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17+ Kitchen Bay Window Ideas (Type of Window & How to Decorate)

Kitchen Bay Window – Generally, the only space that communicates with the world is the window when viewed from the inside of the house. The windows, which are essential as for the kitchen, it requires windows to circulate the air in the house. Furthermore, the appearance of the window should be part of the kitchen as an essential point of the interior and exterior of the home.

Usually, windows that match with the kitchen use it appropriately as an interior element as the nice functions. It saves the atmosphere of the space of the kitchen to cook serve the food in the house. Also, it is an angled bay or bay with a window seat; it will make the kitchen look more substantial.

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Therefore, various expressions can be made in the space according to the shape and bay window size. The kitchen bay windows are used as the optical illusion; it will easily design a small kitchen in your house. The kitchen bay window can be made visually wider by creating one big size or maybe a tiny window wall.


What Is Kitchen Bay Window?

In short, an angled bay is probably the most common window that comes to mind when someone says “bay window.” In particular, kitchen bay window definition is a window extended across the interior of the kitchen and finished as an expansion of the floor. Thus, one of the best ways to make a cooking space feel more substantial is to try some kitchen bay window.

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Furthermore, installing a bay window for your kitchen area is relatively affordable, especially if you do it yourself. Kitchen window styles can dramatically enhance a kitchen’s appeal, value, and design. Therefore, a bay window is a great way to create an added decoration to your kitchen room.

Types Of Kitchen Bay Window

Even though bay windows create in several different styles, it all have one thing in common on their project. For instance, kitchen bay windows brighten the rooms with an abundance of natural light and provide interesting architectural details. Furthermore, any window offers several advantages in a kitchen interior beyond their aesthetic appeal, including an additional space.

1. Traditional Bay Window Style

An original bay window would comprise three adjacent window panels that are protruding from the wall. Moreover, the side of the windows is at an angle, while the middle picture window runs a parallel to the wall. Usually, the central window is a fixed window; each side window comes in either casement or double-hung style. Therefore, the nook area inside a bay window is used as a window seat.

2. Box Bay Window in Kitchen

Above all, a box bay windows have a small side at a 90-degree angle reach to the middle of the window. It is forming more of a rectangle as the box bays may have a single window in the center. Furthermore, the box bay could be more profound than traditional bay windows; as the interior is often used as seating.

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3. Bow Window

Generally, a bow window forms a gentle curve instead of sharp angles, with each window is identical. A bow window referred to a 4-lite or more bow, according to the number of windows. Similarly to the traditional bay window as the middle windows are fixed, with the capability to open and close. In short, the window also seats commonly on these windows because bow windows typically match with traditional-style homes.

4. Garden Windows Design

In general, the garden windows design are typically found directly behind the kitchen sink. Furthermore, these windows are much smaller than the other three types of bay windows; instead of having an interior window seat. In brief, these garden windows usually feature a middle shelf as addition with small plants such as fresh herbs. Along with the top of a garden window, there is also a glass that providing additional light for plants.

Kitchen Bay Window Ideas

The fact that bay windows are pretty much a project of window decoration on the walls, which somehow looks like the window is coming out of the walls – most of these bay windows have seating in them. And of course, not every bay window has room.

Kitchen bay windows pretty much likely an instrument to add some pretty look in your kitchen. It usually placed over the sink to create a bigger space when you do the dishes. However, there are more ideas for the kitchen bay windows to make you enjoy the kitchen even more.

Kitchen Bay Window Over Sink

In particular, kitchen bay windows are pretty much a project of window decoration on the walls.  Thus, somehow looks like the window is coming out of the walls – most of these bay windows have seating in them. However, not every bay window has seating as there are other ideas, for example, curtains.

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Furthermore, kitchen bay windows is an instrument to add some pretty look in your kitchen usually placed over the sink. Likewise, to create a comfortable kitchen when you do the dishes, bay window over the sink is one of suggestion.  In short, there are more ideas for the kitchen bay windows design to enjoy your kitchen even more.

Small in Tropical Kitchen

Photo by Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co.

Generally, the kitchen looks a little bit small to do the dishes, however, the material decorated with a marble stone interior. Also, there is a minimal decoration like flowers as the color of wood surrounding a white bay window. Thus, it is the look for a luxurious, yet, simple kitchen as the drawers have this raw wood.

Traditional Bay Window

Photo by Daniel M Swain, Architect

Contrarily, the finish look on the cabinets and drawers are just excellent as the color of the window sill. As the wooden cabinets are combined within the interior to create a traditional look. Eventually, it is a very general kitchen interior design that people may see as the center of concept with all brown.

Neat and White

Photo by Kitchen & Bath Design + Construction

As usual, there are black marble and white kitchens design that create the right combination. Indeed, both of them is a classic color combination, and people tend to love a neat look in their kitchen. Afterward, the lamps that hang above the sink is symmetrically in the same spotlight as the drawers as an addition.

Larger Window

Photo by

In particular, it is a modern interior look as the kitchen get the touch of the brown and white combination. The look of a bay window over the sink is given a much bigger space even to be able to put a plant there. Although white is a bit boring, the brown wall helps to create a great color combination on the kitchen.

Contemporary Elegance

Photo by

Another contemporary approach for the kitchen’s bay window although this design does not have that wood drawers material. In particular, a black marble combination with the bay window color theme is the mix in a modern way. A classic white window that looks neat – because it does not have any lines except for the base. That creates the kitchen space to become fancier.

Harmonious Vibe

Photo by Ruthie Staalsen Interiors

Indeed, this type of kitchen bay window is something a classic bay window would look likes. In detail, it has a many mirror partition by the this kitchen window sills design as it looks like a regular window. This bay window is something sleek, simple and clean-looking that I think sure looks pretty awesome as it juxtaposed. Specifically, a harmonious vibe gave by the kitchen’s design color that seems traditional.

Kitchen Bay Window Seat

For instance, enjoying a lovely view outside the house through your window can relaxing your day indoors. As you catch up on your activity along with a fabulous window seat that could overlook the outdoor scenic landscape. It even more tantalizing when there is a connection the interior inside with the garden outside.

In brief, kitchen bay window seats is a design to comfort the indoor seating with the aesthetics of the outdoors. It becomes a bridge that connects both the realms to enjoy your house. Specifically, it is easy to install as in modern homes large glass windows are becoming a standard room to gather with family.

Royal Atmosphere

Photo by GEORGE Interior Design

The chandelier that creates a glam image in the kitchen with tons of designs give a comfortable kitchen bay window vibes. Likewise, the design theme is elegant as a whole of the chandelier, the table, and the curtain of the bay window. Therefore, the chosen color of light-gold is used in this kitchen surely made this space luxurious and fancy.

Nice and Calm

Photo by Rustic Kitchen

In particular, this kitchen space has much glam in the room as it also brings the calmness to hang out. This type of kitchen sure has something that makes people would not mind being around in the kitchen. Consequently, with the combination design of farmhouse sink, shaker cabinets, a medium tone cabinets marble countertops are supported by white color.

Joyful Spot

Photo by Orrick & Company

In the background, the blue cushion on kitchen window bay seating looks stand out in a simple kitchen. Regardless, there is nothing against color-themed spaces because some of these spaces are stunning as the furniture is sketchy. Hence, the blue cushion on the bay window seems to overpower the room even when it fills with white and brown color. It merely stated that striking color could dominate others that is the primary color of the space.

Warm Shade

Photo by Point Nexus Consulting Inc.

A kitchen bay window position is in the nook of the kitchen to creates more space. Whether you use it to cook or even put additional horse decoration as a fluffy cushion to support your relax time. Moreover, it is delightful to have a huge bay window in the kitchen that filled with grey marble. Along with the drawers color that is trying to be in sync with the cushion.

Kitchen Bay Window Curtains

In particular, decorating kitchen bay window is a part of an architectural treat of the house, especially when it related to accessories. It must have a graceful look, stylish decoration and natural light flood room likely with an addition. In particular, the control for this abundance by drawing attention to the beautiful feature, for example like curtains.

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There are many different window treatment especially using a curtain as a decoration. Generally, the curtain represents a window space that protrudes outward from the walls of a building or a bay’s form. Hence, that is one of the most tricky things to do as you have to find the right curtain design. Here are some ideas and approaches that can take to dressing your bay windows:

Shallow Balcony-like

Photo by Photo by Grande Interiors.

Specifically, if you want to have one curtain, then you need to be creative as you choose the feature. The curtain design made by some compromise as it looks in the same color as the interior or furniture. For instance, like a plain white curtain that contrast the window sill and the door colors. Hence, the bay windows can form a shallow balcony-like structure can conceal the whole bay as it closed.

Flexible Curtain

Photo by Ken Gutmaker Architectural Photography.

Generally, if the bay windows form in a delicate curve to an angular, it’s possible to find flexible curtain rods. This curtain is useful to expand a small bay window with a little bit with raised-panel cabinets. Moreover, the match of color in the room is so simple as the wooden curtains surrounding by the bay seating.

Nook Side

Photo by Debra Campbell Design.

At any rate, the extra space can become a comfortable room with large, four floor-to-ceiling windows.  In particular, the curtains look extra stylish with a unique material as the color concept is milk chocolate. Then, three curtains is a perfect option for your bay windows as you would cover the windows from above the rods.

Small Bay Window For Kitchen

In general, when a small bay window area is an excellent option to create in the kitchen space. Mainly, the kitchen with a bay window, you can put in front of the central place for example like the sink. In this case, a small bay window placed in the kitchen to create a large image.

As the kitchen is not so broad, and this concept should be considered which also can be helpful. Regardless, you could arrange it as a bay seating or put it near the sink which could always be kitchen display. Here are some of the ideas for a small bay window for your kitchen:

Tiny Garden Place

Photo by DANIELLE Interior Design & Decor.

A small white kitchen with the allocation of the kitchen’s item in the space table is placed far from the bay. Nevertheless, a bay window can be arranged in a separate space, and the condition is it’s in sync with the basic interior. Thus, the kitchen use the bay window as a mini garden greenhouse window with plants.


Photo by Danny Broe Architect.

This kitchen bay window makes things comfortable in an elegant way in which its feature suits the traditional interior. Furthermore, a contemporary kitchen with bay windows seating creates a more simplified look with color diversion. The concept is so smooth as two different colors reduced its bulk.

Clad Bay Window

Photo by TURN Architects llp.

The small kitchen bay window is clad internally with the solid oak cladding as it creates a spacious vibe. In spite of the spacious look, this kitchen bay is just a single bay with minimalist home design. Therefore, a bay window can be designed as a separate space away from the kitchen room, yet, in contrast with another color scheme in the place..

How to Decorate a Bay Window Ledge

A bay window could be a space to not only to design the room but also to add additional seating and decoration too.  Likewise, the detail of other elements is creating a beautiful harmony to the bay window as well. Furthermore, to get inspiration for decorating a kitchen bay window, here are six ideas:

Vines propagate

In particular, it is beneficial to buy some of the natural grapevine garland, or honeysuckle vine for your kitchen bay window. As both can be purchased with faux berries if you would like to add a pop of color.  Furthermore, this item can be bought at a craft store or order it online as a hammered nail at each corner of the bay window. So that, drape the vine across all of the windows to add in some of the grape leaf or ivy garland.

Shelves or stack

For this purpose, attach shelving at the base of each window to arrange plants and other accessories on the trays. Thus, they can also add other touches of such a vases color in various heights to create gradation. Lastly, put at the top of the hooks on the inside of the windows and add hanging plants in the center of each window.

Bulk Dehydrated Vegetables

All decoration with dried flowers, or dried vegetables for your kitchen window can be made with string dried chili peppers. Furthermore, string beans with a needle and thread, or you can opt to buy them at a craft store. Measure it from the top of your window down to the windowsill as you tack strands close across the entire window. As a result, in the interior window, hang a wreath with peppers, beans, and a matching bow.

Lace Flowers Applique

On the contrary, buy a flowers decoration of lace panels that fit the size of each kitchen bay window. Moreover, this inspiration will allow the light in, also could afford the privacy of the room. Therefore, get a floral garland to match the kitchen as you drape the garland around the tops of the windows. Besides, you can fill in with a new wreath such as fern or leaves.

Seating Arrangements

Mainly, if you do not want a built in the window seat, you can still use your space for seating. As the place of one or two chairs in the nook of the window, depending on how much space. Moreover, add some fluffy pillows to the chairs to have a nice place to relax while reading recipe books, or enjoy a morning coffee.

Sofa table

A sofa table can be used in the kitchen as you place it in the center of the window. Moreover, put some whimsical kitchen design on it like a cookie jar lamp, jars of seeds, dried beans or rice. Accurately, the decoration will fill in the nook of the window plus the items are handy when you need them.


For a beautiful place to fit your kitchen, choose your bay window design, area, and decoration. By adding a seating area, put it over the sink, use it as a storage and place for decoration. Moreover, you’ll have a natural, bright kitchen design because it is an easy way as it gives yourself a bit more comfortable space for cooking.

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