30+ Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas (Tips to Choose Island Lighting)

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas – Kitchen Island has more than just prepare and serve functions. Stand up as a gathering area for the family; the countertop is a multipurpose decorative item in your kitchen. Speaking about décor upgrade, aesthetic value doesn’t appear when you only care about the furniture.

You have to think about the kitchen island lighting too, since you need artificial light for your activities in the kitchen. But, setting the right track lighting for kitchen above the island and bar can be fun yet tricky. Dozens of ideas can be found everywhere, but which one helps you to enhance your interior? Which one matches your budget? And which one can be functional and look beautiful at the same time?

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Kitchen Island Lighting Tips

Calculate the Budget and Benefit

Before you decide to invest in a beautiful lighting interior, you have to reflect on your budget first. Consider what you really need before buying. Some fixtures come at high prices while other is affordable. Some might bring luxuries but not beneficial for you. Make sure to plan carefully before you throw out some pennies.

           If you don’t mind about the cost, think about your spending purpose. Do you think that you need to have an extravagant chandelier upon your small island bar? Do you have to redecorate the lamp immediately? Or, do you need to cut the electric bill?These few simple questions will lead you to find the right choice. Therefore, remember to find the most beneficial stuff with the right price.

Determine the Right Distance and Size

Properly hung lighting determines the right proportion. If you have high ceiling and a long island bar, you will need a big pendant to illuminate your countertop; and smaller ones if you have a smaller island. Generally, one medium fixture or two pendants are enough to provide lighting. But, speaking about smaller lamp, you will need three up to four to enlighten the bar. Then, what should we do to set out the right measurement for our visibility and table scale?

          Kathy from Clairebella studio shares the guide to determine the height and spaces between fixtures for your kitchen island lighting. For a large island bar (8’ 6” / around 2,5 m), typically, the minimum distance between two hanging lamps and on each edge is 12” – 18” (30,4 cm to 45,72 cm). Then, the proper distance above the bar surface is 30” – 36” (76,2 cm to 91,44). Lastly, if you use a single fixture, make sure that its length is no more than 2/3 of your island.

Save the Energy and Save your Bills

It is almost impossible to discuss about lighting décor without mentioning about the electric cost and the energy. Spending cash for a good-looking fixture is already enough. You don’t wish to say goodbye to your money for an overpriced electric bill.

            Recently, there are lots of energy saving light bulbs in the market such as LEDs (light emitting diodes), and CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps). They are available in a wide range of light levels to fulfill your needs. Though the price is higher than the traditional bulbs, they last longer and reduce energy uses, saving the cost since you don’t need to replace them very often. Last but not least, don’t forget to turn the lights off when not in use.

Know Your Purpose

           Beside for visibility, hanging lights appear as a decorative feature. Since it will be the major object for your focal point, try to balance the function of lighting and the aesthetic value of the decoration. Yanic Simard helps us to determine the four necessary types of kitchen lighting through his writings in Forbes; they are task, ambient, accent, and decorative.

            Speaking about purpose, task lighting means that you aim for a functional light that illuminates right to the spot. You need the light to brighten your sight while working on the island. The opposite of task lighting, ambient is lighting that glow up the whole area. You don’t have to choose a large pendant to enlighten a large scale room, install multiple pendants or double fixtures to spread the light instead.  

            Meanwhile, accent and decorative lighting are all about appearance. Accent lighting focuses on the aesthetic value of the furniture and its material; such as an eccentric chandelier that will stand out as a piece of art, or a polished marble table that adds luxury in the kitchen. Then, decorative lighting means the installation of the fixtures is for the decorative purpose only; either you hang it as an additional light, or to enhance the look of your island.                       

Modern Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Black Astro lights


Does it remind you of the spotlight off the stage? If it does, then you’re right. This adjustable track light can shine into the right spot just like the stage spotlight. Comes in black and white, this Dusk Lighting’s product is suitable for you who favors simplicity and minimalism.

Asymmetrical Light Sticks


Bizarre is the appropriate word to define this artistic lamp. Rather than coming as a single bar pendant, this one looks like falling matchsticks instead. Having one like this will turn your everyday kitchen into such an eye-catching area.

Cloud-shaped Pendant


A triple cylindrical pendant is ready to warm your kitchen island in cloud-shaped shadow. The light will shine through the gaps of the finely made cloud-shaped cutouts. This exclusive product will make you wonder, is there another one in heart shape too?

Starburst Chandelier


What is better than having a good sense in arts? The answer is that you are able to modernize your kitchen island with this chandelier. With multiple bulbs stem from the center just like a starburst, this unique works of Green and Graham will be the art statement of your kitchen.

Shiny Copper Pendants


Who says that monochrome kitchen only needs muted tone furniture? These modern copper pendants are to die for. Finely made in a form of a disco ball, the metallic rose gold color will stand out above your countertop. They are elegant for your contemporary concept.

Recessed Lights Concept


Never look down upon someone’s personal favoritism. There are lots of people who prefer minimalist concept for their kitchen. Since the word “minimalist” here is literally means minimalist, it means that they don’t need any space-wasting furniture. One of the examples is this kitchen island, without the presence of any hanging fixture, this metallic grey and white bar is still look appealing. The recessed lamps hidden inside the hollow of the ceiling bring a luxurious value in the kitchen.

Traditional Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Giant Bulbs

Photo by Filament Lighting & Home

A touch of vintage objects in your kitchen area rarely goes wrong. This large version of Edison’s round light bulbs is one example of DIY hanging kitchen lights over island. Just follow several instructions of DIY tips on the internet; mix your taste and creativity; you can personalize your own giant cylindrical, bulged, or even the tubular shaped bulbs into decorative lightings.

Industrial Lamp

Photo by Lennar Utah

Keep your kitchen area clean and classic. An industrial lamp is the old statement of hanging fixtures for the island. Varied in material like polished steel to rustic copper, they never fail to add the antique yet exclusive vibes to your countertops. Who says that they are only suitable for monochrome and warm-toned areas? Polish them in pastel, vivid red or brilliant blue. They will bring the cheerful 70’s disco era back.

Woven lamp

Photo by Margaret Wright Photography

Are you bored of metallic and shiny surface of your hanging fixtures? This natural woven rattan pendant should be the other option. Its handmade aesthetic will bring heart-warming tropical beach aura to your counter bar. Varied in shapes like round, drum, cone, and bell, they are the actual Bohemian style.

Multiple Edison’s Light Bulbs

Photo by Silent Rivers Design + Build

Similar to the giant light bulbs ideas, we can innovate by using numerous types and size of the vintage Edison’s light bulbs. Attach a bar on your ceiling and hang these pretty bulbs to illuminate your island bar. Combine difference shapes, and you will get more than just a vintage touch.

Sea Shell Chandelier

Photo by Riegsecker Cabinet Co.

Don’t ever try to doubt the generosity of nature. It gives us pretty materials like sea shells to make our kitchen look fabulous. Literally, there is nothing that can look antiquely beautiful but fresh looking at the same time like the sea shell chandelier. Let it glow above your island bar for a tranquil vibes.

Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting Ideas

Wood Rectangular Pendant

Photo by Vicente Burin Architect

Country lighting for kitchens remains in the top of favorite décor ideas. This one features farmhouse like furniture made of woods. One of the examples is the five bulbs framed inside a wooden rectangular box pendant. Nevertheless, you don’t need to renovate your kitchen to country style to use this pendant. It will remain neutral even in your simple kitchen.

Multi-colored Glass Pendant

Photo by Ponciano Design

These pretty glass pendants will glow up your kitchen in yellow, pink, and blue hues. As the resemblance of hanging lily flower, a single lamp is not enough for your area. Hang more than one pendant and play with the colors for a better-looking kitchen island.

Pendants with Patterns

Photo by Ritcher Construction Ltd.

Red and soft pink are really meant to be. Covering the surface of a white tube pendant, these colors are shown as a minimalist pattern. You can get this pendant lighting for Kitchen Island by DIY too. Try to paint your pendant with dots, stripes, or floral stamps, and decorate them to match your feminine personality.

Orange Drums Pendants

Photo by Katie Rosenfeld Design

Set out a vivid color for fresh feelings. The pair of orange drum pendants is the right choice to boost your kitchen island into a lively area. Besides orange, you can try to customize your tropical pendants in lemon yellow, magenta, and lime green. Moreover, you can still decorate them based on your preference, like pastel, nude, and metallic colors.

Brass Lantern Pendant

Photo by Southland Homes of Texas

Who says that a brass decoration is outdated? Set these brass lantern pendants in your white kitchen and you will get more than just luxurious-looking dining area. Perhaps your younger relatives would point out at that bird cage-alike lamp, and the eldest would share their best compliments for your choice.

Flower Pot Pendant

farmhouse pendant lighting

For the eco-friendly decoration lovers; now it’s the time for you to say yes. Let’s praise whoever that has the creativity to design a useful decoration like these flower pot pendants. This capsule-shaped pendant is the combination of a lamp and a flower pot. It is not only there to glow up your kitchen island, since you can exactly grow your favorite water plant inside it. Made of transparent glass, you can fill it with water and place your favorite flower inside just like a vase; or, for a more eye-catching touch, put little fish inside.

Kitchen Island Chandelier Lighting Ideas

Crystals Chandelier

Photo by Kim Scodro Interiors

The sparkly and elegant looks make crystal is inevitably perfect to shimmer above your luxurious island bar. Though it is a bit pricey and tricky in cleaning, anyone will always say yes to have at least one of this stunning piece in their house. From marble to a wooden table, from country to minimalist-themed kitchen, a crystal chandelier is suitable for every décor theme.

Rustic Iron Chandelier

Photo by Monticello Cabinet & Door

Wonderfully matched with the country kitchen styles, a rustic iron chandelier is undoubtedly one of a kind thing. Wrought iron makes a perfect combination with wooden cabinets, brick walls, and rugged floor. But, don’t worry if it doesn’t suit your liking, this rustic chandelier is also suitable for any warm-painted kitchen.

Rectangular Fringe

A chandelier? Checked. Unique shape? Checked. Sparkly? Checked. This rectangular fringe crystal chandelier is truly your shimmering decoration. The lights will shine and refract through the glass droplets. It is the best choice for you who favors sparkling island lighting for kitchen.

Mini Chandelier

Photo by Kitchen by Julie

Having mini chandeliers means you can have multiple of them glistening above your countertop. Smaller and lighter than the actual chandelier, they are designed to decorate the focal points of your desired area. Usually, you can have three up to four of them hanging beautifully upon your island.

Turquoise Beaded Chandelier

Photo by Dillon Kyle Architects

Just say yes to this stunning turquoise beaded chandelier. No matter what pantone you paint your kitchen wall, this water-drop-shaped chandelier stands up alone by its vivid hue. Moreover, this Boho themed light comes out in differences colors too. From shocking pink, pastel green, and to ivory white, everything will look gorgeous.

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