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20 + Beautiful Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas & Photos [2020]

Kitchen Floor Tile ideas- Entertaining the rooms is not only focus on adding some wall decorations or arrange the fixture but also we have to pay attention to the whole room’s condition. Besides, choosing the right flooring is also essential to make the room looks fancy and fit the owner’s expectation.

Kitchen’s owner should not ignore the kitchen floor quality among other equipment. There are a lot of considerations while choosing the right kitchen flooring. Started from its color, pattern, and then texture, those things become valuable for the aesthetic part of the floor. Especially on choosing the kitchen floor tiles.

Tile flooring appeared in sturdy, durable, and water-resistant material which makes it becomes a natural choice for the kitchen. Additionally, it comes in many types including ceramic, porcelain, and stone. Also, its beautiful look makes it hard not to be applied. Therefore, the owners need creativity to choose perfect tile flooring for their kitchen.

Tips For Choosing Perfect Kitchen Tiles

Choosing the floor tiles for the kitchen is quite complicated. It depends on the owner’s taste on the interior design and also the budget. Moreover, there are a lot of things to consider before deciding to apply the tiles including location, materials, and the owner’s lifestyle. Therefore, here we provide some tips on how to choose the perfect kitchen tiles for your flooring.

1. Choose the location

Before starting to install the tile or choose its material, the owner needs to consider where it should be applied. Besides on the kitchen floor, it also installed behind the stove as a backsplash. Additionally, it usually used on the lower side of the upper cabinets. 

2. Choose The Tile Materials

There are a lot of kitchen tile materials including bamboo, ceramic, cork, glass, porcelain, quarry, stone, and also vinyl. However, those materials are not suitable in all locations. Commonly, bamboo, cork, and vinyl tiles applied in flooring. While, tile materials like ceramic, porcelain, and quarry applied for floors and countertops. Moreover, glass tile often used for backsplashes and walls. 

3. Determine The Budget

Consider the amount of budget you have and how much you will spend are essential before getting the best kitchen flooring options. Kitchen tiles can be both low-cost and expensive. Vinyl and linoleum tiles are known as inexpensive materials, while ceramic tile with custom design can be more costly than those two. Therefore, check them directly to the tile and home improvement stores so that it helps to estimate your budget with the product required for the kitchen.  

4. Consider Your Household’s Lifestyle

Kitchen tile material quality is essential for household lifestyle. Each material is different depends on its durability, for example, countertops. The countertops used ceramic tiles; it is sturdy and endures the heat from hot pans. Moreover, it is easy to clean and managed. On the other hand, the ceramic is not smooth and easy to crack. Therefore, match your family lifestyle with the tile that you choose later. 

5. Choose a Floor Tile That Can Withstand Your Family’s Habits

Each family has its routine, some live with their simple home, and the others might need extra quality equipment inside it. It also happens for the kitchen, especially on using the tiles. Sturdy kitchen floor tiles can withstand enough with cleaning supplies, food drops, substantial activities, or even pets. 

Do not miscast between the wall and floor tiles because their qualities are different. Wall tile is slippery while floor tile has a safer texture and slight rise pattern which are suitable for walking. Additionally, consider using quarry tile because of its elegant and clean look. Although it is more expensive than the traditional one, it looks attractive if it applied right.

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Kitchen Floor Tile Design

During the process of building or remodeling a kitchen, we need to focus on all area. With no exception, every part of the room needs to have our attention so that the result won’t disappoint us. Not only the wall or appliances but the floor’s aesthetic is also essential to show a fascinating look from the kitchen. 

There are a lot of media to find inspiration for the floor tiles model. Here, we provide some great samples of kitchen floor tile design ideas. Therefore, take a look at them wisely so that you will find your matching style.

1. Traditional Kitchen Floor Tiles

Photo by Drury Design

Traditional doesn’t mean outdated. This kitchen built with lots of lights and airy atmosphere. Besides covered in white cabinets, this room has an existing oak floor refinished with a custom stain. Along with dominant white color, the whole room design shows an organized and inviting concept.

2. Kitchen Floor Vinyl Tile

Photo by Crogan Inlay Floors

An artistic design applied beautifully in this modern kitchen. If we take a look at the flooring, there is a vinyl tile material used. Also, it covered by a geometric pattern with a combination of black and white. Thus, if you planned to have white and modern kitchen style, this one can be a great choice.

3. Small Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas

Photo by K&W Interiors

Although there are another color and wood accent, this mid-sized kitchen has a dominant white color, especially on the wall, cabinets, and ceiling. It makes the room looks bright and classic clean. Additionally, the floor applied with hickory flooring with wood material. As a result, it creates a homey atmosphere and welcome modern vibe inside the kitchen. 

4. Unique Kitchen Floor Tile Patterns

Photo by Margie Grace – Grace Design Associates

We can find the uniqueness on the floor tile pattern. In this kitchen sample, its flooring has vinyl composite tile material. Also, it built in u-shaped linoleum floor combined with pink which shows its retro looks. Finally, those colorful tiles and the addition of multicolor kitchen equipment added extra uniqueness and fabulous looks.

5. Ceramic Floor Tile


With an open concept kitchen, it built in a large room. On the flooring, there is a Spain ceramic with soft colored tiles surrounded by a hardwood floor. Besides, the tiles matched with the color of the cabinets which looks smooth and traditional. 

6. Modern Kitchen Tiles

Photo by Urrutia Design

A luxurious and elegant kitchen style, it built in black and white combined with the wood accent on the floor and stainless steel appliances. Also known as a transitional design, this kitchen provides a light oak floor appeared in beige. It brings a natural look to the room and becomes a balance between black and white.

7. Laminate Kitchen Flooring

Photo by The Sky is the Limit Design

An example of a minimalist kitchen with wood laminate flooring, it combined with stainless steel appliances and wood cabinets. Those kitchen equipment match the floor elegantly. As a result, it shows a smooth maintenance look and creating a modern kitchen design. 

8. Porcelain Floor Tile

Photo by Minoli – Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles

This design is a stunning inspiration for your future industrial kitchen style. Also, the part of the room which is unique is the flooring. It installed with porcelain floor tile with wood effects and appeared in grey. Thus, the floor is suitable for lighting, fixtures, and appliances.

9. Wood Flooring Ideas

Photo by Synergy Design & Construction

An application of ceramic floor tile here makes it looks like made of hardwood material. Also, the color tone is suitable with dark wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Moreover, this mid-sized kitchen shows a beautiful design of wood flooring ideas.

10. Mid Century kitchen

Photo by PBH Design

Adopting a 1960s kitchen style, it built in full wood accents and touched by the mosaic tile backsplash. There is a dominant wood accent, and it is on the cabinets, peninsula, and flooring. Additionally, the floor covered in brown bamboo material, it is an excellent flooring example to inspire from mid-century kitchen design. 

11. White and Grey Flooring

Photo by Sustainable Kitchens

Designed in an L-shaped and industrial kitchen, it has a dark green island and cabinets. Also, the floor installed in a hexagon shape combined with cement tiles, it appeared in white and grey colors. Besides, those kitchen fixtures, colors, and design show a vintage look with Victorian design.

12. Mosaic Flooring

Photo by

A peaceful atmosphere will appear once the owner steps into this kitchen. There is a dominant white color, started from the walls, cabinets, and the fixtures. Additionally, the natural light comes from a large and open window. Moreover, there is a mosaic cement tile with a customized pattern on the floor which looks like a carpet surrounded by white edges. It can be an excellent inspiration for a small kitchen floor tile ideas.

13. Patterned Flooring

Photo by Optimise Home

The application of navy island and cabinets combined with white walls and countertops bring a two-tone color to the room. Also, some large open windows directly bring natural lights from the outside. Besides appeared in modern and transitional design, this kitchen has a classic pattern tile on its floor. 

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14. Hexagon Flooring

Photo by Boclaud Architecture

This design can be a terrific inspiration for your modern kitchen. In this eat-in kitchen, there are blue cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and no island. Besides, the flooring appeared in a combination of multicolor pattern tile and wood floor. Hence, it brings the contemporary flooring ideas along with the whole kitchen concept.

15. Farmhouse Kitchen Flooring

Photo by

With white color on the wall, fixtures, and ceiling, the flooring appeared in a different concept. There is a buffalo check tile pattern applied on the floor. Fortunately, it looks suitable for the amount of light, color, and the whole room concept. Also, the addition of floor tile pattern, a white island, and complete cabinets bring a farmhouse style to the kitchen. 

16. Mediterranean Kitchen

Photo by

A bright concept showed up in this Mediterranean kitchen. With a lot of lights and a full area, this room looks glowing and wide. Moreover, the flooring has a multicolor ceramic floor tile. Combined with brown patterns, it also surrounded by other colors on the edges. Lastly, from the whole kitchen design, we can see the simple but elegant look. 

17. Grey Green Kitchen

Photo by Farnham Furnishers Ltd

Spending quality time in this eat-in kitchen must be very amusing. If we take a look at the flooring, there is an appealing combination of wood and beige pattern tiles. Half part of the floor is suitable with the cabinet’s color which shows its elegant and soft look. In conclusion, the whole concept shows an eclectic kitchen style.

18. Scandinavian Kitchen

Photo by atelier daaa

Built in an open concept room this small kitchen has medium tone walls and wood flooring. Inside the room, the flooring designed with bold tile and wood tile. Half part of the floor pattern is suitable with the backsplash, while the other part built with wood flooring. Thus, besides shows its minimalist looks, this kitchen also shows its Scandinavian style.

19. Coastal Style kitchen

Photo by Cathy Dean Interior Design

A combination of cream and navy on the wall and tall cabinets, this kitchen looks fresh and contemporary. Although it has no island, this room shows an open space concept. Moreover, the ceramic floor tile becomes the center of attention. It has pattern tiles with white edges which look like a carpet. Furthermore, the floor fit perfectly in this small and coastal kitchen design. 

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In conclusion, choosing the right kitchen floor tile depends on the owner’s characteristic. This articles just gives some options for Kitchen Floor Tile ideas. There are a lot of things to consider before getting the flooring including the quality, budget, and also lifestyle. Besides, finding a suitable design with your favorite is also essential so that it will fit your expectations. Lastly, choose durable tiles which suit your family’s activities, and ideal with the kitchen style that you selected. Also most importantly, it fits your budget.

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