30+ Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas Before and After

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas Before and After – One of the important room in your home is the kitchen. The kitchen is the center of day to day living. People start the day with a cup of tea, a cup of coffee, or milk. Besides, it is the center of making the menu for their breakfast. A good breakfast can be a good mood in your brand new day. That is why looking after the kitchen is necessary. Kitchen is a place to create an aesthetic sculpture and develop your creativity in making it.

A small kitchen can be very functional and practical though it is small. Precisely, you can manage it easily and do not have to worry too much. As long as it is neat and clean, a small kitchen is very enchanting. A perfect combination of materials, items, motives, colors would be never failed. You can save your money and energy by treating the design well. Also, you can ask construction services to suit all your needs like Wells Kitchens – a Stafford based company. Moreover, your kitchen will be the best place to eat in. This where your life starts.

How to Remodel a Small Kitchen?

How to Remodel a Small Kitchen?

If you feel that it has been unsuitable with your interest, try to remodel it. You might consider some reasons for what should be remodeled. For suggestions, you could remodel its items, looks, functions, and atmosphere. By remodeling it, you could make it as the new start in your activities in the kitchen. Though it is small, it is possible to alter it into a multi-purpose room. Here are some tricks on How to Remodel a Small Kitchen.

Dining Table Remodel with Coordinating Colors

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Sometimes, looking at the dining table, you might consider to change it. Dining table as an important item while dinner holds a significant role in your kitchen. Choose a suitable shape with your interiors. Do not forget to choose the appropriate colors with the theme. One of the alternatives is painting the table with the coordinating colors both on top and the base parts. Coordinating colors means it can be the same or different colors, but when it combines it will look harmonious.

Splash Colors for Kitchen Splash Remodel

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If you consider to makeover your kitchen, considering whether the room is bright enough or not. Besides using a lamp, the brightness in your kitchen can be designed through the selection of colors used. It is not necessary to paint all of the sides of the room with light colors, but try to make them as the dominant ones. This will make a warm feel while entering the room.

Kitchen Cabinet Remodel Using Matched Colors and Materials

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The cabinet as the storage of the utensils in the kitchen can be designed by considering its material. You could change the wooden cabinet with iron, plastics, or other materials. Select the materials that are suitable with the brightness in your room. Using wooden materials with a bright color combined the radiation from the lamp can make it too bright. Darker color and different material can make it warmer and elegant.

Kitchen Island Remodel

Kitchen Island Remodel

Here are some ideas to makeover your kitchen. Create an island with more seating, if you consider that lots of people will have dinner. Besides, add some appliances too based on their functions. Next, get more storage so that your those appliances will be stored in an appropriate space. In addition, use the space above to optimize the space of the room. Another idea is making it multi-level so that you could put some items in the close positions but still with a different location.

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Kitchen Shelves Remodel


Try to alter lots of shelves with simple and bigger ones. Locate it in the center of the room. You can make it by modifying your dining table with the shelves in it. This will make your room looked wider. Lots of shelves in the wall and on top of the wall, besides make the room looked full can also block the shine of the lamp.

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas Before and After

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas Before and After

To remodel the kitchen, there must be some issues should be fixed. One of them is the size. A small kitchen needs more details rather than the big one. It is because it should be matched with the items in it. Another issue is the wall. Wall has a significant role in designing the atmosphere and arcing the theme of it. Kitchen remodel before and after wall removal can be one of the alternatives. Besides the wall, pictures have the same role. Some pictures can beautify your wall and impress the people entering it.

Modern Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen Design

What does it mean by modern?  It might have different ideas for many people, however, modern which means contemporary means that it follows the style of the recent life. For the kitchen, what should be modernized can be items or the atmosphere. Nowadays, the modern kitchen design is understood as clean, streamlined, and entirely unencumbered.

A Simple and Sparse Modern Kitchen Design

A Simple and Sparse Modern Kitchen Design


To makeover your kitchen to be modern, a simple and sparse design is not out of date. You could create all-white the kitchen with wooden counter stools. Adding other dimensions by putting a plant leaf in a small transparent vase. Another one is opting for open shelves and or cabinet. Paint it by applying colors that are the same as the carpet or floor. This will make it wider and looked modern.

A Wooden Material and Geometric Modern Kitchen Design

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Besides changing the items, considering the colors. Black, white, and gray can be the perfect combination. Gray is not a dull color instead. When it is combined with the wooden material and geometric design it can be so modern. Besides make it bright, white can make the impression that your kitchen is well cleaned. It also gives the impression that it is like a new room. To make it balance, try to apply a combination of black and its gradation. Here is the perfect modern kitchen design as one of the small kitchen ideas.

Simple Kitchen Design

Simple is identical with small. It is not false. In that simplicity does not need lots of treatments. Moreover, you do not have to prepare some properties in a large proportion. However, you should consider that that simplicity makes your kitchen dull. Simple can be seen as elegant and natural if you design it with paying attention to the details of the sides of the room.

Breakfast Nook for A Simple but Fresh Look for Simple Kitchen Design

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Want to have a simple design? Don’t worry. Put a breakfast nook near the wall and the window. Make sure that you have the glasses window outside so that you could see the garden clearly and without having a lot of movements. A wooden chair and dining table can make it sophisticated without adding some items inside. You could also put a blank space near the shelves that are multipurpose, so that you could store anything there.

The Right Proportion for Elegant Simple Kitchen Design

Elegant Simple Kitchen Design

Some items which are considered a lot can be functioned optimally there. Simple does not mean avoiding lots of properties. You just should consider the angle, proportion, and size. When they are well arranged, your kitchen would be still simple but elegant. Put a small and big property at the right angle so that it can be seen harmonious.

Kitchen Design Minimalist

Nowadays, minimalist for a new lifestyle is well appealed. For a kitchen, minimalist means you use the appropriate items for its functions. You pay attention to the most significant properties and throw some other appliances which are not frequently and significantly used. Therefore, your kitchen would be always neat but stylish.

Clean and Neat Kitchen Design Minimalist

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Though you have a large kitchen, the minimalist design can be applied. It is because minimalist does not mean simple or small, but it makes the surface of the kitchen looked neat and clean. However, the items inside the properties like shelves, cabinets, and or seating can facilitate many functions.

Monochromatic Kitchen Design Minimalist

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The way to make it minimalist is by painting it with neutral or pop colors. Kitchen island which is repositioned and reduced can give additional space for working there. Wooden shelves and monochromatic colors can also induce more dimensions and feeling the dynamic feel of the room.

Kitchen Design Vintage Style

Like a story or movie, a kitchen also has its theme. The theme can create a story in it. Therefore the suitable theme will create a great story in your home. Vintage style is never out of dates. This is because vintage gives a spirit and memory for who live in it. Those being in it would be conditioned in a certain time and place which drive them to be the characters in that plot.

Nostalgic Kitchen Design Vintage Style

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Kitchen design vintage style could represent a pop of personality with salvage nostalgic memories. The idea of being vintage can represent the time specified as the theme of the design. Vintage does not mean old but it is more classic. You could apply a neutral color and some materials which can give a classic nuance. They can be metal or wooden.

Classic and Classy Kitchen Design Vintage Style

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You can modify your kitchen both being classic and classy. Classy does not mean contradictory with classic. Classic can be made by applying the colors. Classy can be made by applying the materials and the arrangement. Try to make it balance so that you will capture the best moment in which you could live in it.

Small Galley Kitchen Remodel

Sometimes, living in an apartment can be an alternative. When you do not have enough money to buy a new home just live in it. Another consideration is that you might live there because you have to work or study in a different area or might be a country, an apartment is the best choice. Be thankful, when the apartment offers you a small galley kitchen. You would not cost your money and stay healthy by cooking your own food.

A Wooden Pair of Stools for Small Galley Kitchen Remodel

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A small galley kitchen remodel is very suitable to makeover your apartment kitchen. A small wooden ledge with a pair of stools can make be an eat-in kitchen model like in . Put open cubicles above the cabinets to enable the cookbooks to be stored. Besides, you could put frequently used appliances in it.

A Solid Color for a Warm Feel in Small Galley Kitchen Remodel

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Feel light and airy thanks by putting the cabinet in a suitable place and colors with the properties. Decrease visual clutter to achieve a warm feel. Choose stripped or any motives for your carpets. Choose the solid color to make it a little bit gorgeous.

Small Kitchen Remodel Pictures

Today, there are so many preferences in deciding which one is better to design every part of the home. One of them is the kitchen. They not only offer the model, but also they might suggest you which you should try or suggest for your partners. Kitchen remodeling ideas pictures can be very helpful for renovating your home.

New Nuance by Adding or Altering the Pictures in Small Kitchen Remodel Pictures

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There are lots of small kitchen remodel pictures. One of them contains pictures in it. When feeling bored, you could alter your old pictures into the new ones or add some if you do not put one there. Pictures can symbolize a feeling or memory or personality. A perfect picture could arc the beauty of your kitchen.

Remodeling the pictures sometimes is not as easy as it seems. You should choose which could strengthen the theme of your kitchen. You could involve your family and or partner while choosing it. Pictures can also facilitate your interest while working in the kitchen. It can motivate you or make you feel better when entering the kitchen. You could decide whether to paint it yourself or buying paint which is suitable for you.

Different Atmosphere with Different Ornaments for Small Kitchen Remodel Pictures

Having a small kitchen does not limit you to modify it fabulously. If your kitchen seemed dull or empty, try to add some ornaments. They can be lamps, vases, flowers, wall arts, or chandeliers. Those ornaments would make the details of your room lighted up. This will make your room comfortable and romantic to stay. With your family members, togetherness can be started here.

Small Kitchen Table

Small kitchen makeover ideas can be started by considering a small kitchen table. You could alter or modify it with a new look. The small kitchen table is a perfect item to have breakfast or dinner with your family. If bored, you had better change its shape, color, and position. The new position will make a new feel while sitting or eating there.

Appropriate Items for Appropriate Members for Small Kitchen Table

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Choosing an item means choosing its function. While you have a big family you could add more items. However, while you have a small kitchen room just try to limit it. Meanwhile, you could still use it by choosing an appropriate item. Whether it is frequently used and needed or not.

Single or Varied Items for Small Kitchen Table


One of those is the table. Table to serve the dishes should be clean and neat. Small kitchen table when clean and neat can make your room gorgeous. Besides its forms, whether circle, square, triangle and others, try to fix whether it should be short or long, big or small, one item or varied items.

Small Simple Sink Cabinet

A kitchen without a sink is not complete. In that sink can be very helpful when you are in the kitchen, so pay attention to it. If you consider that you have limited space, it is better to put a small simple sink cabinet there. Besides its usage, you could design your kitchen by choosing the charming sink cabinet to beautify your kitchen.

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Cabinetry Style for Small Simple Sink Cabinet


Cabinet as one of the important properties in the kitchen can attract those entering the room both by its function and look. Cabinetry style with a simple sink model can enhance a Tiny Home space. This is suitable for you who has the room near the staircase so that you could manage it to be more functional.

Different Sink Form for Different View for Small Simple Sink Cabinet

knock down wall between kitchen and dining room

Small Kitchen Wall Cabinets

Cabinets for storage must have been located in your kitchen. Instead of using a single big cabinet, try to use wall cabinets. You can store your appliances which might be frequently used. Moreover, instead of using a dish rack, wall cabinets is simpler and practical. It makes your kitchen neat and clean.

Turquoise Small Kitchen Wall Cabinets

open wall between kitchen and living room

There are lots of kinds of wall cabinets. Besides considering the size, try to mix and match the colors. Turquoise colors might become the new colors for new nuance in your kitchen. You could apply blue as the dominant one. However, if you prefer green, then paint it as the dominant one. Turquoise will make your kitchen fresh as you enter it.

A Good Material and Position for Practical Small Kitchen Wall Cabinets

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When your kitchen is set to be long not wide, you can use this model. Wall cabinets can support your activities during cooking, serving dishes, washing plates, and storing appliances. It will be more practical when you put it near the sink. Do not forget to design the color. You might choose the material too whether it is light or heavy so that it will be well located.

Small Kitchen Remodel with Island

Island holds an important role in focusing the activities in the kitchen. Enough island enables you to move loosely and work fast. It does not mean that you should allocate a large space in the room, but try to give a space between each part of the room. For example, give some space around the table at the center of the room so that you could walk easily while washing your hands or taking utensils. This will very helpful if you have many members in your family or you bring your partners of friends to have dinner there.

Pop Colors Island for Small Kitchen Remodel

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If you never design your kitchen island, let’s try it. Kitchen island would be suitable for a circle room rather than a long room. Pop colors with a circle or square table and solid color could make it fantastic. Give a little space between the items. Make sure to choose the suitable motives for the carpets.

Additional Lamps and Flowers for Small Kitchen Remodel

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Add some additional lamps above the island. When choosing a small lamp you could add more than one lamp. However, while choosing the big one, try to add just one or two lamps. It’s better when they are decorated with many details that it will be seen deluxe. You could also add a sofa near the wall. Add some simple flowers near the window. In addition, make sure the seating is enough for your family members.

Small Kitchen Cabinets with Sink

Why cabinets and sink are closely juxtaposed? It is because they might be used after or before one another. The perfect placement can make your activities in the kitchen more effective and efficient. Commonly, sink is located in the middle of the top of the sink cabinets. However, if you consider choosing one which is in the corner, it is still well accepted.

The Right Sink Angle for The Right Activity


Besides using a large cabinet, try to modify it by a sink. Choose the right angle so that the cabinets will not full the side wall. You could put one or more sinks but do not put so many sinks. It would be best to put it in the middle or near the breakfast nook. Therefore it would be easier to be clean before eating. Moreover, you could wash vegetables and fruits before cooking.

A Small Carpet for Small Kitchen Cabinets with Sink

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For some reasons carpets usually are avoided to be put in the kitchen. However, based on in function, you could add it in the kitchen. While you consider that it will full your room, then choose the small one for the alternative. Locate it near the sink and the cabinets. Thus once washing your hand or vegetables there, you would not be wet. Besides, a colorful carpet will add extra magnificence in it.

Small Kitchen Cabinets with Glass Doors

Having all-wooden cabinets? Opt it. While considering to make a luxurious kitchen though small, try to apply kitchen cabinets with glass doors. Besides it beautify your kitchen, you can see the items in it so that it is easy for you to take them. Combine it using gold or silver details besides its natural color material. Your kitchen will be extremely deluxe.

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Glass Doors for Glowing Small Kitchen


Here we go, small kitchen remodel before and after could be made by using glass doors. Glass doors can make your cabinets glow thought it is simple decorated. Choose light dark, cream, or white as the main color. Make sure you consider the material, whether it is light or heavy, thin or thick so that you can treat it well. Do not forget to clean it while considering it is dusted.

Combination of Limited Lamps and Kitchen Cabinets with Glass Doors for Optimum Brightness

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When choosing the cabinets with glass doors, do not use a lamp which could give strong brightness. In that, the glass doors can radiate the light against the cabinet. Simply choose a small lamp with a small radiant.  Besides make it shiny, you could save your money because of using limited lamps.


To sum up, it is not that hard to deal with the design and decoration of a small kitchen. You could considering the size, materials, properties, angle, color, and many aspects. When they are well arranged, a small room is not a big deal. Decide your own style, your own purpose, and your interest. Keep after its beauty and its cleanness. Therefore, you could live in your perfect kingdom as well. 


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