19+ Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas (DIY Tips & How to Decorate)

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas – Wall decoration in the kitchen brings a lot of advantages to the appearance of the house. For instance, an artistic handmade wall decoration can inspire the family to improve their productivity in their home. Also, a kitchen decoration can bring a cheerful vibe for the guess while having dinner. On the other hand, a kitchen wall decoration could be a downside for the owner if it is too contrast. Worry not; you can try to find some inspirational that could match your kitchen space.

A collection of kitchen wall decor from the internet might be helpful to increase your ideas. A suitable wall decoration should be able to bring joy for anybody who sees it. However, try to learn a few concepts about kitchen wall decoration before you begin to decor a kitchen wall. There are some beginner tips for you to do kitchen wall decoration by yourself. Here are some tips about kitchen wall decorating ideas that might be useful for your kitchen renovation.


Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas Do It Yourself Tips

kitchen decorating ideas

After the kitchen renovation finally comes to an end where the appliances and cabinets are installed. There still one last thing to make your kitchen modification perfect. One of the most important things to finish is the kitchen decorating ideas. Essentially, all you have to do first is by focusing on the empty walls in your kitchen area. Then try to imagine which part is suitable to add some wall decorations. Fortunately, there are some valuable tips for you to make your kitchen wall decoration look fabulous. Here are some pro tips that you can apply to your blank wall.

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Decorative Tile

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A captivating tile pattern in the kitchen can be a magnet for your guess. You can use tile not only on the floor but also as a cover of your empty surface. Begin with covering your wall with an artistic tile pattern like a mural painted tile. It will present a vibrant visual to your whole kitchen area. On the whole, the graphics tile pattern can be one of the options for you who need an easy to clean kitchen decor.

Chalkboard Paint

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If you love to create an artistic font using your handwriting. Then the chalkboard paint kitchen wall decoration might be great for you to apply. Differ from tile pattern in which using permanent paint. The chalkboard paint brings advantages for your desire to create a custom wall decoration. It can quickly be done by placing plain black color to fit the existing color paint in your kitchen surface.

Artistic Display

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One of the benefits of an open shelves design in your kitchen is the possibility to display some cute kitchen utensils. Try to add some colorful plates or glasses on the lower shelves to prevent them from falling. Alternatively, on the upper part of shelves, you can put some cookbook or decorative object to make an artistic display style of the kitchen wall.

Art Showcase

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Some painting from famous painters could also be an option for your kitchen art decor. You can choose some modern painting picture to create elegant wall art. In the same way, you can also hang some of your best family pictures by putting it on a picture ledge. Make sure that your painting or drawing are using glass protection of kitchen splatters.

Repurposing Baskets

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If you love all kind of vintage ornament style that can create a retro vibe in a kitchen. Repurposing some of the good antique baskets might be the best idea for you. A little pro tip is to make sure that you can organize three or four old baskets into a straightforward form. Otherwise, this arrangement is beneficial to rise texture to the blank wall. You can try hanging these antiques as a bohemian or rustic display that will show an astonishing kitchen wall decoration.

Plates & Platters

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Most of the people who have plenty of collection of fine china would put it in the cupboard as a display in their kitchen. Alternatively, there are other options for those who love simplicity in their kitchen wall decoration. One of the best options are using platters hanger to display all of your preferred china languish collection. Undoubtedly, this decoration style will be able to free up some space rather than using a cupboard which is already old-fashion.

Pots & Pans

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Most of the professional chef and also some collector would love to put their cookware as their kitchen wall decoration. To take care of their quality, daily use of pots & pans should be hang on the kitchen wall. Plus, the cookware decoration will bring a retro-world style in the kitchen. Thus, the pots and pans can easily be used and maintained by the owner.


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With a piece of artwork painted directly on a wall, the kitchen will stimulate the inspiration of anyone who cooks or does the dishes. Hence, you might need a professional mural artist to paint an inspiring wall art. However, there is some scenic mural that you can apply by yourself with the use of wallpaper. Also, with the use of wallpaper, they will save plenty of decoration cost.

Kitchen Garden

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One of the most pleasant blank wall decoration is wall mounted flower or hanging plants. A plant is an excellent investment for your lifetime decoration. In general, wall mounted herbs and flowers risen positive vibes to anybody who loves to spend their time doing the kitchen stuff. It will give more fresh air into the kitchen room which is perfect for those who loves the natural environment.

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Wall Painting

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If you run out of an option to decor your wall art for kitchen ideas, try to use one unique wall paint. Then, you can put a simple yet effective modification by coating one wall with paint. Overall, you can paint a bold color to increase the contrast on your kitchen surrounding. This way the blank space will be much more look alive rather than identical two-color bedroom wall combination.

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

The kitchen will gain more respect if it can apply an attractive decoration inside it. In common, to create an astonishing decoration an owner must need a recommendation from a professional home designer. Though, anyone can easily find some wall design ideas from another kitchen in the home decor website. Here are some wall decor ideas from Houzz designer of inspiring wall kitchen that you can add as your kitchen wall decor.

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Country Kitchen Wall Decor

rustic modern decor ideas
Photo by Fraley and Company

Scenery art showcase used in this contemporary kitchen to create an old country style. Two of the picture were the painting of the kitchen owner when they are on the farm. All in all, a hanging country life painting fits perfectly to the wall decoration color. The art display blend with yellow lighting creates a relaxing feeling to the kitchen space.

Unique Kitchen Wall Ornaments

barn red kitchen cabinets
Photo by Sarah Blank Kitchen & Bath Design

A historical steel cast decorates brick wall made this farmhouse kitchen look bewildering. Several pots of the plant near wall decoration create a pleasant environment. For most of the kitchen is dominating by white color paint. Surprisingly, the color blends perfectly to the antique steel wall decoration. It definitely can increase an artistic personality for those who visit the kitchen space.

Kitchen Gallery Wall

kitchen interior design pictures
Photo by Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

Hanging some of finest French art showcase to the dining room was a brilliant idea. Though, you might need to put some extra LED light above the ceiling if you want to replicate these hanging art decoration. Essentially, the idea of this astonishing kitchen is to present the owner personality as an artist who had a great artistic taste. Therefore, this type of kitchen is perfect for those who love painting art such as modern art collectors.

Rustic Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

small kitchen interior design
Photo by Kaplan Thompson Architects

One of the finest wood lake house kitchen design made by Kaplan architects. A simple green color paint in the center of the kitchen fits perfectly to the natural scenery outside the window. No other wood wall decoration can fit despite the natural scenery itself. Of course, it would be even more flawless to put some original painting on both sides of the kitchen.

Elegant Kitchen Wall Decor

decorations for kitchen wall
Photo by Cristin Priest {Simplified Bee}

There should be a tile pattern to build a contemporary kitchen design. Thus, the owner chooses to put Treillis kitchen wallpaper to increase a modern look for the kitchen. Green color appliances picked in this casual kitchen to bring a little natural view inside the dining room. All the wall ornaments can be found at a local goods shop in San Francisco.

Country Cottage Wall Hangings

how to decorate your kitchen walls
Photo by Terra Maria Home Interiors


Several hanging pots and pans are dominating the whole kitchen blank wall. The black background of the kitchen wall decoration is to create chalkboard paint. No doubt, the owner of this kitchen can easily pour their artistic personality by writing some words into the wall. This will bring free will for anybody who visits the kitchen to write their idea in it.

Vintage Farmhouse Wall Decor

pictures for kitchen wall decor
Photo by Nar Design Group

This kitchen is wonderful by the look of paint color and wall decoration. The mosaic ceramic tiles on the blank space create a unique personality of the owner. Furthermore, the appearances throughout the kitchen represent the kitchen designer love of travel. Some of their finest collection of mementos from their adventure brings adventurous energy. Hence, a refrigerator covering brings an eclectic combination of encaustic tile designs from all over the world.

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Primitive Wall Decor

country cabinets kitchen
Photo by Corynne Pless

On the first sight of this classic wall kitchen design will bring us back to the good old day. The owner chooses colorful vintage wooden wall as their kitchen decoration. On the other hand, a flower picture display and hanging cups risen some new side of the area. Also, few children paintings create a fun vibe to the whole area of this petit vintage kitchen.

Modern Country Decor

dining room artwork decorating

Only one word that can describe the whole area of this astounding modern kitchen space. Certainly, black and white color that covered fancy kitchen appliances captivating everyone eyes. The ultimate wall decoration from the designer is one great black chalkboard paint with some Spanish words on it. Hence, little plants invite the green scenery from the outside to the whole kitchen space. This kitchen is an absolute masterpiece that looks modern but also natural at the same time.

Kitchen Sign Decor

pinterest home decor ideas country
Photo by Fivedot

A small kitchen interior design in the picture was designed by reorganizing the entry of the kitchen appliances. The designer adds some space to create a wider kitchen area where a kitchen wall decoration can fit. A popular word of street signs was chosen to decorate the whole blank wall in the kitchen. Though it might be a little bit wordy, this kitchen can maximize it looks by combining the kitchen decoration with a few simple white lighting.

Kitchen Decor Ideas On A Budget

decor ideas for living room
Photo by SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

Schappacher White Architect design this beach style kitchen in New York. The inspiration for whole kitchen decoration was from a kitchen near the LA beach. They put chalkboard paint to put some wall art letters on it. This type of wall decoration is perfect for those who loves spending their vacation on the beach.

Cute Kitchen Decorating Themes

kitchen decorating ideas pinterest
Photo by studiocuvier.se

This rustic cute little kitchen is filled with an amount of display wall decoration. A different jar, some green plants, also a few hanging fine cups and wine glass were placed on the maple wood cabinets. Nevertheless, a little kitchen new surface change into a fabulous kitchen wall design. Certainly, these design ideas of a kitchen are beneficial for those who have a small dining room in their house.


A kitchen wall decoration was not just a compliment to the kitchen area. With some kitchen wall decor ideas, it could be a huge benefit for the clean kitchen surface. Generally, there are plenty of wall kitchen decoration ideas that you can apply based on your kitchen design. All in all, make sure to find the most stylish wall decor ideas so you can make an everlasting beautiful kitchen wall decoration inside your home.


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