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30+ Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas (A Guide To Decorate Dining Table)

Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas – The kitchen is the center of the house as a place where the family gather which becomes the most crucial space to reflects the taste of the individual. The kitchen is where you should pay attention to the interior especially the dining table instead of merely functioning as cooking space.

The kitchen is not only for the families to gather around for a conversation, or as a dining room but also on special occasion guests can be invited to the dining table to eating and drinking together. The use of the kitchen became more diverse; the choice of kitchen furniture for that purpose is also varied.

As the importance of eating habits is significantly recognized, people’s interest in decorating the dining table is also growing. The elements that make up the table are various things ranging from bowls and cutleries to decorative items such as table mats and tablecloths. However, in addition to configuring these products, various productions can be made. The food we eat can also be a design element, and the harmony of the interior and the table, such as wallpaper and lighting, should not be missed.

Among them, the cooking table used for various purposes such as a storage room and a dining table can efficiently use as the space to serve food and drink. Recently, there is a wannabe item that homemakers want to have one on their dining table as an addition ornament. Because it is very dull to eat in a regular meal without a centerpiece, homemakers tend to be more creative.

It is also popular with single-person households because the dining table with a centerpiece would be an addition for space when you eat alone. Let’s take a look at the ideas of domestic and international experts to choose the best dining table centerpiece.


What is the table centerpiece?

Table centerpieces make the dining table set atmosphere more alive. In general, the centerpiece is determining the overall dining atmosphere. Centerpieces as an addition to set the theme of the dining table with a decorative purpose. While it often used in formal occasions or at seasonal times like Easter, Halloween or Thanksgiving in the western and Europe.

The table centerpiece is a great way to give a touch of glamour along with foods even under normal circumstances. It also creates a cost-friendly budget.

How to Decorate Dining Table Centerpiece?

A vase or a candlestick is often using as a centerpiece, but it must be lower than the height of the eye to avoid disturbance.

The vessel is suitable to put the autumn leaves or indoor flower gently. Instead of using a candlestick or a vase, it is also good to put a small bowl filled with water and a single flower or a small candle that replace from the stem.

It is common to spread tablecloths in the West, but tablecloths mostly burdensome when serving many soup foods. Therefore, instead of a tablecloth covering the whole table, a partially placed tablecloth is not a burden but a sophisticated fashion.

Tablecloths that include the entire table should not be patterned or conspicuous to save tableware, cutlery, and decorative items. However, partial tableware or runner can have a distinct color and pattern. In autumn and winter, warm colors such as beige or golden color create a relaxed atmosphere.

However, partial tableware or runner can have a distinct color and pattern. In autumn and winter, warm colors such as beige or golden color create a relaxed atmosphere.

Bread, fruit, and wine can stimulate salivary glands by producing an elegant atmosphere by itself. Lay a cloth in a basket made of bamboo or set a tray of silver, place apples, oranges, and bread in the corner of the table. A wine rack (wine rack) can be used to create an exotic atmosphere. Some people, keep red wine at room temperature, but there is no problem to keep it on the table.

Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas

In addition to delighting your mouth with the excellent dining cooking, it also delights your eyes in a dining atmosphere with elegant dining room table centerpieces, formal dining room centerpieces, or unique dining table centerpieces. Let’s change the atmosphere of the dining table elegantly with simple accessories, here are some of the dining table centerpiece ideas:

1. Small Indoor Plants for Clean Air

Photo by M/I Homes.

A nature ornament is always a good choice to give a fresh atmosphere and live up the mood on the table, a grass centerpiece on the pot full of clear water stuffed with decorative stone. The rectangular white plate is arranged on top of a placemat with an orange napkin as a contrasting color.

Furthermore, to lighten up the dining table hangs four beautiful orange lights on top of the table as a substitute for candles. This decoration is for one plate serves of food, because the center of the table is already full with the centerpiece there is no space to place a meal on the table, so the food is directly serving to the individual’s plate.

Here are some other ideas of indoor plants centerpieces:

Photo by: James Schettino Architecs

Photo by: Anne Rue Interiors

Photo by M/I Homes.

Photo by: Younger Brother Door and Trim

2. Table with Candles Decoration

Photo by Barefoot Design Group

A tropical nuance is a match with candles centerpiece decoration to give a unified sense as a whole in a room. Generally, the tablecloth can be placed in the center as a layer for candles set in the middle. A sea ornaments such as shells and starfish on the side of the candles. It gives an overall feeling of the sea that contrasting to the chairs color.

Besides, instead of using a candlestick, choose a clear glass to cover the candles to support a classic tile room design, ship decoration, and orange lamps.

More ideas:


3. Lazy Susan Centerpiece

Photo by Chango & Co.

A round dining table place in a New York design room with a dark wood floor and white walls next to a standard stone fireplace. The advantage of this design is that it matches almost any interior. The round table is equipped with lazy susan which allows you to spin the top layer of the table.

Furthermore, a little ornament of two flowers matches with table color put in the middle of it as a simple touch. This form of table is suitable for a room with a big space. It is placed in the center of the room and is accessible from all sides. It becomes a sort of islet with a luxurious design of a chandelier on top of it to live up the situation.

More Picture:

Photo by Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc

Photo by A Perry Homes

4. Huge sculpture table ornament

Photo by Martha O’Hara Interiors.

The shiny gold color is always represented the richness and glamour sense when it comes to room decoration. The decoration place in the middle of a medium tone of wood floor dining room along with brown walls.

Also, the dining table is purposely designed not for a dine; instead it could be used as a table to do a gathering and conversation.  On top of the dining table, there is a hanging candles chandelier with a melted rim that matches the shades of gold color of the room.

The gold ornaments also look sophisticated with the sculpture of a horse as a potent symbol along with chic zebra carpet as an addition to match the white candles.

Here are more picture on sculpture centerpiece ideas :

Photo by Favreau Design

Photo by Braswell Homes Inc

5. Modern Succulent Centerpiece

Photo by Brandon Architects, Inc.

A fresh beach style with wood floor dining room surrounded by gray walls, indoor trees as a tropical scent. Also, the dining table and chair both using a pastel-like color scheme to produce a soft and bright dining table.

However, because it is using the same tone, the interior is also mixed with the colors harmoniously even if there is a slightly different color in the room. This combination of colors freely in the same tone is called tone in tone coloring. It also equipped with a large pot filled with various flower ornaments as a centerpiece at the dining table.

More Pictures :

Photo by Truss Interior & Renovation

Photo by Rick Bethem Photography

Photo by Jessica Risko Smith Interior Design

6. Vintage Books for Decor.

Photo by cityhomeCOLLECTIVE.

A low-tone wood floor dining room with black walls filled a cozy, classy interior space. A place where dark and brown become mainstream maintains a warm temperature by receiving warm orange bulb light from an antique rectangular chandelier.

The works of art and interior accessories in the space that harmonize with the vintage textured cabinets create chess-like energy. In the classical-style Germany house, there is a decorative accent such as books, a pot of air plants and sculpture. Harmoniously the chairs color is in tone with the carpet contrasting the dark walls.

The ornaments on the table are so natural that the pot on the table and the books are the goods of the everyday residents and the interior decoration.

7. Floral Centerpieces for Dining Tables

A complete stylish dining table unified concept of flower and chair paint to make a perfect design. A white A mix of pink, orange, yellow and blue flowers as a table dining centerpiece is also prominent in the middle of white walls interior.

The sun perfectly shines directly to the dining table to add a nature atmosphere as well as give a fresh feeling. The flower centerpiece glass started from a smaller one until the big one with three different colors to provide a more delicate pattern.

It is worth noting that tropical flowers plant used as the dining table to create harmonious nature energy on the room.

More pictures:

Photo by Rodriguez Studio Architecture PC

Photo by The Kitchenworks

Photo by Styling Spaces Home Staging & Re-Design

8. Delight Fruit Table Centerpiece

Photo by Maria Killam.

A trendy high-colored dining table design with refreshing fruits on the table surrounded by light brown walls. Rectangular black table and chair dominated by bright colors such as orange and yellow and green color as it also creates a healthy atmosphere.

Also, an unusual color combination of yellow vases and orange tulips is an impressive table production. The colors combination placed at the center of the table serves as a point to switch the atmosphere. At the bottom, lay a light white tablecloth and many bowls of orange and green grape on top of it.

Although there is a bright centerpiece on the dining table, the lamps occupying a small area used as low saturation colors. The low-tone brown fills the glow of colorful fruits and creates an autumn atmosphere.

More Pictures:

Photo by Fireclay Tile

Photo by Bill Bolin Photography

9. Vases Centerpiece for Dining Table

Vases use for decorative purposes on the table. However, most of the jars planted a flower. Of course, flowers are beautiful in and of themselves, but a simple idea to use only vases and vessels as an ornament on the table.

The dining room table has a library atmosphere in a room of wall with a bookshelf concept. Although there is no table mat or napkin, vases and vessels give a nuance of antics feelings in the middle of the dining table. A light green of see-through pottery is striking when it arranged above a dark table.

The combination color of dark and light brown of the chair contrast with candles chandelier looped with pearls. Every book was fully organized to create a sensible appearance. It adds a brainy image combined with a simple dining table that uses its original texture. It is the dining table where the feels of meticulous care exist.

More ideas:

Photo by Robin Storms Staging

Photo by Rustic Dining Room

Photo by Tina Marie Interior Design

10. Terrarium and Indoor Plant Styling

A green ornament as plants usually uses for decorative purposes on the table. Grow the plants in different glasses terrarium as the atmosphere of every corner of the room created by beautiful cream furniture and paint.

A simple round dining table look stands out in between the sofas and gray cushion complete with open windows. The terrarium size and color match with mid-grey table background combine with the light hanging on top of the dining table.

More ideas:

Photo by Geitgey’s Amish Country Furnishing

Photo by Fluegge Interior Deisgn Inc


A table centerpiece is also an advantage of the dining table decoration. There are so many inspirational ideas about how to beautify the dining table centerpiece. One of the examples of it is a plain bookshelf magically become less tedious and serves as a stylish bookshelf decoration with other objects. Furthermore, the design of the interior also have to consider the combination of furniture, color, and centerpiece ornament size is necessary to keep the interior design as simple as possible, yet elegant.

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