17+ Galley Kitchen Remodel Before And After Ideas 2019 Trends

Galley Kitchen Remodel Before And After – A kitchen is the core area in any house, especially for cooking and dining. Also, a kitchen sometimes used for the entertainment needs of family nowadays. Therefore, there is a huge demand to remodel galley kitchen that full of style with luxury looks. However, it is quite complicated to perform a galley kitchen renovation on your own. Remodeling process will need specific planning and plenty of research to do.

It is better for you to find inspiration of a before and after kitchen ideas. To deploy a special makeover for your galley kitchen. Though, it is the matter of a personal preference of a proper remodel. You can get an idea of a stylish and modern galley kitchen from professional designers. Remember to browse an example of your future galley kitchen remodel if you need a specific renovation.


What is Galley Kitchen?

Some galley kitchens inherits its name from the likeness of a kitchen on board a ship that was called “The Galley”. The famous trademark of galley kitchen design is in their layout. For instance, the kitchen appliances that face each other and joint in straight lines. Thus, this kitchen often includes hanging cabinets, dish racks and hanging pots that connected to the ceiling. It means that the galley kitchen can maximize the storage and also reduce the movement in preparing the dishes.

Most of the apartments and modern house nowadays applies a galley kitchen design because space is limited. Fortunately, the nature of a galley kitchen design creates a streamlined look that gives a wider area to cook. Nevertheless, try to remodel to the galley kitchens before and after if you have a small area of the kitchen. The galley kitchen is the classic style area that brings simplicity and provides plenty of advantages for the owners.

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Galley Kitchen Remodel Before And After Ideas

To maximize the benefits of the galley kitchen it is important for the designers to find a galley kitchen ideas that suits to their space. Overall, it is really challenging to decide a galley kitchen remodel inside a small place in the process. So to speak, you have to carefully plan the size of your future galley kitchen design. Make sure to measure first before you start doing research or even purchasing the kitchen appliances.

The galley kitchen is a traditional design with plenty of useful value provided. In general, the galley design will fit the need for a small size house and apartment. There is so many collections of galley kitchen design spread all over the internet. Hence, it is recommended for you to begin evaluating the space of your galley kitchen dream. Observe the kitchen remodel ideas that been provide below and try to imagine it for your own kitchen space. Here are some of the best kitchen remodel before and after ideas that you can replicate immediately.

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Tiny Kitchen to Spacy Kitchen

small galley kitchen makeovers
Photo by cliqstudios.com

The first galley kitchen remodels ideas are from New York city renovation designers. It is feature with CliqStudios Dayton that provides the crown molding, white kitchen cabinets, and proficient gas range. The ideas of this kitchen remodel are due to a dark and tiny corner sink without any room to move around. Overall, the kitchen renovation has succeed in increasing the kitchen space. They were able to create spectacular ideas for small kitchen makeover with outstanding quality.  

Old Fashion Design to Aesthetic Design

small galley kitchen knock it off
photo by cliqstudios.com

This stunning galley kitchen remodel is build by a couple of constructions specialist. They successfully combine both of their dreams into a living piece of art. As they put a lot of ideas from the old fashion kitchen into a beautiful aesthetic galley kitchen design. The cost of remodeling is also rising especially the cabinets. It took one year for them to finish the kitchen renovation. Certainly, their hard work finally paid with the wonderful modification of the everlasting galley kitchen design.

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Cramped Galley to Wider Galley

galley kitchens before and after
Photo by Bhg.com

Before this galley kitchen is remodeled the design was really old makes the quarters cramped. Though, the owners still want to keep the original classic design. Thus, a designer apply smarter design ideas into this old-style galley by removing the wall between the dining room and the kitchen. Surprisingly, space is drastically changing into a wider and luxurious galley kitchen area. It not just makes the galley ten inches bigger but also increase the storage room for a peninsula. The renovation turns the old fashion galley into a timeless modern white galley kitchen.

Narrow to Roomy

galley kitchen makeovers photos
Photo by Cliqstudio.com

This galley kitchen remodels project took about a year to finish it because it was a DIY project by the owner. They starts the renovation by raising the ceiling first. Then, they knock out the wall on the left to creates an additional room six feet along the side of the galley. After that, they install new high-quality cabinets using plywood construction. Those material were really easy to install makes the modification fits perfectly in the remaining galley kitchen.

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Messy to Well-Organize

small galley kitchen remodel
Photo by Cliqstudio.com

A transitional style of remodeling this galley kitchen brings a well-organized delightful vibe into space. Furthermore, the process of remodeling this kitchen runs really smooth because the material was shipped quickly. Also, the cabinets installation was really easy without any obstacle in the way. Undoubtedly, it is highly recommend to use kitchen appliances from the CliqStudios.

Darker To Brighter

kitchen remodels before and after pictures
Photo by Cliqstudio.com

Some vendors who decide to add more lighting on the ceiling that illuminates the whole area. The painted white cabinets from Click studios offers plenty of value with the quality products. One of the advantages is the rising of the storage room for a new stove and oven. This is absolutely the fabulous galley style kitchen design modification project by Rockford.

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Untidy to Elegant

kitchen makeovers for small kitchens
Photo by Cliqstudio.com

As you all can see before the galley kitchen successfully remodeled it was a small, dark and untidy kitchen. That poor cute dog in the picture shows how narrow the space in the galley. Needless to say, most of the ideas of the renovation was taken from Houzz and Pinterest. Nevertheless, the whole family manage to build a warm and elegant galley kitchen after twelve exhausting days. Though some of the ideas came as the design already in fifty percent progress. The final kitchen design was really fulfilling the owners need. Making it the most authentic galley kitchen design.

Ineffective to Effective

gallery kitchen makeover photos
Photo by Cliqstudio.com

This galley kitchen design was inspired from a 1961 kitchen style. Although, there are some changes in the kitchen layout. The designer manages to create an effective layout that could put more food storage and cabinet. Moreover, the new improvement of galley kitchen layout makes the movement area become minimal. This is a good thing for anyone that wants to increase their productivity in the galley kitchen.  

Shorter to Longer

galley kitchen designs photo gallery
Photo by Gordon Beall

One previous picture of this memorable galley kitchen had a serious problem with space. The area was too short and narrow for anybody to move. Also, the storage room was really limited to the new appliances. Hence, the remodel project begins with the update in ceiling cabinets that can upgrade the storage space. The diagonal floor tiles improve the looks of the galley make it seems longer and also put some elegant touch inside the kitchen.

Alley to Galley

how to remodel a galley kitchen

A size of the preceding kitchen model was just around nine feet wide. Some people will see the galley more as a Bowling Alley rather than a cooking area. On the other hand, the designer Mary Douglas Drysdale magnificently add a several feet addition on one side of the galley. Make it wider space in the center island and more sitting area of the dining room. Certainly, the bowling alley turns to be a modern and valuable galley kitchen design.

Inadequate to Modern

The first thought of former galley design was a tiny and inadequate storage space inside the small room. It was not ideal for any family to cook or even eat here. Fortuitously, the owner of this galley prospered the renovation with a little effort by replaced some cabinets. In general, they are installed recessed-panel shaker-style from existing cabinetry. Also, the replaced cabinet painted with a sunny yellow color to give modern spirit to the rest of the galley kitchen area. This spectacular remodel gives a bright light that illuminates the whole kitchen space make it looks more fun and joyful.

Cramped to Entertaining

kitchen remodels before and after
Photo by Anjie Cho

This messy and cramped galley kitchen area was really small that only can fit one person. It creates a stressful area where the owner could not entertain the guess while preparing a meal. For the most part, it needs more room for cabinets, kitchen appliances and also food storage. Luckily a professional kitchen designer called Anjie Cho efficaciously knock out the wall that blocks the galley area and Livingroom. Then, she adds galley kitchen remodel with island and extension for seating. The open space idea gave a chance for more movement in the galley. It allows the owner to pleasure the guess while cooking in the galley kitchen.

Colorless to Warm

hgtv galley kitchen makeovers
Photo by Anjie Cho

This kitchen had a major problem in the lighting. The galley area was really dark before it was remodeled. On the contrary, the painted white cabinets were not able to increase the brightness inside the kitchen. It brings a sad vibe and really old-style of the galley area.

Alternatively, the designer chooses to remove the wall between the hallway to the galley area. They also added an island on the center of the dining room with a warm hanging light pendant illuminates the space. Now, the galley successfully added cheerful vibes for the family to spend their time after the kitchen renovation.

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Ancient to Contemporary

kitchen remodels for small kitchens
Photo by Jennifer Allison

Take a few years back into the 60’s era where the kitchen is featured with a gloomy and narrow space. Before the galley kitchen was modified it brings a claustrophobic feeling to the owners. The vision lines were sternly limited blocked by the upper galley kitchen cabinets. Fortunately, the galley expert designer Jennifer Allison reduced the height of the upper galley cabinets to increase the vision lines. Then, she protracted the island and filled the kitchen with more brighter colors. The remodeling of the 60’s galley finally returned to the future galley kitchen style.

Inefficient to Larger

before and after kitchen remodels with prices
Photo by SBM Photography

A true area of the kitchen was a short L shape and it was narrow but had a long line. It was lacked storage and cabinets space. The galley was rather dark with poor ventilation makes the owner suffocate while cooking the dinner. Thus, the designer Jeanine Williams effectively create a larger L shape space by taking four square of floor area from the other room. The ventilation was also improved by installing updated ductwork. The designer also put some lighting in the ceiling to develop the galley brightness. In the end, a new island was added to doubled the storage space.

Odd to Welcoming

A lack of imagination is the perfect word to describe this severely ugly galley kitchen. The kitchen was missing of personality by the owner. It looks boring from the narrow quarters to the cramped counter space. The dining area was really small and dark it uses strange layout design. Also, the storage space is limited by the quality of the materials. Basically, the first thing that the Grayler Construction do as the designer for this dreadful kitchen has removed the wall to creates a liberated personality. Then, the extend the custom-made millwork to give uniqueness and sparkle view.


The galley kitchen is a classic style of kitchen design. It needs more imagination and some expert’s recommendation to improve the looks of the old galley kitchen. While the owner of the galley kitchen could also do some research and remodel the new galley kitchen space based on their own ideas. Therefore, it is recommend for the owner of the galley kitchen measure the size to creates a specific plan of the future galley kitchen. Make sure to prepare some extra budget due to the new and updated storage space of your dream galley kitchen design.


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