21+ Kitchen Peninsula Ideas ( Basics, Pros & Cons , Design Ideas)

Kitchen Peninsula Ideas – Kitchen is a part of the house that needs to be a comfortable place. In order to achieve that, people tend to take special care of their kitchens by remodeling. Remodeling a kitchen is sometimes needed because a lot of people don’t usually build their house from scratch. As a result, sometimes the house layout doesn’t match their preferences. A kitchen that matches the owner’s preferences will make people feel tireless doing their work in the kitchen.

The kitchen peninsula is one of the things that need to think about carefully in remodeling your kitchen. It takes up a lot of space in a kitchen. Therefore, the wrong placement of kitchen peninsula can make your kitchen stressful. Moreover, people can feel trapped inside a kitchen with messy kitchen peninsula layout.

Choosing the perfect layout and placement of a kitchen peninsula can be a tiresome job since there’s a lot of design and kitchen peninsula ideas out there. That’s why we gathered some ideas to choose from. Also, we provide some pros and cons in adding a kitchen peninsula in your kitchen, so you can choose whether to add it or not.


What Is Peninsula?

Kitchen Peninsula Ideas

The term peninsula refers to a set of cabinets that are connected to the rest of the kitchen on one side. Peninsulas don’t always have cabinets, and sometimes they are simply an extended cooktop area of the kitchen. Generally, kitchen peninsula is a kitchen island; the main difference is that kitchen peninsula is directly connected to a kitchen wall. In this article, we’ll use the term ‘kitchen peninsula’ to differentiate from ‘peninsula’ that will most likely cause misconception.

A kitchen peninsula is a valuable addition to a kitchen because it gives the opportunity to have more storage space, especially when you are running out of cabinets to use. It also allows you to use it as a secondary cooking area if you install a cooktop on it. Not to mention, kitchen peninsula can also be a great room divider if the kitchen room is not separated by a wall with other rooms.

To build a kitchen peninsula, the house should have a decent size of a room to use. A peninsula should be at least 180 to 190 cm long and at least 70 cm tall. It might be a risk if the room couldn’t fit the size. Since the kitchen peninsula can become impractical, and people will find it hard to move around and work.

Kitchen Peninsula : Pros And Cons

Kitchen Peninsula

Despite the valuable features that it has, not all kitchen is suitable for kitchen peninsula. There are pros and cons to consider before adding a kitchen peninsula to your kitchen. Making sure that the kitchen needs a peninsula is important because once you add one, it will be bothersome to remove.


small kitchen peninsula ideas

A small house or apartment can benefit from having a kitchen peninsula. Since kitchen peninsula can separate rooms without making the house or apartment seems narrow. It is an excellent addition for smaller kitchen layouts. Moreover, a kitchen peninsula in the house can also be used as a snack area for breakfast. Because sometimes people are still too lazy to move after cooking in the early morning.

As I mentioned before, kitchen peninsula can also provide more countertop space and additional space to use. Moreover, if you’re having a party or a family meeting, having a peninsula also allows you to optimize dining space and amount of seating. By having a kitchen peninsula with seating, you don’t need to worry about standing guests anymore!


table height kitchen peninsula

Despite the benefits that we said earlier, having kitchen peninsula can also be bothersome. Kitchen peninsulas can create a dead space in the corner where the peninsula and the cabinet meet. Sure, someone can sit there, but they will feel trapped or even claustrophobic. Because of this, you need to adjust the placement of cabinet and peninsula correctly to avoid the problem. Also, incorrect layout and placement of the kitchen peninsula can limit traffic flow in the workspace.

Another thing to consider, it might be difficult to match the countertops and the cabinets — not all things made to be together. Mismatch in choosing them can easily make the kitchen atmosphere weird.

Kitchen Peninsula Design Ideas

Kitchen Peninsula Design Ideas

There are so many kitchen peninsula ideas out there. And as mentioned, mismatch in choosing it can easily make the atmosphere weird. In this case, you will need to choose one that matches your kitchen style and fulfill your preferences.

Kitchen peninsulas are generally divided into the regular size and the small size. The regular one is for the regular size kitchen, and the small one is for the small size kitchen. Let’s start with the regular one.

Artistic black kitchen peninsula

open kitchen peninsula ideas
Photo by Imagine Living.

This kitchen peninsula is a work of art. It perfectly combines black tint color with wood fiber pattern. Using black as a color for your furniture usually makes the kitchen looks gothic, but not in this case. It still makes the kitchen look modern in a way. Moreover, the black color makes the kitchen feel uniquely fresh.

Contemporary-looking kitchen peninsula

kitchen peninsula ideas with beam
Photo by Claudia Leccacorvi.

This one combines white and light brown color perfectly. It tries to avoid dead space problem at the corner of the kitchen peninsula by placing it next to big windows. Also, it provides a small room for your legs. The marble material used for the countertop is also a great choice; it makes the cleaning easier. The kitchen peninsula also blends well with the light wood floor.

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Plain white kitchen peninsula

small kitchen peninsula
Photo by COMPAC.

Compared to the others, this is one of the simplest kitchen peninsula ideas. The white color makes the kitchen seems cleaner. A wide space below the kitchen peninsula countertop is also a great addition to notice. It makes the kitchen peninsula a more comfortable place. Lastly, he placement of the kitchen range also makes it easier to serve food right after it’s cooked.

Old school kitchen peninsula

eating peninsula ideas
Photo by Jackson Design & Remodeling.

The dark brown wood color of this kitchen peninsula accentuates the old school look of the kitchen. The wide space allows you to have more people in it. Although, you need to be careful when adapting this design because it takes up a lot of space. The incorrect layout can disrupt the traffic flow in the kitchen.

Urban style kitchen peninsula

kitchen peninsula countertop
Photo by Urban Lounge Interiors Limited.

This kitchen peninsula accentuates the modern vibe of the room. The simplicity and the shape make the peninsula looks futuristic. It also tries to avoid dead space problem at the corner by making the corner next to another room. However, it doesn’t have any cabinet and a small room for your legs below the countertop. Regardless, this kitchen peninsula is a great choice if you prefer the look over the functionality.

Fresh vibe kitchen peninsula

kitchen peninsula remodel
Photo by H3K Design.

This one is suitable if the house adopts a modern style, so it tends to give the room a fresh vibe. The wide countertop and decent size room for legs below allow you to fit more people in the kitchen especially if you are having a party at your pool deck. Other types of the room can also adopt this kitchen peninsula idea, especially the modern style room. The grey and white color will blend perfectly with the modern environment.

Simple wooden kitchen peninsula

peninsula cabinets kitchen pictures
Photo by Leicht Westchester-Greenwich.

This might be a basic design for a kitchen peninsula. But, this kitchen peninsula gives a room for your leg. It allows air circulation to flow better in the room. Also, the simplicity and the wood pattern that it has can also make your kitchen look modern and natural in its way.

Medium toned wooden kitchen peninsula

kitchen island vs peninsula
Photo by Beau-Port Kitchens.

This kitchen peninsula adopts medium toned wood as the main material. The shiny white countertop makes the kitchen peninsula easy to clean. A small room for your leg below the countertop is also an important feature to notice. Moreover, there are some cabinets that can be used below the countertop. This kitchen peninsula has a lot of feature without sacrificing its functionality.

Small Kitchen Peninsula Ideas

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t have a kitchen peninsula in your kitchen. There’s a bunch of small kitchen peninsula ideas out there. You only need to choose the right one for your kitchen based on your preferences.

Concise yet functional

kitchen peninsula ideas photos
Photo by InsideWright.

This kitchen peninsula might be a lot simpler than the ones we provided before. But it could be a great choice for your small kitchen. The simplicity of this kitchen peninsula doesn’t abandon its functionality. For instance, you can fit two to three people to sit here. The color of the marble material of the countertop also blends well with the room. Make sure to choose the right one to blend with the room.

Cosmopolitan kitchen peninsula

small kitchen with peninsula
Photo by Black Lacquer Design.

The style of this kitchen peninsula will give a luxurious and contemporary vibe to your kitchen. The plain white and grey combination works well with golden appliances and dark colors. Small room for your legs is also a perfect addition to this modern-looking kitchen peninsula.

Semi farmhouse

kitchen peninsula design photos
Photo by Standard Kitchen & Bath.

This kitchen peninsula is perfect for you if you want your house to feel farmhouse but not too farmhouse. The bright color combination also gives a Scandinavian vibe. Because of its small size, it might not be comfortable to use for too long other than for cooking. Regardless, it still works fine as a place for quick breakfast or brunch.

Minimalist & modern

small kitchen peninsula designs
Photo by Davida’s Kitchen & Tiles

The shape and size of this kitchen peninsula might seem too tight and small. But, it’s a perfect addition to the house if the dining table is just not enough. The small size makes you move quickly to any parts of the kitchen. It makes the work quicker. And the color combination radiates modern vibe.

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kitchen layout with peninsula
Photo by NJW Construction.

The combination of metallic countertop and the wooden cabinet of this kitchen peninsula is perfect. It gives modern touch but also keeps the traditional vibe. It also kind of makes you feel like you are inside a van. Not the regular one, but the van that has a kitchen room or even a small bed at the back. You can see this type of van in the movie ‘Chef’ (2014). The wide room for legs also helps people to sit comfortably.

Small rustic farmhouse

peninsula kitchen floor plan
Photo by Laura Medicus Interiors.

This kitchen peninsula will accentuate the traditional and nostalgic elements in the room. The old-looking wood material gives a farmhouse vibe. The unusual shape allows the peninsula to have more space to use. Moreover, the shiny white countertop is a perfect combination to any rustic style kitchens. It’s also easy to clean.

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Classic & Minimalist

peninsula base cabinet
Photo by MPC Cashway Lumber – Kitchen and Bath Showroom.

The cream color of this kitchen peninsula emits bohemian vibe. It might not add any extra seating because there’s no room for chairs. But, it adds extra workspace and cabinets for you. It also makes it easier to serve dishes.


pictures of kitchen peninsulas
Photo by Imagine That Kitchens + Baths.

The unique circle shape at the end and the grey color make this kitchen peninsula a work of modern art. The circle shape at the end also provides more seating. The shiny grey color accentuates the modern look of this kitchen peninsula. This is perfect for you if you want to adopt a modern look but not too modern.

White capsule

diy kitchen peninsula
Photo by Spectra Design Build.

This one might be the simplest kitchen peninsula idea we provide. It is so small, and it looks like a standing cupboard. Even though it will only fit one to two people, this is a perfect choice for you if you adore simplicity so much. Lastly, the plain white color also gives a concise yet professional vibe.

Cozy & Chic

peninsula ideas for kitchen
Photo by RJK Construction Inc.

You might need a medium sized kitchen for this one because it’s a little bigger than the others. This kitchen peninsula gives state-of-the-art vibe. The ultra-shiny material it used for the countertop also makes it look luxurious. However, the lack of leg space below the countertop might be a downside of this design. But, for a quick breakfast, this kitchen peninsula will work just fine like the others.

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In summary, adding a kitchen peninsula in your house is a crucial decision. You have to decide carefully whether to add one or not. Moreover, there’s also a substitute for a kitchen peninsula called an island that you need to consider. Once you have decided, we only hope that it satisfies your preferences.


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