17 + Outdoor Kitchen Appliances and Accessories 2020

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances – An outdoor kitchen is perfect for a summer barbeque or even a family gathering. Besides, cooking outside the room brings a pleasant and relaxing feeling only by looking at its surroundings. Furthermore, it also represents a rich and an entertaining landscape in your backyard.

There are plenty of advantages of having an outdoor kitchen. To illustrate, cooking outside will keep your house stay fresh and it saves energy consumption by turning off an indoor air conditioner. Also, it expands your living space and increases its value by showing its unique outdoor appearance.

However, there are things to consider before designing this type of kitchen. Firstly, try to extend your living space and makes it more entertaining. Secondly, think about the surrounding landscape. And then, choose the best layouts and materials. But most importantly, pay attention to outdoor kitchen appliances and accessories.

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

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Imagine held a party in your backyard with family and friends or dining in an open place which looks like an expensive restaurant. Somehow it is possible that you can experience it too. Indeed, it can happen with the addition of an outdoor kitchen in your house.

A complete outdoor kitchen has some high-quality appliances. Therefore, choosing the best tools for an outdoor kitchen is essential because they are different than the one we use in an indoor kitchen. Now, take a look at these best outdoor kitchen package of appliances below.

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A barbeque grill becomes one of the essential outdoor kitchen units. Mainly because of how it functions, and it produces high temperatures, which is very suitable to put outside the house. This device working process is unique because it applies heat from below.

There are some varieties of grills, including charcoal, smoker, and gas. Although there are other types that we can find, those three are more familiar. Thus, take a look at these further information about grill varieties.

Charcoal Grill

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Cooking with charcoal grill is more complicated than using gas. On the other hand, it will pay you with delicious flavor and worth quality of food. This grill variety produces its fuel source from charcoal briquettes or natural lump charcoal. During the burning process, the charcoal transforms into embers. Later, it produces heat to cook food on the grill. 

As we know earlier, charcoal briquettes and natural lump charcoal are the sources of charcoal grill fuel. Charcoal briquettes have uniformity of quality, burn rate, size, and heat while natural charcoal produces high temperature and subtle smoky aromas. In short, both sources provide a high quality of fuel, which later shows a good cooking result.

Gas Grill

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A gas grill produces heat from liquified petroleum or natural gas as its fuel source. Then, the gas transformed into flames for cooking food directly or to increase the grill temperature. There are several size varieties of a gas grill, including small, large, and also an industrial-sized restaurant grill. 

Commonly, a gas grill designed with a cart grill design concept. It is attached to a wheel frame which holds a fuel tank. Also, some gas grills’ wheel frame supports storage compartment, side table, and other components. However, this grill is hard to maintain at a low temperature.


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A smoker involves a slow cooking process on low heat, especially when we cook a piece of meat. Moreover, this cooking device uses indirect heat and smoke. Although it is similar to grills, there are some criteria which make them different for example smoking apply low heat temperatures, and it has a slow cooking process, but the wood smoke provides delicious taste to the food. On the contrary, grilling uses high temperature and fast cooking.  

Specialty Cooking

If you want to have a restaurant quality food cooking and serving in your kitchen, consider paying attention to a specialty cooking. Specialty cooking provides high-value and unique cooking appliances. Some of the devices include a griddle, pizza oven, power, and side burner. Even though all of those kitchen appliances are great for outdoor cooking, each of them functions differently. Therefore, take some of your time to check these specialty cooking appliances information.


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Having an outdoor griddle is an excellent idea for fast and instant cooking. This cooking appliance works without using charcoal or kerosene; nonetheless, it still serves the foods successfully. Also, cooking by using griddle produce little grease, which makes the food healthier. 

Pizza Oven

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A pizza oven provides an authentic style of cooking. Generally, it uses wood-fire as its fuel source. By using an outdoor oven for pizza, we can cook all sorts of food, started from meats to dessert. 

Additionally, an outdoor pizza oven is great for cooks than using the grill all the time. Unfortunately, cooking in large scale by using this oven would take times. For these reasons, many owners decided to install both the pizza oven and grill in their outdoor kitchen.

Power Burner

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A power burner gains more power and heat instead of a side burner. It is excellent for steam pot and boiling. In details, a power burner works by forcing air with a mechanical blower, which later mixing an enormous amount of gas. Therefore, cooking with power burner is faster and very functional.

Side Burner

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Although a side burner is similar to stovetop burner, it has a specific design for an outdoor kitchen. Moreover, you can cook anything using this cooking appliance, just like when you use an indoor stove. Generally, the side burner made from stainless steel material, making it perfect for boiling and heating anything you want.

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Even if it’s not time to grill, you’d still be able to enjoy your moment in an outdoor kitchen. Besides, try to enjoy a cold drink from the refrigerator or add some ice from the ice maker machine. The use of refrigeration at home is essential to keep your foods, fruits, and vegetables fresh and healthy. Thus, here are some examples of food refrigeration units that you could consider to have in an outdoor kitchen.

Beer Keg Dispenser

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In American bars or British pubs, we can find a beer dispenser easily. But it must be fun to have one in our house. Without going to the bar to get a drink, we can get it fast and simply at home. Especially, if you want to apply it in an outdoor kitchen, a home beer tap is a perfect addition to your delightful open kitchen. 

Ice Maker

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An ice maker often found inside a fridge or even built as an industrial machine. However, an ice maker term usually refers to a stand-alone appliance. This ice maker type is suitable to complete your outdoor kitchen appliances. Thus, consider getting an ice maker to increase your drink experience and to make it fresh and cold.


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Usually, an outdoor kitchen refrigerator has a small size and installed under a kitchen island. However, don’t forget to pick the one with durable materials like stainless steel so that it will hold for years. Since this fridge built outside, it aims to keep your food and beverages stay fresh, cold, and safe.

Sink and Faucet

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Nearly all of the outdoor kitchen has a sink and a faucet. But, the quality must be different than the one we have indoor. Choose an outdoor kitchen sink and faucet with high durability and made from solid metal or non-corrosive materials like stainless steel. Because these appliances installed outside a house, make sure that you choose the sturdy ones and endure every weather conditions. Therefore, don’t be afraid of installing a sink and a faucet in the outdoor kitchen as long as the homeowners know how to maintain them.

Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

A piece of kitchen equipment is essential to have our attention, especially for an outdoor kitchen. To complete the kitchen and to help us in preparing the food, all we need is the accessories. Not only for decoration, but kitchen accessories also used as tools to assist cooking or other kitchen activities. Thus, here are some accessories to complete your outdoor kitchen.

Insulated Growler

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An insulated growler functions to keep your drink cold and fresh for hours with a high-pressure seal. Choosing a growler is easy, as long as it offers protection and excellent temperature control. In addition to the design, this kitchen accessory has a smooth surface and dishwasher-safe quality, which makes it easy to clean only by removing the leftovers from the previous use. Lastly, the insulated kitchen is excellent both for camping and outdoor kitchen use.

Grilling Gloves

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Touching a grilling without any protection would burn your skin. Not only getting burned, but it also left a scar on your skin. For this reason, consider using gloves while grilling. Moreover, some grill gloves made of different materials, for example, a silicone and a leather glove. A silicone glove often used to handle meats directly or moving hot and dry items while a leather glove is better for dry elements only. Furthermore, since grilling glove is inexpensive, consider getting both types so that you can maintain your grilling process easily.

Grill Tong

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Besides using grill gloves, there is another alternative to help you with your grilling. The other tool which can help you is called a grill tong. This tool works by picking out food on a blazing-hot grill. 

Additionally, this kitchen accessory needs to have some criteria. Those criteria include grip, strength, and length quality. Specifically, the grill tong should be easy to open with one hand, sturdy to lift meat and vegetables, and comfortable to use so that it will keep your hand from the heat of flames.

Grill Grate Scraper

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A clean grill grate is essential to cook good grilled food. In contrast, an unclean one will decrease the grill quality and food taste. For this purpose, a homeowner needs to get a grill cleaning tool. A grill grate scraper is a small tool to help you cleaning and scraping those hard to reach spots on a grill grate. It works by scraping some leftover food. There are some grill grate scrapers materials available, including metal and wood scraper. A wood scraper is a great choice instead of the metal one because it doesn’t have wire bristles and made of solid hardwood which will stay long lasting.

Pizza Essential Accessories

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Serving pizza without using pizza accessories is merely difficult. Therefore, using some pizza accessories would be very helpful to complete your serving and eating pizza experience. Some of the essential pizza tools include a pizza peel, an oven brush, a pizza wheel, an oven cover, and a pair of heat resistant gloves. 

A pizza peel is the most important one; it functions to move pizza in and out of the oven, while a pizza oven brush is excellent for cleaning up the ashes. Also, for cutting, we need a pizza wheel. And then a pizza oven cover used to protect the stove from the cracks. Lastly, you also need a pair of heat resistant gloves to move your hot pizza directly. All of those accessories are essential to help us enjoy the process from baking to serving the pizza.

Steak Thermometer

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Measuring the heat temperature is one of the essential things to do while cooking a steak. Cooking a perfect steak without a steak thermometer is not an easy job. As we know, the steak has some levels including well-done, medium well, rare, medium, or medium rare. Therefore, we need a steak thermometer to measure it. Besides cooking the steak, we can also use the thermometer for cooking burgers.

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In conclusion, everyone can have an outdoor kitchen in their backyard as long as you have an extra living space and some high-quality equipment which are suitable to put outside. Besides, paying attention to the right appliances and accessories is also essential. Consider choosing durable tools and appropriate accessories to your outdoor kitchen as we have explained above. Thus, you will finally have a great outdoor kitchen style with high-quality devices. 


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