13+ Kitchen Island Dining Table Ideas (How to Make The Kitchen Island Dining Table)

Kitchen Island Dining Table – The dining table is the crucial parts of the kitchen area. Thus, if you imagine purchasing a flexible and artistic dining table from the internet. The kitchen island can be one of the great solution for any kind of kitchen design. In general, an island can make sure to welcome any guess that visit to your home. It is important to choose suitable island that fit to your kitchen decoration. Moreover, there are a lot of kitchen island types that you can choose to make your dream come true. Those fantasies can become a reality with the right choice of the island.

The kitchen island can also bring plenty benefits for those who using it. Moreover, it can provide an easy access to find the best placement according to your kitchen space. Also, an island will generate wider chance to the all kitchen furniture. A new island creates a great possibility to make an inspiring concept for your kitchen layouts. Hence, all you need to do is to plan your dreamy kitchen design.

It is suggested for you to simulate first before you decide to put an island. Make sure to measure your entire kitchen area before you decide to buy one island. After you are figuring out the size of your kitchen then you can determine the type of kitchen island for the kitchen. You can also ask for help from professional interior designer while selecting the exact kitchen. Find out more ideas for a better kitchen island settlement in this review.


What is Kitchen Island Dining Table?

island table for kitchen

The Kitchen Island Dining Table is one of the types of kitchen table that is placed freestanding inside the kitchen to support the countertop area. It is similarly mutual to feature preeminent seats sideways to the other kitchen utensils cross of the island as an additional dining space. It took a long preparation to creates an island by procuring supplementary standard cabinets from a distributor to guarantee that every kitchen qualities are particular fit exactly.

In modern shaped kitchens, professionals are starting to put loaded effort on the progress of complex kitchen dining islands by adding cooking countertops and sinks to them. Overall, an island table for kitchen is a brilliant chance to comprise more storage inside the kitchen. On the other hand, there are few island designs that have no storage as the interior. Most of it has also copiously designated an enormous eternally placed dining table as an island. Alternatively, the right island should stand at a countertop elevation that can cover the entire kitchen area.

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Kitchen Island Dining Table Design Ideas

Kitchen Island Dining Table Design Ideas

It is normal for proprietors to buy a freestanding table style kitchen islands to intensification the kitchens groundwork space. A proper kitchen island is also not for a specific measurement or off limited. It means that the islands can be sized accordingly to the kitchen area that accessible. Although it might be a confusing part to visualize your future kitchen by mere imagination. Therefore, you must do some research to find a suitable kitchen island dining table for your kitchen.

Fortunately, there are plenty of kitchen design that included various kind of islands. One of the easiest way to find it is by Google it or find in the Pinterest apps. But worry free because we have already compiled the best kitchen island dinner table ideas for you. Here are the most elegant free island ideas that you can apply for your own kitchen from around the world.

Dining Table Seats Fourteen

round kitchen islands with wheels
Photo by Sandrin Leung Architecture.

This is one of the examples of the trivial modern single-wall bamboo flooring kitchen space in Vancouver with intermediate tone timber cabinets. It is placing a wooden island with a granite countertops in the center. The unremitting kitchen, living space, and dining island is outlined by a sandstone stalwart cherry surrounded within the kitchen area. Clerestory openings seizure the southern light to the fourteen seats dining island to warmth the entire kitchen naturally.

L-Shaped Kitchen Island

kitchen island table with storage
Photo by Martha O’Hara Interiors.

The inspiration for a mid-sized timeless dark kindling floor kitchen remodels in Minneapolis. It is reflecting a retro kitchen by engaging the island and the paneled appliances with shaker cabinets. The color of the island surface is black contrasted the white kitchen island with chairs and cabinets. To make it more stunning the island designers put a pure white ceramic backsplash and marble countertops.

Timeless Kitchen Island

60 round kitchen table
Photo by Timeless Kitchen Cabinetry.

This is the Walters middle sized farmhouse with a red floor dining kitchen and single-wall brick floor idea in Philadelphia. The island was designed with some raised panel beige color cabinets. There is farmhouse sink mounted on the top of the island with a grey color concrete countertops. Accordingly, the width on the kitchen was approximately around 17 ft. Hence, the designers customize the island size into about 96″ x 44″ as well as the stools.

Hiltop Modern Island


Example of a fashionable u-shaped framed kitchen island decoration in Denver with dark timber cabinets and smooth-panel cabinets. The island was manufactured by a resident craftsman precisely for this kitchen. As you can see, this is one more amazing example of a dining island. The set shows extra hard work. The chairs are really cozy to enjoy yourself through dining. Instead, they can be placed totally under the island to add up kitchen cubicle during meal time.

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Clontarf Kitchen Island

round kitchen table with leaf
Photo by Art of Kitchens Pty Ltd

An exclusive blend of artistic, practical and visual design has arisen together to generate this enjoyable and warm Clontarf kitchen island. The idea of this beautiful kitchen was from the interior designer, Anita Mitchell. She prefers to get inspiration from the remarkable contemporary kitchen island. Essentially, it creates an important feature of the design via various kind of textures of wood. The island finishes also add spectacular attention to space. Undeniable, it fit perfectly with the natural light.

College Hill Kitchen Island

using tables as kitchen islands
Photo by 2fORM Architecture.

This kitchen was built with the material from IKEA products. This is resembling the modern u-shaped kitchen island ideas in Portland. The kitchen island dining table is supported with stainless steel utilization. The dining island was custom made by the designer. They created the island vent hood by Zephyr. The area among the cabinets and the island is around to 4 feet. Also, the size of the kitchen island is about 4 feet by 7 feet which makes it well placed.

Belgravia Kitchen Island

kitchen islands with seating and storage
Photo by Davonport.

The relaxed dining space unified at this end of the island provides a safe space for the kids to take a seat. All in all, it is really necessary for the island to work for a family. For instance, a good settlement of an island can designate a safe area for the children. Though, the hanging lights above the island kitchen table designs resonance the Merlot glass back and forth. It is successfully in gathering different vibes for the integrated kitchen island together.

Shiloh Kitchen Island

dining island instead of table
Photo by Insidesign.

An inspiration for a large timeless l-shaped dark wood floor eat-in kitchen remodel in Atlanta with the white countertop kitchen island joined with raised-panel cabinets. The island dining table and stools are from a manufacturer called Stanford Furniture. Although, the purpose of the kitchen island was only for a designer show house. Inside designers willing to provides all of the timber products for this home. Especially for the island cabinetry with fully loaded Interiors.

Back Bay Dining Island

kitchen island eating table
Photo by BC&J Architecture.

The Back-Bay kitchen island is contained of two main edifices. First in the nocturnal wing, the island is combined with a glass gallery. Second in the daytime wing, the island is maintained by an informal living dining arrangement. Although, it is a massive traditional kitchen space. The island brings a relaxing seating space which unlocks to a country covered entrance.

Barton Hills Kitchen Island

kitchen islands with extended table
Photo by Tenney Construction.

Self-made Barton Hills dining table braced off the kitchen island. Nickle and Clear varnish overhanging lights complete the view above the kitchen island as dining table. The ideas of the Mediterranean kitchen were from Tuscan kitchen space in Austin. It was a special design with marble countertops and strengthen tile backsplash.

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Industrial Kitchen Island

tables that look like islands
Photo by Liquid Interiors Limited.

Contemporary metro minimalist kitchen island matches in with stainless steel locker room. The designer put a multi-light wall mounted LED above the middle island. The dining island purposely protracted to widen the entertainment area. Essentially, it can fit up to five people to help them self in the kitchen. The kitchen island table made from iron with a fused siltstone surface. The color of the island contrast with the light blue metal bar stools.

How to Make The Kitchen Island Dining Table

How to Make The Kitchen Island Dining Table

There is a simple way of creating a kitchen island dining table by yourself. An island can be constructed from one frame built around two stock cabinets. Thus, by transforming one measurement the island can easily size to fit all kind of cabinets.

Designing a huge island may seem a bit challenging. However, doing all the cuts are fairly simple. Though, the most difficult part of building a perfect island is mitering the baseboard. Hence, everything you need to build new kitchen island is a few tips. Here are view tips for you to make your desired kitchen island dining table.

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The Essentials

Normally, all kind of island can be castoff for dining as long as it has chairs. Also, an outcrop that consents those chairs to fold in for comfort. A 6-inch is the minimum outcrop that adequate for dining. However, if added more 9 to 12 inches will be a wise decision for the legroom. Generally, using chairs that bring pleasure on its own will give more relaxed vibes for longer meals.

Protracted Islands

The island should feature a distinctive built-in table with cabinets in the base. Also, it will be needed intensely extended top to generate a huge external with lots of space for seats. All in all, please consider making room for the seats on the three sides of the island foreground. Thus, the goal is to make the seats could easily be heaved around to the other side of the kitchen. This will open a chance for a small group of folks to chat easily while facing each other.

Extra-Protracted Islands

In an extended kitchen island area sometimes the dining table can only be extended in one option joined with the cabinets. In this case, rather than opening the island to let the seats around the frames. The kitchen island can be extra-extended a long way in one parallel space (50 to 80 inches). It will allow an extra dining-table-length extension to adjust to the main frame exterior. Nevertheless, the island surface will be getting longer while the base with cabinets only extra-extend halfway. This particular solution provides plenty of extra dining space for enjoyable day-to-day meal and cooking.

Lumpy Islands

The former design works well for a long kitchen area, but not with an open design. Well, all you need is an island with a “bubble” or “lump” on it. It takes guts in designing a dining bubble island that lets companies face each other. This arrangement takes less base space than having a separate circular island off to the side. Therefore, it such a great solution between open circulation space and counter space.

Sheer Extensions

This kitchen spaces a picnic-style dining space right counter to the side of an island. The idea is to design an arrangement similar to the earlier “bubble island.” Perpendicular extension can allow the island to have a wider space next to the kitchen. Rather than stays inside the kitchen itself. As a rule, try to treat the kitchen out into the open air to make it feel and look a bit larger.

Headland Extensions

In designing a true island it is recommended for you to add an extension headland. It should be touching the main counter instead of having the open measure on all edges. On the other hand, it might be a built-in extension at the dining loftiness or an original separate island strapped into the area.

Fixtures Islands

If you have a smaller kitchen area and prefer a blustery look, you can place a dining island in your kitchen as a multi functional furniture. A small island is not as practical for a meal than a wider island. Though, it should be usable as an additional area to do set dinner or doing a little onion chopping which most of the time this is all you need.

Rounded Tables

A circular table can be a bit tricky to “fit” with the conventional parts of a kitchen. In general, there are lots of extraordinary motives to consider it. For example, try to add a lot of awareness by presenting a new shape. Moreover, you also get the opportunity to move the chairs wherever you want it.


Bench stalls are a sophisticated thing in dining space these days. Placing a precisely sized seats will allow the seats to completely vanish under a kitchen island. Even though, the benches are not always blocking when not in use.

Selecting Materials

As I mentioned before, the best material for a kitchen island is plain wood. Thus, it can enjoyably dissolve with other materials, yet it works well in both classic and modern designs. It will cut a lot of time if you are choosing the matching color for the dining seats combined with the cabinetry. Certainly, it will support to unify the two areas together


The rising trends to purchase a new kitchen island plays a great part in the kitchen style nowadays. Alternatively, you can also build your island using some simple steps that been provided above. Though, it might be difficult in the beginning to visualize the desired kitchen island. At the end of the day, your imaginary kitchen island dining table will turn to reality. Therefore, it is an effective solution to replicate some kitchen island set ideas from another kitchen all over the world.


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