30+ Kitchen Hood Ideas (Modern, Rustic, Custom, Island)

Kitchen Hood Ideas – Let’s agree that making food is an exhausting activity for most of us. There’s a variety of talents needed to put into cooking. Shopping for ingredients is already a tiresome job, yet sometimes the food doesn’t taste as good as expected. Wasted time and effort on a few cooking failures can make people hate cooking. That’s why most people prefer buying food instead of cooking for themselves. But, cooking our own food ensures health and saves money. That’s why it’s worth the time and effort for some people.

Nowadays, people design their house as beautiful as possible so that they feel happy doing anything in their house. Kitchen is one part of the house that needs to look pleasant and comfortable so that people can enjoy cooking their food. But, the kitchen needs several features always to look clean and beautiful. One of them is the kitchen hood.

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The kitchen hood is an integral part of the kitchen to keep the kitchen clean and pretty. It keeps smoke, heat, and steam away from the kitchen using filtration and ventilation system. It also keeps the furniture in the kitchen from oil and grease buildup. Without it, the kitchen will need cleaning more often..


Kitchen Hood Design Ideas

Kitchen Hood Design Ideas

There are so many kitchen hood designs out there. You will need to choose one to match your kitchen style and to fulfill your preferences. For this purpose, we gathered and categorized some range hood designs so that you can find the right one for you.

Modern Kitchen Hood Ideas

Modern kitchen style usually looks simple yet appealing. To give the futuristic touch, they are usually made of shiny materials, like metals. Here are some kitchen hoods that will make your kitchen looks ahead of its time.

Shiny tube

unique range hood ideas

The curvy shape and the shiny metals of this kitchen hood will match the modern look of the kitchen. Also, the shape and the materials of this kitchen hood will make the cleaning process easier.

Metallic panel

kitchen island vent hood ideas
Photo by David Bucovy Architect.

The simplistic yet modern design of this kitchen hood makes you wonder if this one is produced by Apple. But, don’t let the simple design fool you. It will get the smoke and heat away from the kitchen just as good as the other kitchen hoods!

Glass layered

custom kitchen hood ideas
Photo by Clear Choice Remodeling.

Even though this one is not made of shiny materials, it still gives the modern impression in its way. It has curved glass below it so the smoke will be more focused. Also, the glass material used in this kitchen hood will make cleaning job easier.

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Rustic Kitchen Hood Ideas

Rustic Kitchen Hood Ideas

Rustic kitchen hoods will be the right choice if the house or the kitchen adopts the traditional style. This kitchen hood style made to perfectly blend with wood, concrete, and granite pattern in its surrounding environment. Here are some rustic kitchen hoods ideas to consider.

Simple metallic pyramid

kitchen cabinet hood designs

This simple kitchen hood will accentuate the traditional elements of the kitchen. People will feel like going back to the 1960s era with this kitchen hood in the house.

Wooden Pyramid

hood decorations
Photo by Bestlaminate.

Wood can also accentuate traditional elements without becoming corroded over time. The downside of using wood as kitchen hood material is its vulnerability to fire, water, and termites.

Classical style

kitchen hood ideas images
Photo by Trueblood Design-Build.

This kitchen hood will give a classical European impression of the kitchen. This kitchen hood is best combined with wooden cabinets. The wood used in this one is also customized so that it can minimize its vulnerability.

Custom Kitchen Hood Ideas

kitchen island vent hood ideas

You don’t have to follow certain style that already adopted by so many houses nowadays. You can make your kitchen design different from the others. With so many building materials available to choose, you can customize any part of your kitchen based on your preferences.


pictures of range hood designs
Photo by Kyle Lindsey Custom Homes.

Marble is a great material for a kitchen hood. It’s strong and has many color varieties to choose from. Marble can make the kitchen hood looks more artistic. Besides, using marble can also make a custom shape. A chimney-like shape is a good example.

Old palace style

kitchen range hood ideas
Photo by Emmanuel Design Group, LLC.

Kitchen hood can also blend with its environment. One of the way to that is to customize it this way. The dark cabinet combined with this kitchen hood will accentuate the Gothic style of your kitchen.

Square wood-covered hood

kitchen range hoods ideas

The wood material can also be added to the kitchen to look more natural. This gorgeous wood covering will make the kitchen look eco-friendly.

Bright scalloped hood

kitchen hood designs pictures

The wood covering can be curved and scalloped like this to make the kitchen prettier. This kind of hood decorations will make people inside the kitchen feel good instantly.

Robust wood-covered hood

rustic kitchen hood ideas

The kitchen can be made to look wider by blending the kitchen hood and the kitchen. It can be done by merging the kitchen hood to the kitchen wall. By doing this, the kitchen will look neat, clean, and simple.

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Kitchen Wall-Mount Hood Ideas

custom kitchen hood ideas

Kitchen hood can also be attached to your kitchen walls. It allows the ventilation to be more efficient. The direct contact of the kitchen hood to the wall will exhaust your smoke and heat better without disrupting other parts of your kitchen.

Wall-mount hoods can be applied to your kitchen if there are no cabinets above your cooktop. You can use cabinet hoods instead if your cooktop has cabinets above it.

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Stainless steel pyramid

kitchen hood design ideas
Photo by Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home.

You can match your kitchen hood color to match with the color theme of your kitchen. If your kitchen mostly colored with gray, you can simply choose a basic metallic pyramid-shaped hood. Lastly, don’t forget to make sure it’s stainless steel.

Short stainless steel pyramid

range hood ideas images
Photo by MainStreet Design Build.

The best thing about a basic metallic pyramid-shaped hood is that it also allows you to combine it with other colors, especially the basic one like white. It won’t ruin the clean look of your filled-with-white kitchen. This one is suitable for kitchen with low ceiling.

Curved stainless steel pyramid

range hood designs
Photo by Abruzzo Kitchen & Bath.

Moreover, you don’t have to use the basic pyramid-shaped hood. You can always choose the curved one if that fits better with your kitchen style.

Kitchen Cabinet Hood Ideas

Kitchen Cabinet Hood Ideas

Cabinet can be the right place to put your kitchen hood. This is because cabinet hood can save space. You can still use extra cabinet without sacrificing space for your kitchen hood. Cabinet hoods differ in many shapes and styles, here are kitchen cabinet hood designs for you to choose from.

Fresh style hood

pictures of kitchen hoods
Photo by Plesser’s Appliance.

If you love simplicity, this might be the right style for your kitchen hood. With the seamless joint between the glass-front cabinet and the kitchen hood, your kitchen will look neat without sacrificing essential features.

Gothic style hood

hoods kitchen cabinets
Photo by Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly, Inc. (CKD, CBD, CR).

This one seems more simple and smoother than the fresh style hood. Dark color accentuates the elegant vibe of the kitchen.

Classical style hood

kitchen range hood designs
Photo by Bernhard Normand Construction.

If you’re the type of person that loves renaissance-styled building, this hood is the perfect choice. This hood will emphasize the artistic elements in the kitchen style. It has even more seamless-looking cabinets.

Plain and simple hood

hood kitchen tile design
Photo by Gaile Guevara.

This hood is the best choice for people who adore simplicity. By far, this is the simplest cabinet and hood combination we’ve got. But, it still looks nice to the eyes.

Under Cabinet Hood

kitchen cabinet hood designs

The kitchen hood can also be placed beneath your cabinets. By placing it beneath the cabinets, you can have more extra space to use.

If you don’t care about seams of your kitchen hood, you can try these types of the hood. These hoods will vent your smoke and heat a lot better than the seamless ones before.

Light yet effective hood

kitchen hood wood designs
Photo by Barbra Bright Design.

This is the alternative to the fresh style before. It could ventilate the kitchen better without sacrificing the neat look of the kitchen.

Strong yet concise hood

custom range hood designs
Photo by Braam’s Custom Cabinets.

This one is the alternative to the gothic style. It still keeps the elegant vibe but with the stronger ventilation system of the hood. This hood can remove smoke and heat from the kitchen more effectively.

Sleek and simple hood

decorative range hoods for gas stoves
Photo by Urrutia Design.

This one keeps the sleek style of the kitchen without sacrificing the effectiveness of the kitchen hood. The metallic material of the hood can also be cleaned easier. This hood will make the work in the kitchen a lot less exhausting.

Kitchen Island Vent Hood Ideas

Kitchen Island Vent Hood Ideas

Island is a part of the room that is resembling an island, especially in being isolated, detached, or surrounded in some way. If the kitchen has an island, a vent hood becomes an even more important feature to have, because the kitchen island is exposed to pollution from different sides. We have three types of kitchen hood to choose for kitchen island.

Professional looking vent hood

custom range hoods for kitchen
Photo by A360 a r c h i t e c t s.

This elegant and professional looking vent will be the right choice if the kitchen adopts a modern style. It looks sophisticated and won’t be outdated easily over time.

Contemporary looking vent hood

unique range hoods
Photo by Cabinets To Go.

This one looks elegant and professional too, but it can also blend with the natural themed kitchen. This one will be the best choice if you are looking for a kitchen vent with more flexible appliances.

Modern Looking Vent Hood

small range hood ideas
Photo by European Cabinets & Design Studios.

This one looks modern just like the previous two, but it might be better than the two. It can fit stronger fans inside that obviously will make the vent works more efficient. Choose this one if you need a stronger yet good-looking vent hood for your kitchen.

Small Range Hood Ideas

Small Range Hood Ideas

Sometimes your kitchen is not as big as the others have. But that doesn’t mean your kitchen doesn’t need a vent hood. A small kitchen can make the smoke and heat even more focused inside the kitchen. You don’t want your kitchen becomes a stressful place because of the pollution. That makes the vent hood an even more important feature for a small kitchen.

Mini stainless steel pyramid-shaped vent hood

kitchen hood range ideas
Photo by Martins Camisuli Architects.

This one might look like the standard stainless steel pyramid-shaped vent hood, but it isn’t. It’s smaller and directly connected to the wall. The simple vent will do the work just as fine as the standard vent, with extra space to save for a small kitchen.

Mini modern-looking vent hood

diy range hood ideas
Photo by U+G Estudio de Arquitectura.

If the kitchen is small and simple but still look modern, this one will suit the kitchen better. The basic square shape and the white color it has will accentuate the state-of-the-art style of the kitchen.


Choosing a kitchen hood can be a hard thing to do for most people. People need to consider the power consumption, costs, fan power, kitchen layout, and the exhaust system. This article might help to choose one based on the vent hood designs, the kitchen layout, and the exhaust system. But people have to consider the other factors too. Because, choosing the unsuitable kitchen hood can cause problems such as rising costs, power failure, poor ventilation system, even dirty-looking kitchen.


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