20 + Must Have Kitchen Appliance

Must Have Kitchen Appliance – Kitchen is one of the main features of a house. It is a place for people to fulfill one of their main needs, which is food. Therefore, the kitchen is just as important as the bedroom and the bathroom. Kitchen is the thing that distinguishes a house and a hotel room.

To be fully functional, the kitchen needs several features and appliances in it. Appliances make life easier. But, to be useful, choosing the right appliances to buy that will stand up to regular use is necessary. So, there will be no dusty appliances inside the cabinets. With this purpose in mind, we prepared a kitchen items list with pictures and explanation of their function to choose from. We divide the Must Have Kitchen Appliance into three categories, major kitchen appliances, small kitchen appliances, and beverage appliances.


Major Kitchen Appliance

Major kitchen appliances are large machines used for housekeeping tasks, such as washing laundry, cooking, or food preservation. They will use a lot of space in the kitchen room. Major kitchen appliances usually have electric cables, gas supply connector, plumbing system, or ventilation system that is permanently connected to the appliances. So, arranging the placement of major appliances is crucial.

Beside the placement, other things such as the materials used and the energy consumption are also important to consider before buying one. Aside from those, we have a list of kitchen items along with their function to consider whether it’s helpful or not.

Electric Cooktop

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Electric Cooktops have become popular in recent years. They look simple and modern. Other than that, this must have kitchen appliance usually have a lot of modern features such as remote control and different heat settings that will make cooking easier and fun. Lastly, there’s no need to pay for gas, and they will save space compared to regular stoves.


Fryers are great for people who love crispy food, such as French fries. Two types of fryer are commonly used nowadays, deep fryer and air fryer. The main difference between them is that deep fryer requires oil to fry the food, and air fryer uses hot air. We provided a few explanations below for consideration.

Deep fryer

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Deep fryers need a lot of oil to completely sink the food. They usually have a basket to lower the food into the hot oil and raise it when it’s finished cooking. The food fried using deep fryer usually tastes deeper, and have a thicker and crispier crust. Deep fryers can cook a lot of food, from sliced potatoes to chicken wings. Lastly, food that is fried using deep fryer usually tastier than the ones using the air fryer.

Air Fryer

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Air fryers only need a little oil or no oil at all. They use circulated hot air to fry the food. The food fried using air fryer usually tastes dryer that the ones using a deep fryer. But, the food produced by air fryers is healthier because they contain less fat. Fortunately, most air fryers have temperature and time adjustments, so it will be more convenient to use. Moreover, air fryers can also be used to bake desserts.


An oven is a thermally insulated chamber used for heating, baking, drying, and most commonly for cooking. These days, there are two types of oven generally used by households, microwave oven and toaster oven. We need to know the differences before adding one to the kitchen.

Microwave Oven

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Microwave oven, or simply called microwave, is an electric oven that uses electromagnetic radiation to cook food. The radiation dries up the water molecules inside the food until the food is cooked. There are varieties of food can be cooked using a microwave oven. But, they usually end up soggy, not crispy. While it may be true that microwaves are usually heavier than toaster ovens, but they are easier to clean.

Toaster Oven

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A toaster oven is a small electric oven with a wire rack and removable baking pan inside. Crisping food is the area of expertise of toaster ovens. That is why most pizza shop uses a toaster oven to cook their pizzas. Even though toaster ovens are usually lighter and smaller than microwave ovens, they are more complicated to clean because there are wire racks and baking pans that need cleaning occasionally.


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A refrigerator might be the first apartment checklist for some people. A refrigerator is a food compartment that produces low temperature to preserve food and drink. It is very convenient to keep food and beverages fresh and ready to consume anytime. Also, by having a refrigerator in the house, there’s no need to go to the grocery store too often. Additionally, a lot of household refrigerators also have a freezer for people to store ice creams or even make one.

Water Dispenser/Cooler

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A water dispenser is a machine that can dispense water at a certain temperature. With it, cool or hot water will always be ready to use anytime — no need to put water in the refrigerator or boil it ever again. Simply turn on the water dispenser, and it’s always ready. Therefore, it can save lots of time.


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Sometimes, cleaning dishes is hard work, especially when there’s a lot of family members in a house. A dishwasher is a machine that cleans and rinses dishes automatically. By having a dishwasher, no need to feel exhausted ever again. The machine only needs electricity, water, and detergent, and it will clean the dirty dishes automatically.

Cooker Hood

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A cooker hood, also called kitchen hood or range hood, is a ventilation system that we can place on top of a stove or a cooktop. It will absorb and remove heat, fumes, smoke, away from the kitchen. Therefore, the kitchen will be healthier and cleaner.

Kitchen Sink & Faucet

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Aside from cleaning dishes, kitchen sink and faucet can be used to wash vegetables, fruit, and even our hands. So, their function can’t be replaced by a dishwasher. The kitchen will need a stainless steel kitchen sink & faucet to be a healthy kitchen.

Small Kitchen Appliances

Small kitchen appliances are small, portable, or semi-portable electronic that can be used to accomplish household tasks. They are different from major appliances, which cannot be placed anywhere we want. With its portability, these small kitchen appliances are convenient for people who move a lot.

Small kitchen appliances usually have a similarity with other kitchen appliances. For example, food processor and blender, they have the same function, which is to dissolve food ingredients. Some people may not even know the difference between those two. This is why we provide some insights, so you can choose the right appliances that are suitable for you and your kitchen.


A cooker, like its name, is a must have kitchen appliance used for cooking food. There are two types of cooker, rice cooker and slow cooker. The main difference between the two is the type of heat they create. The simple truth is a rice cooker can’t do everything a slow cooker can do, and vice versa. If you have to pick one, make sure it satisfies your need.

Rice Cooker

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Despite the name, a rice cooker is not only used to cook rice. It can cook varieties of food. Rice cooker works fast in boiling rice or other ingredients. Therefore, it is the best choice for people who have limited time to prepare food.

Slow Cooker

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A slow cooker distributes heat slowly. Therefore, people usually put all of the cooking ingredients in it the night before sleep and waking up to the delicious smell of the result in the morning. The slow cooker can also keep food warm for hours.

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Food Processor

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Slicing, blending, and mixing ingredients could be a tiresome task. A food processor is one of the solutions for that. A food processor is a must have kitchen appliance that is capable of blending, chopping, slicing food ingredients, allowing quicker meal preparation.


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Blender has a lot of similarities with the food processor. The only difference is that blender is best for mixing and emulsifying food. It usually makes smoother results than the food processor. It usually needs water to do the job, and it’s best for making soup, purees, and smoothies.


If blender can produce smoother substance than the food processor, a juicer can produce even smoother. A juicer is a tool used to extract juice from fruits, herbs, and vegetables. It produces smoother results because it separates the juice from the fiber, unlike blender.

Electric Juicer

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Electric juicer, also known as an automatic juicer, is the juicer that needs electricity to do the job. It requires less effort in making juice and produces better results. Although it seems like automatic juicer has a lot more benefits than the manual one, it still has some disadvantages. It’s more inconvenient to clean, and the price is higher than the manual one.

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Press Juicer

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Press juicer, also known as a manual juicer, is a juicer that requires effort for the result. Peeling and slicing the fruit is required before pressing the juicer. The good thing is, it’s cheaper than the automatic and painless to clean.


A mixer is a kitchen device used to automate the repetitive task such as stirring, whisking, and beating liquid food ingredients. It uses a drill-like mechanism to rotate a set of “beaters” in a bowl. Two common types of mixer are stand mixer and hand mixer.

Stand Mixer

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Stand mixers are commonly larger than the hand-held mixers. They allow people to blend and mix for a longer period without tiring. And since they are larger, they also have more power than a hand mixer. People usually use them for mixing the heavier dough.

Hand Mixer

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Hand mixers are smaller than stand mixers, but they provide more flexibility for the user. A hand mixer does a better job in mixing ingredients, whipping fresh cream, and mashing potatoes. The light weight allows the user to mix substances smoothly and evenly.

Food/Meat Grinder

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A food/meat grinder is a must have kitchen appliance used for mincing or grinding raw or cooked meat. It replaces a knife and makes mincing a lot quicker and easier. It’s a handy tool for people who love to eat meat and make their own steak and sausages.

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Busy people usually don’t have much time to prepare their food, and usually they end up buying fast food for breakfast, which is unhealthy. This small must have kitchen appliance might be an excellent addition for busy people who want to stay healthy. A toaster is a small electric appliance to toast sliced bread by exposing it to heat. It only needs several minutes to cook the bread, it’s definitely a time saver.

Waffle Maker

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If you like quick but delicious breakfast in the morning, the waffle maker is the answer. It doesn’t need a lot of time to make a waffle, just like a toaster. But waffle is definitely tastier than toasted bread! Without a doubt, tasty breakfast in the morning delivers great mood for the day.

Beverage Appliances

There are must have kitchen appliances specifically for making drinks, like coffee. Because some people prefer to drink brewed coffee than instant ones. These are two beverage appliances for you who love self-made drinks and have a lot of time to make them.

Coffee Maker

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Coffee makers, also known as coffee machines, are beverage appliances to brew coffee. It uses ground coffee and cold water. The machine will heat the water up to the boiling point and then directed to the ground coffee in the separate chamber. It needs longer time to brew coffee than making instant coffee. Make sure you have spare time to do it before buying one.

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Soda Maker

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If you love carbonated water but hate going to the store to buy more cans of soda, having a soda maker in the kitchen may be a great idea. The soda maker allows you to turn regular water into carbonated water easily. You don’t need to go to the store for soda anymore.


In summary, there are lots of kitchen appliances that you can add to your kitchen. The best cooking appliances are the ones that help you in everyday work and make your task easier. And remember to choose only the essential kitchen appliances.

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