30+ Kitchen Sink Lighting Ideas (Pictures & Inspirations)

Kitchen Sink Lighting – In every part of the building, the precise place of lighting can help you to complete specific tasks. This also applies in the kitchen where you can set up a good mood. As we know there so many things that we can do to devote plenty of time doing various responsibilities in the kitchen. Nevertheless, the insertion of light in your kitchen will add beauty to your home. For that reason, a suitable lighting arrangement in the kitchen is needed.


The first part of the kitchen that you should first consider is the sink. Because the sink is an important part that visually great with a keen light directly above it, with the perfect placement of lighting, cleaning vegetables, washing dishes will be easily done. Thus, the perfect lighting is the best way to solve any kind of household errands in the sink. The appearance of your sink will perfectly be improved.

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Kitchen Sink Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Sink Lighting Ideas

For those who are looking for the kitchen lighting ideas. You can get these wonderful light fixtures in your kitchen with some decorative ambient lighting. Where you can adjust LED lights and then put some candles for a romantic dinner. Also, the addition of lighting in the kitchen sink can offer a fabulous night light. Obviously, it can help you find a kitchen utensil in the middle of the night. Plus, it is possible that the light over the kitchen sink can prevent thieves from breaking into your house.

The excellent arrangement of the hanging light might be able to decrease the numbers of light on the other part of your house. For instance, one ceiling light had better hang at around 29 to 35 inches over your kitchen sink. It would illustrate sufficient kitchen sink lighting for doing dishes. Hence, all you have to remember is to make sure that the kitchen décor suits the tone of the hanging light. However, you can place the hanging light wherever you want it.

Decorative Kitchen Sink Lighting

Decorative Kitchen Sink Lighting

Baldwin Chain Pendant

pendant light over kitchen sink height
Photo by Lauren Shadid Architecture and Interiors.

The customized color of the island is the main features of decorative over the sink light fixtures. It brings balance for the snow-white quartzite shade on the countertops. Whereas the light fixtures above the kitchen island are from revitalizing process.

Transitional Chandelier

wall mounted light over kitchen sink
Photo by Trend Interior Design.

Transitional chandelier lights bring warm feeling in the kitchen sink. All the cabinets are custom made by Trend Interior Design. It uses a soft grey color which is also custom paint color. The light brings stunning contrast to the white marble countertops.

Fancy Table Light

pendant light over kitchen sink distance from wall
Photo by LKM Design

The Carrara marble material on the countertops suits perfectly with the sink. The antique silver table light brings the classic feels contrast with the island. This light called Rhinnecliff light table. Furthermore, the twin table light can enhance the look of the countertops more fancy. Also, the cross-handle kitchen faucet sprayer developed the vintage look in the kitchen.

Exos Double Shade Light

over kitchen sink lighting
Photo by Kitchen Distributors.

It can clearly be seen that the huge windows and the curved ceiling rule the whole area of the kitchen. This architectural spotlight varied with utilization and the varnishes presented in a glorious kitchen that is cozy and warm for those who involve in it. The backsplash and Zebrino marble countertops are visibly revealed. Thus, the LED under-lighting benefits to emphasize the stunning veining all over the kitchen sink lighting.

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This low cost LED creates double shade on the island. Therefore, the exos light enables the elegant radiant to spark all over the area. This kitchen has subsequently earned two awards over ASID and NKBA competitions. Overall, this is absolutely the topmost star of the contemporary kitchen space.

Edison Cage Pendant

ceiling light fixtures
Connecticut Kitchen contemporary-kitchen Photo by Susan Anderson Design, White Birch Studio.

This also a contemporary kitchen decoration that uses numbers of hanging the light. It was made by the order and can be customized according to the clients’ desire. Warm lighting above the kitchen island suits perfectly to the leaned ceiling with the acceptable lines of the space in the kitchen. While the flex is only available in black or red paint color. Fortunately, there are plenty of brass to be chosen in numerous appearances.

Kitchen Sinks Lighting With Cabinets

Livex Lighting

kitchen lighting design
Photo by Michael Abrams Interiors.

This flush mount lighting illuminates the kitchen cabinets configuration. The Livex lighting helps to accentuate euro grey top cabinets. It also balances the lighting over the wooden floor. The Benjamin Moore’s white dove colors of the sink give a beautiful contrast to the grey cabinets. It uses Herbeau Luberon Farmhouse sink which was purchased via Home Depot. Note that you may need professional support to install the sink because it is really heavy.

St Louis Lighting

above kitchen sink lighting
Photo by Karr Bick Kitchen and Bath.

This warm white kitchen renovation showing a gorgeous sight of right-angle corner sandstone under-mounted sink. Jenny Rausch designed this kitchen by installed harmonious job finished oak flooring and a timber paneled fridge. The lighting on the top of the cabinets brings an elegant color to the natural stone countertops.

Built-in Lighting

kitchen lighting layout
Photo by 186 Lighting Design Group – Gregg Mackell.

This kitchen view is from Studio B Architects in Aspen. Those professional bookshelves equipped with several LED puck lights. Along with the LED tape light brings the Recessed Square accent lights more alive. The puck lights in the soffit are low power energy square clipped with downlights with Satin Nickel finishes.

Kitchen Sink LED lighting

Kitchen Sink LED lighting

Insulator Light Pendant

best lighting for kitchen ceiling
Photo by Kingston Design Remodeling.

The entire industrial kitchen design is using IKEA product. The insulator pendant light over kitchen sink distance from wall reflects gentle light towards the stainless-steel shelves. Clearly, the enchanting vibes from the light help to elevate the kitchen decoration. The decorate paint used in this kitchen is Benjamin Moore Rumba Orange color which is matches with the LED light. The Kingston designed remodeling the stainless steel covering so that it could be superficially mounted.

Helix Light Pendant

ikea kitchen lighting ceiling
Photo by PORCELANOSA Group.

The white kitchen sink is equipped with the Ringo kitchen sink faucet. There are two boxes of helix light mounted on the wall. The light on the area brings joy and comfort for every person who stays in it. Moreover, the LED light from Porcelanosa mounted above the cabinets bring an expensive look of the units. Nevertheless, the best part of this kitchen is the white laminate flooring that improves the lighting.

LED Light Kitchen Faucets

Oakhurst LED Faucet

led ceiling light fixtures

This LED light kitchen faucet is using premium stainless-steel varnish. It could resist defilement and deterioration. Also, the LED featured of the faucet can be switched on and off. However, this faucet is not retractable despite it comes with a counterweight. Thus, the product offers a limited lifetime warranty.

LED-thermal Faucet

led recessed ceiling lights

This pull-down faucet spray has an LED-thermal feature. The LED Generator powered this zinc alloy faucet. Moreover, the valve is built with perfect size ceramic valve material. Though, the faucet only has the spray mode. The adapter is changeable which can increase the product life span.

Natural Kitchen Sink lighting

Natural Kitchen Sink lighting

Beverly Place Lighting

wall mounted light over kitchen sink
Photo by Studio Sarah Willmer Architecture.

Mixing painted makes the wood vainer cabinets in the kitchen looks great. The lighting on the kitchen ceiling lighting fit perfectly to the kitchen wall colors. However, for the low consumption the light can not cover all the area. Basically, the best way to counter shadow is to put addition LED light on the top cabinets. No doubt, the top cabinets from Benjamin Moore’s Stratton blue creates a magnificent combination. The lime avocado color on the bottom makes this kitchen looks natural.

Eco-culture Light

kitchen light fixtures
Photo by CapeRace Cultural Adventures.

The eggshell colors that dominates all the kitchen creates a true heart’s delight to everyone. In the same way, the metal edging of the countertops makes it looks firm. Therefore, the metal reflected beautiful natural lighting from the window. Generally speaking, the cute jacuzzi bathtub sinks white color complete the traditional kitchen design.

Benson Pendant Light

over the sink light fixtures lowes
Photo by Connecticut Stone.

The Calacatta Gold counters manufactured from a honed finish of a marble. On the other hand, the polished nickel as the pendants over the island is from restoration hardware. The kitchen view is impressively natural by depending on the eco-friendly light.

It points the light from the sun through the exotic stones on the countertops. Because of this, the kitchen received more brightness that illuminates all the area. Thus, as a compliment to the island the designer puts double Benson light. It helps to cover the lighting in the kitchen area when the rays are over.

Contemporary Kitchen Sink Lighting

Tube Martini Light

ikea kitchen lighting ceiling
Photo by Elizabeth Bowman Ltd.

The lighting on the ceiling is called the TUBE from the Martini Lights. It length are 80 cm in a bronze finish. As an alternative, the designers choose the black and white color for the lighting. The white colors of the cabinets match excellently with the lighting. Undoubtedly, the pendant lighting brings a modern look on a Covent garden contemporary kitchen.

Espresso Denver Light

ikea kitchen lights under cabinet
Photo by Elizabeth Bowman Ltd.

The clean timber kitchen cabinets combined with several Odessa counter stool creates an industrial kitchen style. The lighting on top of the countertops reflects directly to the kitchen area. The Espresso lighting gives an essence of industrial space. However, it will need more than two LED light to support the brightness to cover all the area. Essentially, the wood flooring throughout the entire part of the kitchen creates a really nice space.

Over Kitchen Sink Lighting

The lighting over the sink is the most important part of the design in the kitchen. The sink lighting in the kitchen gives the impression that the area is special. For the most part, the lighting over the sink made a great compliment for the kitchen. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully put the suitable sink lighting that phase each other to cover all the kitchen area.

Recessed Lighting Over The Kitchen Sink

Lithonia Lighting

home depot lighting fixtures
Photo by emma delon.

There are two important aspects of designing an elegant yet functional kitchen. The first aspect is the perfect coordination of the kitchen. All in all, the second aspect is to maximize the functionality of the kitchen space. The existing area of the kitchen is expensively designed with a natural stone, dark hardwoods floors and open plan accents.

The lighter open kitchen adjusts fabulously into the dining room. The ornamental lighting stunningly highlights the dishes and the glassware. Moreover, huge Lithonia lighting shines perfectly in the ceiling. The shade from light gives an excellent balance to the kitchen countertops. Finished with a warm natural wood blind, underpass tile, and white Dreamy Marfil quartz countertops. Make it the most inviting, expensive, and amazingly functional space.

Burnaby LED Light

Burnaby LED Light
Photo by SKG Renovations

The finest quality of furniture contains an up-to-date “dish pit” style. There are hot & cold cleansed water dispenser, soap dispenser, pull down tap, and a low radius square sink. The light from the dipped pot lights is complemented by sequences of six low powered led ceiling light fixtures. In general, on the below cabinet sunken “puck” lights that could be applied to brighten the top cabinet shadow. Needless to say, it features an appalling exquisiteness of the quartzite backsplash.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Over The Sink

Belleville Lighting

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Over The Sink
Photo by Cabinet Innovations.

A cleaner yet traditional two-toned kitchen use rub-through and the lace with a charcoal gaze on the Square Edge Winfield. Wall parts have sleazy glass faced cabinets with internal kitchen pendant lighting for presentation. These light are flush mounted to the ceiling in the kitchen. It glows gives a warm yet elegant radiance accent to the kitchen.

Up to a point, for a fine china display, the Center Butler’s Pantry cabinets are mounted with the glass. Also, the wood back with an Autumn Black Glaze finish molds to the backsplash of the Butler’s Pantry. Nevertheless, it blends prettily to the whole area of the traditional kitchen.

Edison Light School

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Over The Sink
Photo by Luciano Group.

An innovative double skylight window substituted the classic reduced window to reflect more light into the entire kitchen. The window is an exact replicated separated light window to retain the feel and view of the true style of the area. It was self-fabricated finished to reproduce the current six over six twin swung windows. The window exterior is rectilinear to complement any architectural design. Basically, it lets for more light inside the room. Last but not least is the beautiful farmhouse sink placed below the school family pendant light.

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Millefiore Glass Light

kitchen light fixtures
Photo by McCall Design llc.

An old-fashioned cabinet straightly dominates the whole Hawthorne Kitchen. It was finished out of request since the ceilings were so high. The most captivating aspect of this design is the pendant lighting mounted in the ceiling. It is called the Millefiore Glass LED Monopoint Pendant lighting. This lighting successfully elevated the whole space in this custom-made kitchen. Generally speaking, Hawthorne kitchen design is such a timeless look kitchen decoration.

Sara Grande Pendant

led recessed ceiling lights
Photo by The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn.

Alliances are naturally so fruitful, and this modern look kitchen was no different. This kitchen was transformed from a traditional brick kitchen into a modern look full of enchanting furniture. The light white Ceasar stone countertops and bamboo cabinetry deliver divergence that pops. It called Sara Grande Pendant which needs three fabricated light bulb to activate it. This light brings a softer color to the kitchen island.

It also need a light supports from four LED mounted on the ceiling. At the same time, the limestone tile and pure natural oak floors bring warmness to the kitchen. A multi-functional work exterior from a huge island mounted a Galley Sink are perfect for a summer party. Essentially, a bulky glass wall system called Nana Wall creates a great peripheral opening. It literally a piece of masterpiece for contemporary kitchen decoration.

Decorating a proper kitchen sink lighting is an important yet challenging aspect to do. However, the perfect settlement of the custom-made lighting can elevate the entire kitchen area. It takes time to combine it with suitable fixtures and paint colors. Nevertheless, Colorful kitchens need serious support from a professional to develop a creative placement of the lighting. Therefore, it is important that the design of a kitchen sink lighting should be beautiful but also functional.


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