23+ Kitchen Desk Ideas (How to Organize Kitchen Desk)

Kitchen Desk Ideas – Kitchen desk workstation is the most crucial side in your home. It is not just a sitting place or storage, but it entices your creativity as well. If thinking a kitchen desk as a spot in which files and archives are just collections, you are wrong. Designing a kitchen desk will make over your working atmosphere doing anything in your home differently.

Perhaps, some details hold a significant role to start a new design. Those are the angle, storage, and the desk itself. The perfect angle does not disturb others to enter the room. The best storage will accommodate the things considered significant to be stored. The ideal desk makes you the convenience to finish the kinds of stuff. Just start and have a brand new day in your life as well.


Kitchen Desk Design Ideas

Kitchen Desk Design Ideas

Designing kitchen desk is rather specific than designing a workstation in a separated spot from the kitchen. Attention to details and its items are fruitful for its feasibility. The prominent style affects the way the decoration begins. However, it is not that hard, all you have to do is determining the perfect nuance for your better productivity.

Elegant Multi-colored Backsplash

built in kitchen desk ideas
Photo by Cranberry Hill Kitchens.

Today’s top trending kitchen desk idea is white cabinets. It combines multi-colored backsplash with mosaic tile backsplash and an island to sparkle its elegance. Quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances are other alternatives, which can beautify your workstation. With the natural nuance white, it absorbs more light so that using a small capacity of electricity is acceptable. With that color, put some new items such as art wallpaper as well as a little green plant in your vase.

Natural Sensible Work Space

kitchen desk removal
Photo by Adrienne DeRosa.

The modern kitchen idea is fairly easy to apply by using a sensible workspace at the room’s entrance integrated with along the cabinetry. For perfect multi-tasker, the counter converted into the beverage area is the ideal couple entertains. Do everyday tasks as well as checking the documents the entire list to do practically there. With the natural brown color, the same tone color is applicable with the chair.

Mid Century Modern Kitchen Desk Ideas

kitchen nook ideas
Photo by LA Dwelling.

Considering making vintage, wooden materials are favorable. A flat-panel cabinet in the corner of the room is never out of date. It gives an impression to your space as wider than before. Paint some items like a desk and chair with medium tone brown color. Make it synchronic with medium tone wood cabinets. Put some stainless steel appliances, marble countertops and stone slab backsplash to arc its energy.

Eat-In Mosaic Tile Backsplash Design

secretary desk with hutch
Photo by Robert Holgate Design.

Other inspiration for a mid-sized contemporary is l-shaped concreting floor eat-in kitchen remodel. Stainless steel appliances and an undermount sink combine with flat-panel cabinets, light wood cabinets, and quartz countertops as bringing out the mid nuance. The multicolored backsplash is the best pair of mosaic tile backsplash and a peninsula in which you can put any supporting kinds of stuff there.

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Modern Fresh Workstation

are kitchen desks outdated
Photo by Taste Design Inc.

Another idea is applying the traditional kitchen with a modern touch. Located against the window, the atmosphere of the room will remain so fresh and crisp. Add some daisies or other white flowers next to the main desk. The single work lamp helps you to give more light while doing works at night. You had better choose the long bench instead of the stool to make your move flexibly.

Built-in Kitchen Desk Ideas

Before starting a new design, you had better considers some items needed. Do not wrap up all the ornaments of your desk. Look for some references and then consider adding or removing those ornaments. It is also possible to find things, which are given to as mood booster, so that do not throw it away.

As the kitchen is part of your home, try to make it matched with, the theme of the house is necessary for some people. However, if you consider making it as an excluded sculpture, then do it as you planned. However, make sure, when others enter your room feel comfortable and enjoy all the creativity you applied to your workstation.

Chestnut Street Kitchen Desk

kitchen writing desk
Photo by Venegas and Company. See more traditional kitchen designs

Chestnut street kitchen employs wood countertops. The people who admire more rustic and green living design usually favor it. The primary colors used are white and wooden brown. To reduce its rustic apply some motives sitting back on your chair. Put some vases made from porcelain to arc its magnitude effect of the room. You had better put a pot with uneasily rotten flowers and those, which are not easily felt out. Some small lamps on the wooden countertops will maximize your concentration while working. It is a perfect kitchen desk ideas.

Custom Home Kitchen Desk

repurpose built in kitchen desk
Photo by Steven Paul Whitsitt Photography.

Designing a custom home is possible. The basic ornaments are shaker cabinets, beige cabinets, and wood countertops. Shaker cabinets are the most enchanting items of the whole design. Add some boxes and photos there as well as in beige ones. Choose a metal or gold as the specific items to your cabinets. Do not forget to design wooden cabinets as the primary storage for your pieces of stuff. 

Onaway Residence Kitchen Desk

built in kitchen desk dimensions
Photo by AJM Designs Inc

Designing kitchen desk ideas is not merely using wooden material as countertops or desks and chairs. Indeed, applying white cabinets and glass front cabinets inside is acceptable. Apply some medium tone wood floor kitchen as traditional touch. Put a cross white glass cabinets to avoid monotonous tone. With black wooden sustainable leg chairs, you can add some white backsplash in your chair. A small living plant reduces dust and cleans the air around.

Scarsdale Kitchen Desk

kitchen desk with hutch
Photo by Riemer Kitchens & Fine Cabinetry.

It is more likely a transitional kitchen. Designing a u-shaped medium tone wood floor is the key. Brown floor enclosed kitchen design is match with shaker cabinets and white cabinets. Put an undermount sink and white backsplash, marble backsplash, stainless steel appliances, an island, granite countertops, and black countertops.

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Traditional Kitchen Desk

kitchen desk conversion

Having television, books, and other items? Choose bookshelves with many spaces to locate each item. First, determine the books at the bottom so that they are easy to reach. Put the second range with the television or monitor display. Add some terminal plugs so that you can charge your handphone and laptop quickly as well as turning on the TV. Add self-cabinets under the desk to store your bags as well.

Oliver Street Desk

remove kitchen desk
Photo by The Sky is the Limit Design.

Compact with the eat-in kitchen, a traditional eat-in kitchen idea is a peculiar design, which you can accommodate. The decoration starts with recessed-panel cabinets, white cabinets, and gray backsplash. A single sofa chair will spoil your position when working there. You had better put it near the window or door to let the air enter the room. A red bucket of flowers arcs the nature with the same monotonous pillar of the desk.

Residential Kitchen Desk

kitchen desks built in
Photo by Fireclay Tile.

Having a minimalist kitchen does not limit your creativity. A kitchen desk is possible to create in the space between the main counters and sink. While commonly that side is to locate the cabinets as well as the storage, try to change it with your workstation. Situated in the middle of the central kitchen spot, modification is fairly easy. All you need to prepare is the first chair with adorable colors, for example, warm white as the central theme. Then, add some pots or vases with the small plants. It is better to put unliving plants to keep the desk clean. If considering using the living plant, put it at the corner of the main office. Add some figures there. Design the desk with porcelain with the same tone with the chair’s color.

Warm Atmosphere Kitchen Desk

kitchen desk remodel
Photo by Amoroso Design.

Here is the way to redesign your workstation, which is anti-mainstream. When having the eat-in kitchen, people can design a new side of kitchen desk as well. This is suitable for you who have a will to create a warm family atmosphere. You had better design it next to the main door so that when you enter the room, you can directly stay at your workstation. A blackboard can be put there, as to help you to memorize to do list. On the table, managing a place for your laptop is possible. The cabinets with simple design can be your most comfortable storage. You can choose a light silver chair with the circle backsplash. A packet of books is practical to store at the open cabinet behind the blackboard. 

Manning Residence Kitchen Desk

convert kitchen desk to pantry
Photo by Shirley Meisels.

This design is suitable for you who plan to create a u-shape kitchen. You can make it across the principal bench of your kitchen. Modify the desk with a separated two main offices. The front desk can be your kitchen table and the second one can be your workstation as well. Try to make first to be incised rather than the second one. You can choose the rolling chair one as the best place to work so that you can move quickly. Creating a simple drawer as storage is okay. Add a glass vase with branches of small plant as giving another arc besides wallpaper painting.

Classic Kitchen Desk

kitchen desk cabinets

Kitchen desk idea is adorable for you who have the eat-in kitchen. The iconic item here is the wicker chair. The wrap-up wicker chair is suitable for a classic design. The design starts next to the main dinner table. You can stick the pictures to the wall as well. The whiteboard also is a modification through the presence of the wall instead. The new cabinet with drawers will help you to store the stuff. The small shelves as the place to store your books as well. One or two pots with green plants help clean the air inside the room. As lighting, a single long or round lamp releases its energy to give more light when doing works at night.

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Bright and Airy Built-in Kitchen Desk

converting kitchen desk to coffee bar
Photo by Wesley-Wayne Interiors, LLC.

To start the bright and airy design, all you have to do is matching the color and the angle. With the base color, white, you bring the energy from the whole kitchen design out. It is more modern preferably the wooden or wicker materials. The bluish motive of the backsplash sparks fresh atmosphere. With two or three small porcelain vases, the perfect robust flowers will strengthen the theme. The design commonly has the distance from the main dinner table so that your activities will not be overlap by other businesses. Hardwood floors are other iconic which is match with the solid dark brown. Its natural stripe wooden design will add the airy touch.

How to Organize Kitchen Desk

How to Organize Kitchen Desk

The first thing to do when organizing a kitchen desk is identifying the kitchen desk styles. For example, they are a shape, circle, bay or other forms. Those styles help you to prepare for some details. The next is the theme.  Make sure the kitchen desk you made is matching with the whole design of your kitchen. Matching does not mean the same, but they can be harmonious instead. Here are some tips on organizing the kitchen desk.

Prepare for a specific desk chair

This desk chair has the signature function to use along with the office. When having a loved one, it is not necessary to buy the new one instead, adding a unique style and personality is the other alternative instead. A single chair in your kitchen desk holds a crucial role in embodying your works, so make sure deciding to choose the comfortable and affordable with your budget.

Adding a large bulletin board

Bulletin boards above the desk are relatively easy and practical in a customized size. It is very practical to help you memorize to do list cad can be the decoration instead. Once having a bulletin board in your kitchen, you can add for some pinning up letters to mail, bills to pay, field trip permission slips, coupons, or anything else that tends to get lost in the paperwork piles.

Maximize the shelves cabinets

Open shelving above the desk area is suitable with the adorable design by adding some accessories that you love along with some baskets or storage boxes to contain clutter. Instead of using other cabinets, you can also use some baskets to store your favorite cookbooks and most used spices, so that it is not necessary to apply other open shelving in your kitchen.

Add accessories

Adding some stylish desk accessories make you smile when you sit down at your desk. It is because the perfect decoration will reflect the inner you so that it boosts your mood to start working every single day.

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Put a charging station

A charging station is the perfect power supply to get mingled with the family. Adding a power strip to one of the drawers creates a hidden charging station instead. You can also create a charging station to add to the desktop.


To sum up, kitchen desk ideas is not that hard to start. The perfect styles will fit the ideal theme and design. Just prepare for some details, and you will get the leading arrangement for your workstation as best.

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