with the dining room as well as the cabinets or other properties. Thus, it is more straightforward and more functional in a limited area. Two or three chairs with the same tone colors combined with the porcelain table make it neat but elegant.

3. Contemporary Kitchen

kitchen u shaped layout
Photo by Deniece Duscheone Design

A contemporary kitchen design emphasizes on the metal materials, the mix of textures and sleek surfaces to bring out impudent style. Therefore, a crucial but straightforward ornament is the key for arcing the theme. Black wooden cabinets with golden metal door handle show its classiness. A small green plant in a golden metal vase is nicely installed near the wall and the cabinets.

Avoiding bloomed, and colorful petunias are the perfect decision since it detracts the classy impression. Besides, it makes you clean up it frequently to keep the room clean. A wooden texture floor with square motives in the wall adorns the whole place. A metal chair with the wooden backrest though looks vintage but shed the natural theme of the contemporary one.

4. Small U Shaped Kitchen Designs with Island

small u shaped kitchens
photo by Studio Dearborn

A classic material and thoughtful storage can be one of the resources in designing a small u shaped kitchen with island. Having plenty of space enables people to plot a small u-shaped kitchen layout compared to an island can be easily integrated proportion into the middle of the area. Therefore, maximizing workspace and add extra storage for those odd bits and pieces is never out of dates.

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Shaker cabinets, granite countertops, gray backsplash are matching with matchstick tile backsplash and black countertops. The sunflower in the black dining table brings out the shore acres with its open glass windows. Therefore, the island will be the most crucial part in manipulating u design.

5. U Shaped Farmhouse Kitchen

small u shaped kitchen
Photo by Home On Cameron

There is creativity in designing a farmhouse kitchen since it employs the combination of colors as well as the motives of each of the properties. A cottage u-shaped brick floor and a brown floor is usually applied in designing u shaped farmhouse kitchen with a retro touch. The same tone in the colors of each property is the key. Making a pair of property with matching textures and motives shows the real nuance of the room. Colorful appliances with both wooden and glass cabinets support its style and functions.

6. Wooden Style U Kitchen

horseshoe shaped kitchen island
Photo by Atwood: Fine Architectural Cabinetry

A wooden style u kitchen can be applied to both small and large kitchen. Stellar views and natural light embrace is usually chosen as making it proper with the natural nuance with the wooden materials. Slab doors in both the kitchen and bar areas make separates with other rooms so that it will be more intimate.

The great peninsula of cabinetry with two hang lamps defines the kitchen and adjacent hall. The symmetrical design makes it neat but still artistic — the same tone motives in the floor and the wall arcs the harmony inside.

7. U Shaped Kitchen with Peninsula

u shaped kitchen with island floor plans
Photo by Monica Ledesma Design

A small u shaped kitchen with peninsula is a straightforward design. It accommodates the appliances, which is frequently used, such as cupboard and plates in the dining table without a necessary to move it in the rack. Red can be an additional color in giving a strong touch related to the whole design.

White countertops and quartz countertops are ideal with multicolored backsplash with the dark wooden floor. Though dark, white walls and some lamps above with the two hang lamps is enough for giving lighting inside the room.

8. Modern U Shaped Kitchen

u shaped kitchen layout
Photo by Design Loft Interiors

Nowadays, people tend to polish a modern u shaped kitchen using a magnificent, pure color and design but a high quality of properties. One of them is the application of stainless steel appliances integrated with white cabinets and flat panel cabinets. It denotes the elegance of the design as well as represents the identity of the owner.

A grey, white, and light brown describe the austerity but sparkling design. A farmhouse sink is also applicable in the middle of the kitchen line. The addition of some hang lamps beautifies the decoration to make a warm atmosphere.

9. Traditional U Shaped Kitchen

u shaped kitchen design
Photo by The Kingston Group – Remodeling Specialists

Rather than applying a modern or contemporary design, a traditional one is still in demand for some people. It allows people to install floor eat-in kitchen using a black slate floor. A conventional design can be an old ties design, formal style, extra embellishment, and international influence.

Making a historical ties design have some doors with inset panels and beveled edges. They figure out an antique armoire or dining buffet by using scrolled aprons or carved trim moldings. Cabinet hardware resembles all you need in the kitchen. Multi-pane windows spark a traditional mimics new century rooms.

10. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

u shaped kitchen design images
Photo by Glo European Windows & Doors

A prominent focal point in the center of the island is the character in a modern farmhouse kitchen. Multi-pane glass windows enable people to view the outer view. Purposely placed operable windows not only beautify but also allow the air in so that it functions as natural ventilation. Vertical cedar siding poured concrete, and zinc gray metal elements magnify the aesthetic of the room.

11. Rustic Kitchen

designing a u shaped kitchen
Eric Charles Parlee Architect

Designing a rural kitchen model can be started by using a wooden material for its roof, chair, tables, and the cabinets. Minimizing a flat or panel cabinets makes it not overlapping with other ornaments. A gray countertop is the same tone color to make it rustic. An eat-in floor with a blue and red motive carpets functions as an additional ornament to avoid wet in the kitchen. A small vase near the window makes a natural impression.

12. Contemporary U Shaped Kitchen

Contemporary U Shaped Kitchen
Photo by Fedewa Custom Works

Designing a contemporary u shaped kitchen can be started by using metal as the most prominent items in the room. It not only gives enough light but also, the classy impression. Symmetric white or grey design of the kitchen line provides a balance with for the completely brown wooden countertops. Finery above the kitchen line with an overlapping metal makes it flossy.

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Multi-Pane glass windows and walls make it rummy with the outer view while having breakfast or having dinner. Texture melamine can be the alternative to the back wall of cabinetry with the same tone with the texture of the floor. A small concatenation of small lamps set off a romantic nuance.

To sum up, designing a small kitchen is not that hard. One of the designs which accommodates the limited space is a small u shaped kitchen. Things to be considered are recognizing the size, materials, and the member of the family. Therefore, designing a small u shaped kitchen will be not only comfortable but also beneficial.


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