21+ Kitchen Ceiling Ideas (Types of Kitchen Ceilings & Kitchen Ceiling Designs)

Kitchen Ceiling Ideas – When we talk about the design of a room or a building, we tend to focus on what the eyes can see—from the interior, the layout, the paint colors, to items of furniture. There is one feature of a room that is just as important as the flooring choices: the ceiling. We know the main function of it is to cover the electrical and plumbing system of a building. However, what makes it fundamentally important to get your attention is more than that.

What most people don’t realize is that the shape and model of a ceiling affect the whole feeling of an entire room or building. It is that one major part of the whole structure of the building that determines how large or comfortable the room appears. A high ceiling will give you a room that visually large and open, while a lower one will make it looks cozy and intimate.

The heart of a house is typically nested on its kitchen. Then, it is safe to say that we should never overlook the design of its ceiling. A kitchen might be the place where you spend a great amount of time, even with family and friends. Some people will give an extra budget for their kitchen ceiling because it can give a lot of benefits once it is designed and built properly.


Types of Kitchen Ceilings

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The most common type of kitchen ceiling is the flat one, with the height is 8 inches in average. However, do you know that you can get other kinds for your kitchen too? Getting a unique style of a ceiling that goes perfectly with the entire design of the room will add an excellent look of your kitchen—not to mention other functions it has. Here are a few main types of kitchen ceiling you might want to know:

Regular Ceiling

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The regular ceiling is a perfect type if you’re after simplicity and modern looking design for your kitchen. It will give you space to experiment with the lighting—whether you want to add pendant lights or a simpler choice like the saucer one. The regular ceiling looks like it is a connected part of the walls; it is like you get an extra space to decorate above you. You can also have two options on how your regular ceiling would be done: smooth or with a little more textures. Both options have their pros and cons, which one will you choose depends on the function you want to achieve. The smooth finished ceiling is easier to clean and repair, while textured one will deaden noise and costs much less.

Vaulted Ceiling

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The vaulted ceiling is an architectural choice that existed since centuries ago, typically for cathedrals or basilicas. This type of ceiling will give an optical illusion as if space is visually larger. It is a great choice for a kitchen since the raised ceiling makes more space for a better air circulation which you don’t have to worry if you could be suffocated by the smokes when you have a lot of cooking activity going on. The vaulted ceiling kitchen is also providing you with an option to pair it with large windows to generate more natural light coming in. However, it can be quite a challenge to clean a vaulted type ceiling since it is typically built so high and you will need professional help.

Tray Ceiling

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If you are looking for a type that can complement any architectural styles, tray ceiling could be an excellent choice. Also known as a recessed ceiling, tray ceiling is the type where the center section is built a few inches higher than its perimeter and creating a three-dimensional effect as if there is an upside-down tray shoved into the ceiling. It typically follows the contour of the room, but the shape of the perimeter can also be designed in whichever way you want. You can also add unique lighting to complete the look of the ceiling. This one type can make small rooms feel more spacious, and it is perfect for a dining area.

Beams Ceiling

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When a dramatic visual impact is the one you desire for your kitchen, nothing is a better choice other than the beamed ceiling. This type is exposing the joints of beams of your ceiling, creating a visual interest that can be paired with the architectural design you have for the kitchen. Even the materials you choose for the exposed beam can make a difference in the entire room’s vibe. For example, the oak wood exposed beams for your kitchen will create a European style feeling, while the metal ones give a more industrial look.

Shed Style Ceiling

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Shed style is actually a variation of the vaulted ceiling but only with one point raised higher on one end. It is also not as steep as the vaulted one, giving you an option to add ventilation or even bigger size of windows. Shed style ceiling is commonly found in homes with spaces for an attic. Even though some people might think that this type is not a good match for a kitchen does not mean it is impossible to pull off. Instead, shed style ceiling is capable of minimizing the heat of a room while providing natural light seeps in. It is also giving you a sense of coziness. 

Kitchen Ceiling Designs

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While the interior design plays a big role on how we perceive a room’s vibe and coziness, the ceiling is just as important. If it chosen right, the design of a ceiling can increase the beauty and even the value of the building. Then it is no doubt that every room in the house deserves the greatest quality and the finest style appeal, and your kitchen is no exception.

The kitchen is where you and your family gather and relax, have a feast, even celebrate a holiday dinner. This fact makes a kitchen is known as the soul of a home, and it is time for you to turn its ceiling into something worth to stare and enhance the beauty of it. There are a few things you need to consider before you decide to renovate the kitchen ceiling. You have options such as getting the one that can match your house’s existing architectural design or the one that can give your kitchen a more airy space to breathe. Here are kitchen ceiling design ideas that can be your inspirations before you begin to explore:

Wood Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

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When you’re looking for a timeless kitchen ceiling ideas that will never go out of style, wooden ceiling is the one to watch for. It has been regarded as an elite choice for centuries for its adaptability and lots of variations. You can get a repurposed oak wood beams turned into a beautiful polished wooden ceiling to complete the traditional kitchen design you want. There are also options to use the unfinished wooden planks to achieve the rustic look you have been dying to pull off. Take a look at these wooden ceiling ideas you might want to get for your own kitchen:

Exposed wooden beam ceiling

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Photo by Waypoint Living Spaces.

When you have decided to get tile flooring for your kitchen, an exposed wooden beam ceiling will be an excellent complement to it. The polished lumber will give a dramatic accent on the ceiling, makes anyone gaze upon it in awe. You can also experiment with the lighting, such as adding pendants that will give it a modern touch. This kind of ceiling enhances the coziness of the kitchen, perfect for the one that merged with a dining area. 

Wooden planks paneled ceiling

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Photo by Tom Hurt Architecture.

The use of wood planks for ceiling or any architectural design is not always for those who prefer rustic or natural style done for their houses. In this one we can see that a polished wooden planks that used to cover the regular type ceiling can give a modern-finished look for the kitchen. Pick a lighter tone for the planks to match the rather medium tone of the cabinets and other items of the kitchen. 

Beamed tray ceiling

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Photo by Bright Ideas by Martinec.

Experimenting with more than one type of ceiling can give you an extraordinary result for your kitchen. You can combine the tray and sort of beam type with putting large size lumber inside the shoved part of the ceiling and using the perimeter as a frame. This way, your kitchen looks luxurious without much effort needed.

Paneled ceiling

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Photo by Livingston Interiors.

When a regular flat ceiling, either it has a smooth finishing or textured, looks boring but you also don’t feel like getting a lot of stuff renovated, a paneled ceiling is a perfect choice. It will instantly add a bit character to your kitchen and does not require much work to achieve. There are many ways for you to spice up this kind of ceiling, from painting the wood panels with whichever color you desire, to giving it more accents to match with your kitchen’s entire design. The kitchen ceiling panels will give you a lot of space to improve to your heart’s content.

Unfinished wooden ceiling

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Photo by Mike Smith / Artistic Kitchens.

If you opt for a kitchen with an ultimate farmhouse vibe, the ceiling is better to be in theme too. Get the unfinished wood planks for the ceiling’s panels that can match your kitchen cabinetry, countertops, appliances, and flooring. Use a neutral tone to paint it, because the idea of it is not to overshine the kitchen’s design appeal. This kind of ceiling costs less than any other unique types and does not require much effort to get.

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Modern Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

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Modernity is all about sleek, minimalism, and simplicity. A modern kitchen requires a ceiling that can complement the look of the entire area perfectly. The design of it should be the one that will allow you to explore as many lighting options as possible to pull off the theme. While there are a few specific types of materials to use to get the modern look, it should not create any limitation for you to get inspirations to implement the vibe to your kitchen. These ceiling ideas can be added to your list of options:

Modern squares ceiling

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Photo by BKT LOFT Italian Kitchen Cabinets in San Diego.

Do not let the minimalism ideology of a modern look hold you back from getting a strong character but aesthetically pleasing kind of ceiling like this. It adapts perfectly to the interior scheme of the kitchen and dining area. Other than giving you the optical illusion of a bigger and open space, it also adds an eye-catching nuance that will be flooded with compliments from your relatives and guests.

Elegant ceiling

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Photo by thirdstone inc. [^].

Getting the ceiling to be built and painted with the same color with the walls giving you the simplicity vibe and creating a perception that they are not two different parts of the room. This kind of ceiling is also producing the ultimate modern design that is elegant and sleek.

Trendy lighting arragement

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Photo by Kitchen Stori. See more contemporary kitchen designs

Spice up your kitchen with a trendy look with experimenting with the lighting arrangement like this one ceiling. Arranging the lights in vertical blocks that shoved into the ceiling will add a unique character to the kitchen while achieving the modern look. Designing the ceiling is fun because it gives you countless opportunities to create a lighting arrangement that will fit perfectly with the whole look of the room.

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Modern textured ceiling

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Photo by Griffin Enright Architects.

The textured ceiling was popular since the late 1970s. However, the trend is never actually gone for the fact that many people still prefer this than a smooth finish one. The textured ceiling is perfect for deadening noise and covering imperfections such as cracks or leak damage. Nowadays, adding texture is not only limited to options such as getting popcorn or slightly bumpy textures. It can be customized in any way you want, with any materials you can get. 

Vaulted kitchen ceiling

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Photo by Streeter & Associates, Inc..

Do you prefer natural light above anything else for your nature-inspired kitchen? This type of ceiling is the answer to your dream. One of the advantages of getting a vaulted type ceiling is that it gives you an option to pair it with large windows. Moreover, you can combine the ceiling with glass that resembling windows to get the maximum natural light for your dream kitchen.

Small Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

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A small kitchen can be turned into a big space if you get the right ceiling for it. There are types of ceiling that can give an optical illusion that a room can look bigger than it actually is. Here are a few kitchen remodeling ceiling ideas for small kitchen that can be your inspirations:

Shed kitchen ceiling

led lighting for kitchen ceiling
Photo by Debra Campbell Design.

Who says the shed style ceiling is not a good option for a kitchen? This one here speaks differently. The layout of the kitchen is appropriately arranged in accordance to its ceiling. This way, the kitchen looks more spacious since the majority of appliances and cabinetry placed at the lower point of the shed style ceiling.

Wooden beam ceiling

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Photo by Harvey Jones Kitchens.

A wooden beam ceiling is a perfect match for brick walls. It complements the entire look of the kitchen, giving it a traditional yet contemporary vibe. Use darker tone lumber for the exposed beam while the wall and flooring get the lighter one.

Vaulted ceiling

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Photo by Meditch Murphey Architects.

A vaulted ceiling is known to its ability to create an airy space to a room. Get this type of ceiling to make your small kitchen area looks spacious and less suffocating. This way, the air circulation is better than any other type of ceiling. It can minimize the heat of the room.

Elegant kitchen ceiling

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Photo by Specht Architects.

Give your small kitchen a unique yet elegant character with this type of ceiling. The tray type ceiling gives you extra space to arrange the lighting for the room. It makes the small space looks trendy effortlessly.

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Built-in window ceiling

recessed kitchen ceiling ideas
Photo by Adam Butler Photography.

Maximize the path for natural light to come through with this type of ceiling that allows you to have a built-in glass window on it. Not only making your small kitchen area brighter, but this also makes it look more spacious.


A ceiling is as important as any other architectural design of a room or building. It has its function that can be great advantages. It also provides you a blank canvas to decorate with any design that is perfect to your heart’s content. There are a few ceiling types to choose that will match the existing layout of your house. As the kitchen is the heart of a home, its ceiling should not be taken for granted—get the best one for it so it can increase both for its appealing feature and the property’s value.


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