21+ Basement Kitchen Ideas 2019 Trends (Benefit of Kitchen Basement & Picture Ideas)

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Basement Kitchen Ideas – There are certain times within a year where the desire to make some home improvement crosses our mind. Putting up new decorations and furniture, turning the old garage into a multi-function storage room, or using a more updated color palette to paint the living room – there are many great ways to renovate our home to our hearts’ content. A little bit of change could bring fresh air to the house, Basement Kitchen Ideas.

Many people will start to plan on renovating a room inside the house. However, sometimes renovating an existing room would create a fuss since it requires a lot of things to do starting from removing furniture, tearing down some walls, or arranging the room’s layout according to the plan. Instead of renovating the existing spaces, optimizing the use of a basement could be a great option to consider.

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It becomes popular for people to renovate their basements into warm living areas with a kitchen at one end. The kitchen will allow you to have some refreshment while having guests over in your large living room in the basement. Getting a second kitchen could be a great Basement Kitchen Ideas to include in your basement renovation plans.

Benefit of Building Basement Kitchen

basement kitchen ideas on a budget

Building a small kitchen in a basement becomes a trend nowadays for many reasons. As an amenity that completes the new experience of having a living area down in the basement, a kitchen requires a little less maintenance than the other ones. Besides, it also has a few benefits once you decided to start building one.

Various Design Opportunity

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The basement of a residential building is commonly an open concrete space below the ground floor. The abundance of space will provide you with as many design opportunities as possible; some may not be possible to create on the main level of the house. You can try with placing a tiny kitchen at one end of the space that provides a more spacious area for other functions or building a small dimension kitchen island as a beverage center.

Multiple Uses

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Having a basement kitchen will make a dinner party or a game night with families and friends a bit more hassle-free than before. You don’t have to run back and forth delivering foods or snacks to your guests. Any basement occasion you’ll have will keep your main kitchen clean.
If you’ve opted for building an apartment to rent, a basement kitchen will give additional value for the rate you’ll charge. Even if extra family members occupy it, the second kitchen will sufficiently provide space for everyone who wishes to use it for any purposes.

Improved Space Utilization

Before you start with a renovation plan, you need to know if your basement is prepped for it. Older houses usually come with an unfinished basement that requires a little bit more work. However, an improvement of a basement will cost up to 50% lower than building an above-ground addition. There are many finished basement kitchen ideas to dwell on with the remaining budget.

Cost Savings

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Looking from the financial side, building a basement kitchen is an excellent option due to the basement’s position. A basement kitchen idea of a house is either partially or entirely below the ground. It makes all the utilities required such as water, gas, or electricity lines can be accessed easily. Adding a kitchen sink will not be a problem since plumbing and drains are usually located near the basement. The renovation will not cost you much, but the value it’ll add to your property’s selling point is quite significant once you decide to resale the house.

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Basement Kitchen Pictures & Design Ideas

Now that your basement is ready for some renovation, it is time for you to start creating a concept of what kind of kitchen you’re going to build. You can begin with focusing on its function, or using the style you can’t wait to try. Find that one design that will suit your need the most, or the one that will amaze the guests at your next dinner party. Here are 15 basement kitchen ideas that can inspire you to build your own:

Basement Kitchen Bar

basement kitchen ideas on a budget
Photo by Sendero Homes

Utilizing that one spacious corner of your basement, a kitchen bar would be a perfect idea. Dim lights, brick walls, and a mixture of wooden and metal materials are giving you the old town bar vibe. Adding a few bar stools will allow you to have some refreshments with friends or family while prepping foods for any occasion. It is a way to bring the coziness of a bar to your basement. A mounted metal wine rack will complete the ambiance of your kitchen bar too while showing off your wine collection at the same time.

Small Basement Kitchen

basement kitchen pictures
Photo by Willowood Homes

If you prefer to maximizing the space of your basement into a large living area, adding a small kitchen at one side is a great option. This kitchen will certainly make the most of the space you’re working on, instead of leaving an empty wall unused. Try adding a few cabinets for storage and open shelves to give an impression of a bigger space. You can also utilize the countertop to place the pantry supplies.

Rustic Basement Kitchen

basement kitchen bar ideas
Photo by AC Home Design LLC

Are you looking for a nature-inspired design to create that warm ambiance for your basement kitchen? A rustic theme might be the perfect one for you. Instead of using the commonly used materials to build the kitchen island, go with the more raw and natural ones like unpolished wood pieces. It will complement your wooden floor and ultimately creating a perfect rustic style of the space. Use earthy tones for the colors of the cabinets, shelves, and bar stools. Finally, pick warm lights to complete the overall design.

Basement Mini Kitchen

basement kitchens photos
Photo by Culshaw Kitchen Makers

When your basement is not spacious enough, there is a way to make the most of the space and still have a kitchen built on it. Try to create a tiny kitchen that will work just as well as the bigger size ones. In creating a tiny kitchen, it is essential to get more versatile items of furniture that can be used in many different ways. Instead of getting upper cabinets and counters, build a customized kitchen shelf that will fit all your equipment and supplies. Designing this mini kitchen will be fun; you can use the image above as an inspiration. It is also a perfect basement kitchen idea on a budget.

Basement Kitchenette

images of basement kitchenettes
Photo by Nicole Brault Design Inc.

Have you heard the term kitchenette? The main difference between a kitchen and a kitchenette is mainly the size. When a kitchen requires a certain amount of space to build, a kitchenette can be made in a small part of a room. If you don’t have big enough space down in your basement, worry not! You can store a small fridge, a microwave, even a sink into a kitchenette. Try adding a custom made sliding door to hide the kitchenette when it is not being used. This way, the room will feel more spacious even if it has a kitchenette at one side. Moreover, the cost to build a kitchenette is way cheaper than a regular sized kitchen.

Contemporary Basement Kitchen

finished basement kitchen ideas
Photo by Tigg Coll Architects

Contemporary is one of the most popular interior styles, especially for a kitchen design. It is because the contemporary style is emphasizing on minimalism and simplicity. A contemporary kitchen looks clean and elegant, and its minimalism makes the whole area looks spacious. This way, your kitchen will never go out of style with all the simple cabinetry, stainless steel accents, and neutral color palettes. Try to combine those elements as the image above—metallic cabinetry with a wooden countertop and kitchen island with round edges. Add a glass pendant light to enhance the ambiance even more.

Family Room Basement

small basement kitchen bar ideas
Photo by Neal’s Design Remodel

If you’re planning on building a cozy and spacious family room in your basement, a small kitchen will be a great addition. Having a place to chill and relax with your family members with a beverage center close by may a little bit hard to get on the main level of the house. You can turn one corner of the basement into a small kitchen that hides behind a sliding door.

Fresh Looking Kitchen

small basement kitchenette ideas
Photo by Contemporary Basement, Chicago

Kitchen is the heart of the house, so does the second kitchen you’re planning to get in your basement. If you prefer a fresh, natural, and sleek looking kitchen, this one can be a great inspiration to begin. Try on combining smooth wooden materials with marble countertop to achieve an everlasting style for your kitchen island and cabinetry. Adding a few greens such as easy to grow herbs or wheat grass will give a pop of color to your kitchen as well.

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Basement Bar

basement kitchenette bar ideas

Forget spending the weekend at your favorite bar—bring it to your basement instead. When you can turn that extra nook of your kitchen, you can turn it into a bar by adding a few bar stools. A wooden nook will add the warmth and coziness of the kitchen, just like a bar should be. A combination of metallic and wooden bar stools will give a modern touch to the whole design. Don’t forget to add a little decoration to complete the theme—hang your favorite player’s jersey on the wall to bring the hype of the game when you throw a Superbowl party with friends. This is one of great basement kitchen bar ideas you can add to your renovation plan.

Basement Recreation Room

kitchen in basement legal
Photo by Ryan Duebber Architect, LLC

You can turn your basement into a recreation room for entertainment purposes. Getting a small kitchen in it can be pretty functional, especially when you’re hosting a get together with friends, or a movie night with your children. Moreover, the kitchen can be styled in matching colors with the recreation room to make it as a part of the whole area.

Traditional Basement Design

cost to build a kitchenette
Photo by House Plans and More

When some people prefer a modern looking kitchen, we can’t deny the fact that the traditional one has that distinctive feature to love. A traditional design offers a cozy, homey feeling to your kitchen—a perfect one for you who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. This design is known for detailed and decorative accessories, crown molding, luxurious countertops, and neutral color palette. Adding vintage model bar stools that match the set of the kitchen will give even more style to the kitchen.

Wooden Kitchen

basement kitchenette pictures
Photo by Martin Moore

If you’re planning on renovating your basement in a wooden-themed style, the kitchen you wanted to include can be styled in according to it. Try using metallic elements to complement the wooden ceiling and floor of your basement. All metallic cabinetry, kitchen supplies, and items of furniture will make your kitchen shines and stands out in the room.

Basement Kitchen Storage

basement kitchen ideas small
Photo by Spiral Cellars

Turning your basement into kitchen storage is a great idea to explore when you’re on renovating. Especially if you wanted to keep your kitchen clean and spacious with less clutter around. Use the storage to keep all your kitchen supplies and groceries away, and your kitchen is always looking tidy.

Farmhouse Kitchen

basement bar designs
Photo by 1st Option

Try infusing your kitchen design plan with a farmhouse aesthetic to achieve both contemporary and traditional style. The most subtle feature of a modern farmhouse kitchen is the domination of the color white. This color is also enhancing the brightness of your kitchen, even if it is built down in the basement with not much natural light sources. Also, try to use open shelving instead of cabinets to store your utensils and equipment to give a casual feeling to the whole room.

Fancy Basement Kitchen

small basement bar ideas
Photo by Marazzi Design

When you have a little extra budget in your pocket, take that extra mile to get a fancy basement kitchen of your dream. A fancy yet luxurious kitchen is perfect for you who spend a lot of time in it, both for cooking activities or even as a working space. This type of kitchen usually takes a large area to built, due to its many features and fantastic design. Try to combine wooden elements with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops to get the sleek and modern looking for your kitchen. Adding beam lighting on the ceiling and at the bottom of the kitchen island is a great inspiration to make the kitchen looks elegant and bright.


Renovating your basement into a living area with a kitchen has become a trend for many reasons. Other than the fact that it is a perfect idea to utilize unused space in the house, a basement kitchen has many purposes that are not limited only for cooking activities. You can go with small basement kitchen layouts to a more fancy one – there are many design inspirations to add to your renovation plans and get that second kitchen you’ve been dreaming for a while.


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