14+ Kitchen Rug Ideas 2020 ( Tips & Photos)

Kitchen Rug Ideas – Do you need a pop of color in your neutral tone kitchen? A rug is definitely a catch of the eye. Comes with different patterns, bold colors, and various materials, a rug is that extra touch your kitchen will need to have it completely decorated. Besides, it is giving you that comfortable cushioning for your feet while you’re doing any activity in the kitchen.

Moreover, a rug can serve not only as decor purposes. Its function expands from protecting your kitchen’s floor from any scratches or stains to help you move safely in a most likely slippery ground. It is also can serve as an anchor for pieces of furniture you put on top of it. As the kitchen is usually the heart of the home, a rug will add a bit more warm vibe to it too.  

Tips for Choosing the perfect Kitchen Rugs

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We all know that when it comes to a kitchen, sometimes sauce spills or coffee drips are inevitable. Some people will hesitate to put either a runner of a full sized rug on their kitchen’s floor because any of it is not prone to stains. However, it is not impossible to pick the right rug with the perfect size and material. Here are some useful tips for you to choose the perfect rug for your kitchen:

1. Think about your whole decoration concept

Before you decide on whether you want to purchase a large size rug to cover the entire floor or the one that fits your cooking area, you need to find the one that matches with your kitchen’s decoration concept. If your kitchen’s cabinets, countertops, and floor are in neutral colors, a rug with colorful patterns will add a distinctive accent to the whole room. Meanwhile, a light tone wooden floor will match perfectly with a saturated solid color rug instead of the one with patterns because the surface part has gotten its own.

2. Choose the right rug materials

Rug is made out of many variations of materials, as it serves for both indoor and outdoor amenity. As for kitchen, a flatweave one is a go-to material especially when you’ll spend a great deal of time there. Flatweave rug becomes an ideal choice for its durability and the natural feeling that comes out of it. It is also easy to clean than other rug materials, so you don’t need to worry when the spice jar is slipped out of your hand, and the paprika powder is spilled all over it.

Another popular material for kitchen rug ideas is polypropylene which usually comes in beautiful patterns and colors. This material is perfect for those with a wide area in the kitchen, and polypropylene will not absorb any spills. It is also will add warmth to your kitchen if you have a tile floor.

3. Consider the easy-cleaning rug

One of the most important things you need to consider in choosing a kitchen rug is you have to know the instruction on how to clean it. Stains from the marinara sauce or the mess your baby boy made are sometimes impossible to prevent; therefore it is essential to know if the kitchen rug will need an extra effort to clean. Cleaning-wise, polypropylene or polyester rug could be the perfect one to consider. These materials are the easiest to clean, and their textures allow you to scrub or bleach them. 

The rug that is made out of natural fibers such as bamboo, sisal, or jute may also become another one to choose because it does not require much work to clean. When there is a blotting spot, you can do it right away with just water and soap. 

4. Safety Consideration

There are rugs with a non-slip backings, but some of them do not have it. If your kitchen floor is made out of tiles or other slick materials, it is essential to get a rug that can prevent any slip and slide. It can be quite dangerous to fall when you’re in the middle of cooking or baking activity; therefore if your rug does not have any pad, you might want to consider to add some.

5. Consider the Size

Take a look at your kitchen and its existing layout—does it have a broad and open area or rather a narrow gap between the counters and the island? Remember, a kitchen rug should complete the kitchen both from the look and the function. Measuring the area you want to cover with it will help you to make your decision. Besides, you do not want to get the one that way too small or too large. Give a few inches of space between the rug and your cabinets to avoid your kitchen looks overwhelming.

How to Keep Kitchen Rug clean

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Keeping the rug clean might be quite a challenge since kitchen catastrophe is unavoidable.  Whether it is a daily dinner making, or a Thanksgiving party, your kitchen is facing that heavy foot traffic that will eventually create stains. Kitchen rugs are also catching dust quickly. Nothing is more horrifying than a weary and dirty rug sitting on your kitchen’s floor. Therefore, here are a few hacks you need to know on how to keep your kitchen rug clean:

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1. Vacuum often

Clean away all the dirt and dust out of your rug with vacuuming it as regularly as possible. You can do it at least once a week to avoid any pileups from the unwanted debris or any stains trapped between the fibers. However, you may use a suction-only feature of your vacuum cleaner so you will not damage the rug. Some rug materials are more fragile than others, then make sure the vacuuming will not tear apart the fibers. You can also check out the cleaning instruction first if there is a specific type of vacuum cleaner that is recommended to use for the rug. Then, consider shaking your rug first to get rid of any objects that are too big to be vacuumed up.  

2. Clean up spillages immediately

Don’t wait much longer to clean up your rug when there are spillages from your leaking dishwasher or any other liquid. If you don’t clean it right away, the fibers will soak it up and making it hard to brush off later. You can use soap and water to clean spillages on a flatweave rug and leave it to dry on its own. However, if you have kitchen rug that made out of other materials such as polyester or even wool, you can soak the spillages up with a dampen cloth first. After a while, you can rub the blot on the affected area carefully without damaging the rug itself.

3. Try a washable rug

Can you imagine the life where you can toss your rug into the washing machine and let it does the rest? A washable rug will save your life without any extra effort to clean. You can clean it as often as you want, and it is perfect for a house with kids and pets. 

4. Protect from pets

Your dog’s paws will carry dirt or grease, and your cat loves to scratch the rug with its claws. Little did you know, damage caused by your pets can be reduced if you know a few tricks. A rug made out of nylon and polyester is perfect for pet owners because it is sturdy enough for your pets to play with, while the one made out of rayon could be a nightmare. You can also go for a darker color rug to hide the chew and scratch marks. Avoid rugs with tassel or fringe because these additional accessories are quite attracting for pets.

Kitchen Rug Picture Ideas

We can’t deny the fact that—other than it is highly functional—rugs are pretty. It makes terrific decor to any room you want to spice up, from the living room to the kitchen. It adds colors to your neutral-looking kitchen, extra comfort for your feet, and warmth to the area. Here are a few of best kitchen rugs ideas that can be an inspiration for you before you decide to get one:

1. Kitchen Runner Rugs

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Photo by Melton Design Build

A colorful rug in the all-white room is a catch of the eye. A contemporary kitchen will usually be dominated by the color white to create a modern look. This kitchen runner rug adds bright colors to the whole area along with its pattern. A runner rug is also a great option if you have a narrow gap between your counters and island because instead of making it looks overwhelming, it completes the floor.

2. Modern Kitchen Rugs

kitchen rug sets
Photo by Design By Lisa

This colorful and modern design runner rug is an excellent complement to your all wood enclosed kitchen. The checkered pattern will never go out of style while serving as a cushion for your feet. If you have a monochromatic tone for your kitchen, a lively modern kitchen rug will prevent the mundaneness of it.

3. Rug in Kitchen Under Table

washable kitchen rugs with rubber backing
Photo by Benjamin Silver Design

It becomes essential to put a rug under your dining table and chairs. This polypropylene rug will prevent any scratch on your floor from the chairs being slide in and out. It is also a great example of choosing the right rug to match the whole concept of the room. The darker brown color of the rug is nicely matching the lighter tone of the floor. 

4. Rug in Front of Kitchen Sink

washable kitchen rugs target
Photo by Urban Homes – Innovative Design for Kitchen & Bath

Putting a rug near the sink area will give you extra comfort while you’re standing on it. This runner rug with its pretty patterns adds additional colors to your urban kitchen design. Besides, this rug is an excellent option if your kitchen tends to get busy because the colorful patterns will hide any spillage or chew marks from your pets. Even though you have to clean it right away, the patterns will save you from having a rug that looks filthy. Therefore, this kind of rug design is perfect for the sink and cooking area

5. Rugs for Galley Kitchen

washable kitchen rugs for hardwood floors
Photo by Hufft

No kitchen is too small for a rug, once you get the perfect size for it. A rug can tie up the whole room, making it looks complete and more livable. If you have a galley kitchen which only has one central corridor to work and decorate, you can get a rug that will cover the entire floor. There are a lot of rugs for the galley kitchen come with different sizes that you can choose to fit the measurement of the area. Pick the colors that match perfectly with the whole room to create a sense that the rug is a part of it.

6. Pottery Barn Kitchen Rugs Ideas

striped washable kitchen rugs
Photo by Brian Benda

Picking which rug will go perfectly with the ambiance of the room can be the most fun part, but confusing at the same time. Rugs come with different materials, patterns, and colors. The abundant of options can be quite overwhelming. However, once you truly understand the whole concept of the room, it’ll cut the time that is taken to decide on which pattern and materials you should pick. This rug complements the room well, especially the dark wood floor. A polypropylene rug usually comes with a beautiful vintage pattern that can give a touch of warmth.

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7. Round Kitchen Table Rugs

modern washable kitchen rugs
Photo by Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

Do you know that round rug can elevate the design of a room? It is a great decoration—that also serving you with functions—to add, especially if you have a small dining table and chairs. The rug will anchor the items of furniture while giving you comfort on your feet while having your meals together with family and friends. Get the materials that will both give you a look and the cushioning such as wool or flatweave made out of cotton.

8. Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mats

round rugs
Photo by Smart Step Home Collection

If you have a kitchen with hardwood, tile, or ceramics, the pressure it gives to your feet and back can cause fatigue. It is because you spend a significant amount of time standing on your feet while you’re cooking or doing any activity in the kitchen. Anti-fatigue kitchen mat does exist to reduce the pain, and it comes in a simple design. You can put it in your cooking area to help you ease the sore you get on your back and knees. 

9. Eclectic Kitchen Rug Ideas

Photo by Tamar Schechner/Nest Pretty Things Inc

Decorating an eclectic kitchen can be a bit tricky; some people may drop the idea because it is not easy to pull off without making it too overwhelming. If you want to add an extra touch with a rug, here is the trick: pick not more than two or three tones of color. Avoid getting the one with colorful patterns, and stick with the one with one color stands out among the others. This way, the rug with complete the look of your eclectic kitchen; instead of adding more patterns to the mixture.

10. Colourful Kitchen Rugs 

Photo by Collected Interiors

When you have dark tone floor, or in this case dark wood one, obviously you need a rug with brighter colors in contrast to it. Even better, this also gives you more freedom in choosing which color you are going to get. You can play with more than one color, add more patterns, and decide on materials that fit your needs. 

11. Traditional Kitchen Rug Ideas

Photo by Smith Brothers

Traditional kitchen rug ideaswill never go out of style. The patterns are timeless and giving you the luxury touch in whichever room you’re putting it on. The color scheme consists of earthy tone with a shade of blue, red, and gold. This kind of rug with be easy to match with the design of the entire kitchen.

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When it comes to rugs, finding the perfect one that goes along with your kitchen both from the looks and function can be a little confusing. The abundant of options making it hard to decide whether you should get a runner or a simple half moon rug to place on your cooking area. However, once you know the essential things when it comes to choosing the right rug, it’ll save you so much time to decide. Time for choose your own from this kitchen rug ideas.


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