14+ Kitchen Cabinet Accessories Ideas (Tips on Selecting Kitchen Accessories)

Kitchen cabinet Accessories – Keeping a kitchen to be a more functional and well organized is a necessity. Putting accessories in something fun and unique can be an alternative. Not only for the beauty of the kitchen but also the right kitchen cabinet accessories look maintains a neat and well-organized functional kitchen.

One of the most used cabinet spaces in a house is the kitchen. Therefore, treatment in putting kitchen cabinets accessories is the key to making your kitchen room more sophisticated.  Many different preparation areas modify your kitchen. Not only that, but also, it requires tools, and storage to keep all your appliances, dishes, ingredients, utensils, dishware, and receptacles well.


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Guide on Selecting Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

Positioning cabinets in a right angle and proportions are formidable for it maintains the function and looks of your kitchen as well.  Many references are provided both in the local kitchen cabinet accessories home depot and online. However, nowadays people tend to choose an online shop in doing mix and match in choosing kitchen cabinet accessories storage.

Here are some tips in choosing the suitable kitchen cabinet accessories.

Choose A Matching Style with The house Style

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As part of a house, the kitchen follows the style of the house. If the home has a Shaker style, then match with it. If the house has a modern style, then make it appropriate with it. A wrong style makes the kitchen odd. Considering the hardware and the cabinets lighten up the nuance of the kitchen.

Choose A Matching Function with The Style

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Style over function is a vital rejection, for the first purpose in designing the kitchen is using its service. Using a match style and function depends on how you treat the hardware and how often using it. If you are looking for the simple design, then you must have chosen knob or pull since it enables you to open it often.

Considers A Matching Material

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Choosing the right material makes you aware of the design and probably the kitchen cabinet accessories price. Some materials are just too expensive, yet, it does not mean it is impossible. However, managing the budget will be more manageable and controllable. The material has its characteristic, which beautifies the room. For example, the metal material will make it glows and light.

Considers An Appropriate Maintenance

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Designing a room is not only making over the place to be more beautiful, but also it is a responsibility for the owner to handle the kitchen. It needs treatment to defend the style, function, and material chosen. In that, making it your kitchen is not as easy as just using it, but also looking after for its continuity. For example, putting a wooden material far away from the wet and humid space makes it exist longer so that there would be no mold and rotten inside.

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories Ideas

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories Ideas

The kitchen is the stage upon which people perform their routines for dinner, holiday, other occasions. Crucial details arcs the great kitchen using cabinet hardware, and regardless of the style as well as the scale of the kitchen.

How wide and how many the member of the family involved in the kitchen determines its design. Rustic or refined, retro, classic, cutting-edge contemporary, natural, all is possible. Kitchen cabinets accessories are the perfect backdrop in which people flourish their signature.

1. Trash Can Pull Out

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Photo by Kevin Martin

Trash can pull out is a convenient way to put garbage. It keeps it out of sight. It can be set anywhere in the kitchen. Therefore, it makes clean up easier. Making it fixed with food preparation is also another solution. While having lots of member of the family, making it noticeable is a bright idea. The right choice is by installing it next to the sink in which much of the food preparation is done. It makes it easier in wiping food remnants off into the bin.

2. Pull Out Spice Rack

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Photo by ShelfGenie of Metro DC

Pull Out Spice Rack is suitable for the narrow and high kitchen. It is a place for store a can or bottle of food ingredients. A big cabinet makes the kitchen more cramped and full. However, using a pull-out spice rack makes it more practical. Wood and glasses are the conventional materials in decorating it multilevel. Square is also the familiar shape chosen rather than a circle or other shape. Making the rack vertical makes the room more full. Therefore, avoiding horizontal directions is necessary. However, design it for a little bit item is still possible.

3.Slide-Out Storage Rack

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Photo by Dura Supreme Cabinetry

People can put a slide out storage rack in pantry cabinets with or without a few modifications to the cabinet itself. Considering the color and texture is the key to make it simple and elegant. Slide out storage rack have been so familiar for decades. This rack has many given names, such as pull out shelves, slide out shelves, roll out shelves, shelves that slide out, sliding shelves, slide out drawers, slide-out trays, etc. The primary purpose of this rack is to access the kitchen or pantry cabinets from the outside instead of crawling inside.

4. Blind Corner Pull Out

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Photo by Clever Storage by Kesebohmer

In designing kitchen cabinet accessories, kitchen cabinet accessories blind corner is one of the alternatives. Here are the benefits of applying those accessories. First, it needs no more climbing halfway to the cabinet. Second, reach it the cabinet is more accessible. The most important is it makes the room to be well organized. The base of the trays can be wood or metal. The layers can be two or three layers.

5. Tray Divider

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Photo by Castle Kitchens and Interiors

Tray divider cabinet is suitable for keeping baking pans, serving trays, cutting boards, and other utensils to be well organized. The vertical direction is the right choice in applying it. The installation can be available anywhere like base cabinets, oven drawer cabinets or refrigerator wall cabinets. It is suitable for having at least 20 inches from the spaces above so that it is reachable. Considering the depth, weight, and height is the crucial aspect of using tray divider. Choosing a wooden material is familiar since to modify it is comfortable rather than other materials.

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6. Pantry Pull Out

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Photo by Don Foote Contracting

Kitchen cabinet accessories near me and you are so much easier to be found in this era. One of them is pantry pull out of course. Its function is to optimize storage function for foods, snacks, and other goods. The versatile storage makes the kitchen fitted with all small appliances and cookware. It helps to streamline the cooking as well as food preparations. Moreover, kids can pull out food easily when they need them. Furthermore, it saves time since the people get all in it in time while opening it. Last but not least it makes the kitchen larger and work better.

7. Drawer Peg System

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Photo by Emma Delon

Having deep kitchen drawers instead of cabinets, it is easy for them to become a jumbled mess quickly. The combination of different kit size including pegs can make it pop in to create the perfect configuration around the pieces of stuff in the kitchen. The benefit is that, when opening and close the drawers, the plates and bowls will not slide around.

Multicolored backsplash, stone tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances matched with the color of the floor and wall makes the harmony inside the room. It is suitable for the family is having breakfast as well dinner, especially at a momentous occasion.

8. Cutlery/Knife Block Drawer

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Photo by Wedgewood

Traditional elements are the essential things in making a rustic kitchen design. It enables a gorgeous farmhouse sink, new storage, and functional knife storage block combination in. A magnetic strip mounted in the wall makes the knives easily reach and store.

If space is tight, putting it on the counter or under the block or cabinet is possible. It is safer to save cutting tools in the kitchen. Moreover, it beautifies the room with the display of those knives. The magnet holds the blades to avoid potential damage. There is a varied length which fit with the space of the room.

9. Pots and Pan Peg Board

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Photo by Realty Restoration, LLC

Pots and pan pegboard is the right choice for a shared kitchen. It does not take lots of space and still can be practical. The space between the pegboard and the wall is the crucial thing to be considered. A narrow space allows it to scratch the wall. A vast area makes it feel to have a big space. The right studs make the arrangement well and the look to be prettier. Painting it can avoid moldy and give an aesthetic purpose. Of course, the right texture and color make the harmony in it.

10. Under Sink Cleaning Storage

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Photo by Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Under the sink, cleaning storage can be designed efficiently. The opening between the open doors is narrower than the opening between the sides of the frame needs a shorter dimension to make the base. A center stile or partition between the doors needs two separate stations for each side and a tray for each. The shelves slide smoothly if the bottom and the tray parts are cut square and accurately. If plumbing that comes up through the floor of the sink cabinet, it needs to shorten the lower trays to fit in front of the pipe.

11. Cabinet Door-Mount Spice Rack

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Photo by Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co.

This option is usually chosen for those using otherwise unused space. It makes the cabinet multilevel. The installation can be inside the cabinet or next to the cabinet. This rack helps to create a home for little spices and clear shelf space for goods especially a small product. Two or three trim-to-fit wood and chrome shelves provide full visibility to labels and maintain a range of standard bottle sizes. However, mounting brackets are also possible to put larger goods. It stores spices within arm’s reach so that it saves lots of energy and time.

12. Horizontal Bi-fold Door

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Photo by Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Horizontal bi-fold door kitchen accessories fit with a medium or large kitchen room. It assists opening and closing doors in a smooth motion. A mixing material is one way to make it meet with other interiors in the kitchen. For example, using glasses as the primary materials and combining them with a wooden material as the frame which has a similar pattern with the wall is perfect. Moreover, neutral colors make the room classy but elegant.

13. Pantry Storage for Fresh Produce

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Photo by Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Different kind of fruit needs different treatment. A rolling island cart is a perfect solution for the kitchen in all sizes. Some are small for about 21 square inches, but some have multi-level storage. Fresh fruit needs a cart with wire baskets to allow clean air movement. It helps to be last longer.

Another solution is a hanging basket. It is a cheap and straightforward project. However, it is not able to store lots of fruits due to its material. Therefore, pantry storage is another solution. A bamboo pantry is the best material. It is light but full of aesthetic nuance and of course, loads a lot of fruits in it.

14. X Wine Rack

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Photo by Dura Supreme Cabinetry

X wine rack is the most popular design for kitchen cabinet accessories. However, flat design is also possible. If wanting to store it horizontally, the x wine rack is the answer. However, a flat tray makes it possible to store wine both horizontally and vertically. Storing wine in the right place makes it stay moist. The material used is wood. A little wine cellar makes the rack classy. However, the heavy wooden with natural colors makes it seems tropical atmosphere.

Designing kitchen is not that hard as long as make it suitable for the accessories. One of them is the kitchen cabinet accessories. The need to look the style, function, and treatment is necessary. Moreover, as part of the house, consider the people live in it. Therefore, the kitchen will not be seen as just property but also the form of love in the family.


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